Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager: Трейнер/Trainer (+9) [1.4.14933] {MrAntiFun}

Описание и инструкции

АвторИзданиеВерсияЯзыкФункцийДата Создания

F1Inf. MoneyБеск. Деньги
F2Inf. FuelБеск. Топливо
F3No Tyre WearБез Износа Шин
F4Low Tyre TemperatureНизкая Температура Шин
F5Max Car ConditionМакс. Состояние Автомобиля
F6Instant Part DesignМгновенный Дизайн Частей
F7Car Part Max ImprovementЧасти Автомобиля Максимально Улучшены
F8Fast ConstructuionБыстрая Постройка
F9Fast UpgradeБыстрое Улучшение


  • First you must be in manager view where budge appears on screen then activate money cheat and pass a day.
  • First start a race and once your car start moving activate cheats.
  • First open part design tab , Select a part like engine and once required time appear to design the part activate Instant Part Design cheat, Close the window then open it again.
  • First open Parts Improvements Window, Then activate Car Part Max Improvements close window and open it again and all parts will be improved to the ma.
  • Open HQ go to new buildings, Click on any building to start and once a window pops of construction time and cost activate fast construction cheat, Cancel window then click on build again.
  • Open HQ go to building upgrade, Click on any building to upgrade and once a window pops of required time and cost activate fast upgrade cheat, Cancel window then click on upgrade again.
Комментарии (2)
спасибо, оперативно
работает только деньги и топливо. постройки активируются но не пашут.