Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Morrowind: Hints (English)

Stealing quick-guide

1. Go in the shop, place whatever.

2. Quicksave.

3. Approach the person guarding the stuff from opposite site of stuff. (So that we he/she greets You, it will turn his/her back against the stuff You wanna steal).

4. Pass the person, approach the item as close an You can and as far as You can go from the owner of the stuff (usually this person is the closest to the item).

5. Press the button that You mapped to Stealth. Check the icon appering in the lower right corner.

If this icon is not there, You will be caught while stealing. You have to grab the stuff while this icon is visible.

If the icon is there, but blinking (usual case) You have to "feel the rhytm". You will learn this as You use steath. Generally, the icon has a blinking rhytm. When You notice that the icon does not blink (disappear) at the usualu time, grab the stuff!!! If caught, Quickload and start from step 3 again.

If the icon is constantly there, easy job, just grab it, and it's Yours...

One thing. Never try to sell, or enchant the item You stole at the owner!!! Take the stuff to another city, and get rid of it there!!!

Using this method I stole many many stuffs, here are the really good ones:

Balora, guard tower: really good medium armour (complete set almost).

Balora, mage's guild: a soul stone worth 60000!!!!

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really good fire resistent like 100%!! go to the very south beneath ebonheart three islands over there right? under around one is i door go in it swim around find another door go in it still swimming go straight and up the stairs take it from there there will be a heavly trapped and locked latch going up you'll need to be able to breath underwater for a long time or just keep putting your health back to normal with the black white black black black code Nice ring eh?