Morrowind: Cheatcodes (English)

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Set maximum magic valueShow all the towns on full mapToggle collision gridToggle path grid displayReset actors
Flight modesetflying 1
Super jumpssetsuperjump 1
Walk on watersetwaterwalking 1
Breathe underwatersetwaterbreathing 1
Set player levelsetlevel [number]
Add indicated amount of goldadditem "Gold_100" [number]
Set maximum fatigue valuesetfatigue [number]
setmagicka [number]
Set player healthsethealth [number]
Place character in the named cellcenteroncell [cell ID] or coc [cell ID]
Place character in the exterior cell gridcenteronexterior [x,y] or coe [x,y]
Create map image file for Xboxcreatemaps ["filename.esp"]
Add all entries to journal; takes a long timefilljournal
Jump 128 units away from current locationfixme
Get faction reactiongetfactionreaction [faction ID factionID]
Show shorthand for most commandshelp
Show variablesshowvars or sv
Stop cell teststopcelltest or sct
Test cellstestcells or tc
Test interior cellstestinteriorcells or tic
Test modelstestmodels or t3d
Toggle AItoggleai or ta
Toggle borderstoggleborders or tb
Toggle combat statisticstogglecombatstats or tcs
Toggle collisionstogglecollision or tcl
Toggle collision boxestogglecollisionboxes or tcb
togglecollisiongrid or tcg
Toggle debug texttoggledebugtext or tdt
Toggle dialogue statisticstoggledialoguestats or tds
Toggle fog of wartogglefogofwar or tfow
Toggle God modetogglegodmode or tgm
Toggle gridtogglegrid or tg
Toggle kill statisticstogglekillstats or tks
Toggle load fadetoggleloadfade
Toggle magic statisticstogglemagicstats or tms
Toggle menustogglemenus or tm
Toggle scriptstogglescripts
Toggle statstogglestats or tst
Toggle skytogglesky or ts
Toggle texture stringtoggletexturestring or tts
Toggle wireframetogglewireframe or twf
Toggle worldtoggleworld or tw
Show ownership and script nametogglefullhelp or tfh
Show selected actor's group memberssg
Show selected actor's target group membersst
Show scene graphshowscenegraph or ssg
Move one to onemoto
Toggle watertwa
Toggle vanity modetvm
Toggle script outputtso
Toggle load fadetlf
Toggle AItai
Output reference informationori
Toggle lightstl
Show variablessv
Show animationsa
Purge textures pt

God Mode

During gameplay hit the "`" key next to the 1 key on your keyboard. this brings up the console screen.

Type "player-> TGM" and hit enter. God mode is now enabled.

Other character modifications can be made in this console. For example to add the complete Daedric Armor to your inventory, key in the following hitting enter after each entry:

player->AddItem "daedric_Shield" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_cuirass" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_greaves" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_pauldron_left" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_pauldron_right" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_gauntlet_left" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_gauntlet_right" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_boots" 1

player->AddItem "daedric_god_helm" 1

player->AddItem "daedric dai-katana" 1

Basically any item can be added to your inventory in this manner. Check the Construction Set for the correct names of items.
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