Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Morrowind Quest FAQ (English)


1. Introduction

2. Price on your head

3. Assassin's quest

4. Thieves quest

1. Introduction

I decided to write this since I had so many problems remembering what I was

supposed to do all the time. This FAQ will list the quests in the order of

how I did it. It is no way intended for you to follow what I did exactly. It

is merely a reference regarding to where everything is and what you are

supposed to do on these quests. I will start out with the Assassin quest then

thief so on and so on. This FAQ will not be complete when I post it. I will

update it as soon as I find out what needs to be done. As time passes I will

be listing all the other quest's as I proceed through the game I did these

first because I am a thief and assassin.

2. Price on your head

In these quest's your bound to get a price on your head. I'm going to list the

people that can get rid of your bounty's at a considerably lower price.

Ald'ruhn: Tunge Toad in The rat in the pot

Balmora: Phane Rielle in South Wall corner club

Sadrith Mora: Rissinia in the dirty muriel's corner club

Vivec: Crazy legs Arantamo in the bookseller's shop in the canal works of the

foreign quarter. (He is in the same room as gentle man Jim Stacey)

3. Assassin's quests

The assassin's guild can be found in the Vivec arena. Once on the arena go to the

2nd floor on the south side and enter the waist works. Go to the left and enter the

door that says Vivec arena canal works. Follow the stairs down till it leads you to

a door that says arena storage. Follow the hall to a wooden door once inside go

through the door on the right and you will see a trap door on the floor that says

Vivec arena hidden area lock level 40 (I think I know it's not very high)

A few things before we start. A lot of the times when you go to kill someone if you

start it you will get a bounty on your head. If you have a writ present it to

anyone who demands fine money, or what ever on the bottom it says present writ. If

you do this you don't lose money or your stolen goods. (My armor is stolen glass

armor so I learned this very fast in the game) I also noticed if I got caught

stealing I could present a writ and I lost nothing. I do not know if this is a bug

or what but it works for me. Some writs will not have to be presented since the

killings are not reported. The only time you will need to present a writ is if it

is reported as a crime. If your speech craft is high enough taunting works real

well since they attack you first and no one will report you. You do not have to

report to Eno Hlaalu if there is another guild close by so I will not be writing

return to Eno etc. There are usually 2 subjects to a writ once the quest as I list

them are complete you will need to talk to Eno or someone else in charge of a guild

to receive another set of writ's. If you do report each time you will be rewarded

each time so I will leave the decision up to you. Some of the people you are hired

to kill are rather strong, use magic and are not alone so be prepared at all times

with potions, spells, or what have you. Remember this is not a full game walk

through so I am not listing strategies on how to defeat each target.


Once inside the assassin's guild find Eno Hlaalu in his room on the 2nd floor of the

guild. Talk to him he will tell you that you need to be tested if you want to join

the guild. He will present you with a writ for Feruren Oran. He will be found in

the Elven nation's corner club in the Hlallu plaza in Vivec. When you get to the

corner club he will be on the bottom floor. After presenting your writ to Eno

Hlaalu you will be accepted into the Morag Tong.

1st Assassin quest: Writ's for Odaishah Yasalmibaal and Toris Saren

Odaishah Yasalmibaal can be found by taking a boat to Tel Aruhn. Once at Tel Aruhn

swim southwest until you reach the coast. His yurt is on the coast near the end of

the Peninsula

Toris Saren may be found in Saren Manor in the Plaza of the Redoran Canton in

Vivec. (You will be attacked by more than one person. If you go in the other

entrance where his wife is and she attacks kill her and there is a trap door on the

floor go through kill that person then go through and you should be able to fight

Toris one on one though I never tried this I did it the hard way)

2nd Assassin quest: Writ's for Sarayan Sadus, Ethal Seloth and Idraso Vendu

Sarayan Sadus is hiding with other outlaws in Zaintirari. Eno will mark a village

on your map then from the village you will head northwest until you reach a steam

pit surrounded by dead trees Zaintirari is north of the pit but hidden by rocks.

This is a long journey and there are several people to fight 4or5 so make sure you

are well stocked up in healing items and what not.

Ethal Seloth and Idraso Vendu are located in the temporary housing of the Telvanni

Plaza in Vivec. Keep in mind these 2 are mages.

3rd Assassin's quest: Guril Retheran, Galasa Uvayn

Guril Retheran can be found in the Flowers of gold corner club in the Redoran

Canton waistworks in Vivec.

Galasa Uvayn will be found at the Hlallu Treasury in the waist works of the Hlaalu

Canton in Vivec.

4th Assassin quest: Mavon Drenim, Tirer Belvayn

Mavon Drenim can be found in the Telvanni tower in the Plaza of the Telvanni

Compound in Vivec.

Tirer Belvayn can be found in Shara which is on the southwest coast of Sheogorad.

Go to Dagon Fel follow the road south past the Dwemer ruins and west until a Branch

heads southwest to the coast. Shara is to the south. (I had a hard time finding

this just follow the instructions closely and you should find it easily, in fact it

is this quest that inspired me to write this faq)

5th Assassins quest: Mathyn Bemis, Brilnosu Llarys

Mathyn Bemis can be found in the ancestral vaults in the Hlaalu Canal works. He is

the head of gang of outlaws who will defend him (I think there are 4 of them)

Brilnosu Llarys is hiding at the Dunmer strong hold of the Hlormaren which is on

the coast west of Balmora and north of Hla oad. It will be marked on your map.

Go in and proceed to the roof and she is on the roof she has one person there with

her if you fight him first you can fight them one at a time.

6th Assassin quest: Navil and Ranes Ienith

The brothers can be found on the Dren Plantation which is east of the Pelegaid and

west of Suran. Once on the plantation go to Orvas Drens residence and they will be

in the house. (I believe it is on the bottom floor and the door will need to be


You will now be a master assassin.

3. Thieves quests

The thieves' guild can be found in the south wall corner club in balmora. When you

get off the silt strider go to the right and cross the bridge, go past the first

set of houses and you'll be at the south wall corner club.

Balmora 1st quest: Diamond

Sugar-Lips Habasi will tell you that she need's a diamond for a customer. She

will tell you that Nalcarya in the white haven's alchemy shop has a diamond.

Her shop is located on the west side of the river and south of the temple.

When you go in the shop there will be a guard whatching.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Go to the upstairs door on the out side and pick the lock. (I believe

it is a level 35 lock) Once inside there is a box by her bed pick the

lock retrieve the diamond, then return it to sugar lips.

2. Walk in to the shop on the first floor then simply buy the diamond from

Nalcarya. (I did this because I had no idea what I was doing when I

started the game)

Balmora 2nd quest: Key to Nerano Manor

Sugar-Lips Habasi will then inform you that she needs a key for the Nerano Manor.

Two people have this key Sovor Trandel, (he is located in the council club corner

house) the other key is held by Ondres Nerano the owner of the house himself.

1. Sovor Trandel is a member of the Camora Tong so keep this in mind if you try

to get the key from him. If he happens to catch you stealing you will have to

fight everyone. (everyone inside except the bartender is a tong member) this

is how I did it since I was also a member of the fighters guild and I had to

take them out anyway. How ever this is very difficult Onders Nerano is much


2. Onders Nerano is the owner of the house which is located south of Nalcarya's

shop. The house will not be locked just walk in and he will be right there.

Go behind him then try to use sneak get as close as you can then steal it if

he catches you don't worry let him attack first then you can kill him if you

do get a bounty just go back to the south wall and pay Phane Rielle to fix

the problem of the price over your head. I would also take everything in the

house there is some stuff that will have good value.

Balmora 3rd quest: Fat leg's drop off (Dwemer Atrifacts)

Sugar lips will ask you to recover 3 artifacts from a guy named Ra'zhid that's at a

place called Fat legs drop off in a place called Hla Oad. Hla Oad is south west of

balmora and North West of Seyda Neen.

Once in Hla Oad look for fat leg's drop off (there are only a few shacks so it's

not hard to find.) Face Razhid do not draw a weapon or try to ask him about the

artifacts he will not tell you. Go to the chest behind him and to the left and try

to pick it out in the open. He will attack you so kill him and the mage will not

interfere after he is dead grab his key and look at the door opposite of the mage

and the chest will be on the right of the door. Open the chest get the artifacts

and return to Sugar lips.

Balmora 4th quest: Brown, Brown Brandy

This quest is very simple and quick.

Sugar lips will ask you to get a bottle of brandy for her at Hlaalo Manor.

Once inside walk up to his corpse, just before you get to it look on the shelf to

the right and it will be on the top shelf in the middle. (I believe there are other

places where it will be this is just where I found it) Return it to Sugar lips and

receive your reward.

Balmora 5th quest: New-Shoes Bragor

Sugar lips will now ask you to go to Pelegiad to free a guild member named New

shoes Bragor.

Pelegiad is located southeast of Balmora and norh east of Seyda Neen. I took a silt

strider to Seyda Neen and walked from there it is much shorter however you can take

anyway you like.

Once in Pelegiad go the Megstien Ence's shop (he is a trader) go upstairs and you

will find the artifact in a box it will be a dwemer artifact. Once you have it take

it to ShadBak gra-Burbug. He will be in the 1st floor of the prison (when you leave

mebstien ence's just go right and you will run in to it) talk to him and show him

the artifact he will say you got him this time (or something like that) and will

agree to free New-Shoes Bragor. I recommend going to talk to new shoes before going

back to Sugar lips he will give you a cool pair of shoes. The go back to Sugar lips

to receive your reward.

Balmora 6th quest: South Wall Security

Sugar lips will now ask you to find and Altmer to help fortify the security for the

southwall. She will give you a list of names of the people that are Altmers. The

person you want to find is Hecerinde. She lives in a house on the eastside of the

river it will be the same side that southwall is on.

Talk to Hecerinde and click on Altmer and she will agree to help. Go back to Sugar

lips and get your reward.

Sugar lips will state that she has no further jobs for you.

She will then direct you to two of her friends. Aengoth the Jeweler: in the rat in

the pot in Ald'ruhn. Big Helende: in Dirty Muriels in Sadrith Mora. Take the silt

strider to Ald'ruhn from Balmora.


Aengoth the jeweler is in the rat in the pot in Ald'ruhn go to the right and down

the street from the silt strider station it will be on the end of the street.

Ald'ruhn 1st quest: Devil Tanto Mages guild

Aengoth will ask you to go to the mages guild and steal a devil tanto he will also

inform you that it is empty or unoccupied at this time. The mages guild is just

down the street to the right from the rat in the pot. Upon entering you will find

that they left one guard and he will attack you as soon as you enter just kill him

and head to the large open room on the easterly side. The devil tanto will be in a

trapped locked chest. I would also grab whatever you else you want to sell or keep.

Take the tanto back to Aengoth to get your reward.

Ald'ruhn 2nd quest: Redoran master helm

Aengoth will now tell you that there is a Redoran Master helm that he wishes to

aquire. He will tell you that the only person he knows to have one is Miner Arabor

which lives in Arabor Manor in the Manor district. There are two ways to do this.

The Manor district lies in a large dome on the northern side of town.

1. Go inside the Arabor Manor and locate Miner Arabors bedroom he will be inside.

Behind him is a closet on top of it is the Redoran master helmet. Go behind him use

your sneak mode and steal the helmet.

Return it to Aengoth and he will reward you.

2. You can also go to Lltheri Manor bedrooms look for the first door on the left

to the right of the door is a locked chest in it is also a Redoran master helm.

Ald'ruhn 3rd quest: Boethiah's pillow book

Aengoth will now tell you he desires "Boethias pillow book" He will tell you that

Miner Arabors daughter Gandosa has it in the manor. Her room is located directly

across from Miner Arabors room. Walk past her and you will find the book in a chest

(it could be on the bed also I can't remember but it's in her room)

While in her room steal the cooking secrets as well this will save you time in an

upcoming quest for Big Helende in Sadrith Mora.

After acquiring Boethiah's pillow book take it back to Aengoth to receive your


Ald'ruhn 4th quest: Withershins

Aengoth will now tell you he wishes to acquire a book called "Withershins" he will

mention that it is in the Maar Gan tradehouse in Balmora. Go to the trade house

steal it and return it to Aengoth to receive your reward.

Ald'ruhn 5th quest: Centurion scrap metal

This quest is rather difficult and time consuming no matter how you do it. You can

run around different towns to steal or buy the scrap metal. This is the quickest

way that I found to accomplish this quest.

Aengoth will now tell you that he needs four pieces Centurion scrap metal. Go to

Fort Moonlith close to Balmora and head left from the front of the fort. You will

cross a bridge then up the hill to the right you will find a Dwemer ruin called

Arkngthand Flip the switch in front of the ruin then go through the door.

(At this point if you have not done the quest that casidus has asked you for the

fighter's guild in Balmora turn right and jump off the platform and you will land

on another platform. You will have to fight a few people but they are not very

tough. Go through the door and get the Dwemer puzzle box.)

The only thing I can tell you now is to run around in the ruin and check everything

for the scrap metal. The spider monsters will occasionally have scrap metal on

them. Once you have gotten 4 pieces return to Aengoth to receive your reward.

Ald'ruhn 6th quest: Darts of judgment

Aengoth will now tell you that he would like to have the darts of judgment. He will

direct you to the Llethri manor and tell you that an archer has them that has been

hired by the Llethri's. Do not waist your time with the archer she does not have

them. Go to the guard's quarters on the 1st floor and as you enter go to the last

bed on the left and you will find the arrows on the bed. With the darts in hand

return them to Aengoth to receive your reward.

At this point Aengoth will tell you that he has no more jobs for you. He will

direct you to Big Helende in Sadrith Mora.

Sadrith Mora

Big Helende can be found in Dirty Muriels corner club just at the entrance of the

Wolverine hall.

Sadrith Mora 1st quest: Recipe for dispel potion

Big Helende will tell you that she needs a recipe for a dispel potion. Leave Dirty

Muriel's and head to the right follow the path until you reach Anis Seloth

(Alchemist) house. Go upstairs and look in the crate next to the desk grab the

recipe then deliver it to Tusa Mircil in the Mages guild at the Wolverine Hall.

Sadrith Mora 2nd quest: Grand Masters Retort

Big Helende will tell you that she needs a Grand Masters Retort. She will direct

you to Tel Mora to find Berwin a trader. Once you arrive at Tel Mora go to her shop

and you will see the retort on the top of a shelf. I went behind her used the sneak

mode and snatched the retort off of the shelf. Upon taking the retort take it to

Big Helende and she will reward you.

Sadrith Mora 3rd quest: Hire a mage

Big Helende will now inform you that she needs a wizard or mage hired to help

protect the guild.

Go to the mages guild in the Wolverine Hall talk to any mage there and they will

inform you that they need 4 pieces of raw ebony ore before they will consider

letting you hire a battle mage. This is where I found it.

East of the Oad river over the cliff line southeast of Balmora is a cave on the

trail heading south. The name of the cave is Vassir-Didanat go inside the cave and

fight when you have to. Along the walls you will see ebony clusters on the rocks

grab the 4 pieces of raw ebony and make your way back the the Mages guild in

Wolverine hall. Upon giving the raw ebony you will be allowed to hire a battle

mage. Go back to Big Helende you will see the new mage next to her. She will thank

and reward you.

Sadrith Mora 4th quest: Redoran cooking secrets

Big Helende will now tell you that she needs to acquire the Redoran cooking

secrets. If you followed this faq you will already have it just give it to her if

you don't have it do this.

Go to Ald'ruhn and head to the dome where the manor district is and find Arobar

manor go to Gandosa's room, it is across from Miner Arobars' room. In the back of

the room are a couple of chests the cooking secrets will be in one of these. Then

return it to Big Helende.

Sadrith Mora 5th quest: Enchanted ebony staff

Big Helende now wants you to find the enchanted ebony staff for her. She will

direct you to Tel Bramora to find Filen Maryin in the Telvanni tower.

After taking the boat to Tel Bramora go to your left and stay left till you reach

the top. Go in the door head left at the bottom of the stairway go in the room on

the left. Once in the room take the right door then use levitate (spell, potion or

what ever it takes you to levitate this really depends on the character you have

chosen) go into Filen Maryins' chamber and steal the staff behind him. Upon

stealing the staff, return it to Big Helende.

Big Helende will now tell you that she has no other jobs for you and that you

should seek out Gentleman Jim Stacey at a booksellers in the foreign quarter in



To be continued.

Kelly Thompson