Neocron: Dictionary (English)

Version 1.3

By Friendly Ghost



/ LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO \__________________________________________________________

Neocron is Copyright 2002 CDV Software Entertainment AG. All rights reserved.

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Germany and/or other lands.

Any other credits are given in the appropriate section.

Any, and all other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are

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___/ ABOUT THIS FAQ \__________________________________________________________

This dictionary is intended for all the new players out there; newbies without

much experience, who are confronted with the world of "Neocron talk". Here you

will find the meaning of many of the strange in-game terms that people use to

talk with each other inside the Neocron world. Beware though, that this guide

won't cover the classic "c u around" or "where r u?" expressions, which are

mostly common anywhere, but it will help you understand what that one guy said

when he typed "repping to TH, meet me in sec 2 core 3".

This is my first FAQ, so don't be too harsh; I'm trying my best. Enjoy.

Coming to the structure of this FAQ, it has been divided into three sections.

The first covers everyday language in Neocron (such as the example I wrote

above); the second covers the short names given by players to specific

locations (such as Neocron City); the third and last section covers some of the

names that have been given to shops over time.


______/ VERSION HISTORY \______________________________________________________

January 27, 2003

V1.3: Added Neoseeker to the authorized sites list, and added two things to the

dictionary (in part three).

January 09, 2003.

V1.2: Added some stuff, especially the material sent by Starkiller. Done some

typo correction and spellchecking. Removed some server info, as it is no

longer necessary (with more people joining each day, and many others creating

new characters on different servers, these terms may appear virtually on any

server in the game). Changed some of the text too.

December 05, 2002.

V1.1: Added DLH to the authorized sites list. Made some spellchecking, and

performed some corrections here and there. Added a few things in the Everyday

Talk section.

November 26, 2002.

V.1.0: Wrote this FAQ on a dark, foggy and stormy evening. Looks like here in

Switzerland we can have pretty nice rainstorms as well. Just in case you were

wondering, the answer is no, I hadn't got anything better to do.


_________/ CONTENTS \__________________________________________________________


Part one: Common everyday language

Part two: Cities and other locations

Part three: Shops and factions


____________/ THE DICTIONARY \_________________________________________________

The word you will be searching for is written IN CAPITAL LETTERS, and the

explanation will follow after the "=" sign. You will be given additional info

where it is available (such as on which servers it is commonly spoken, and some

examples of use).

If there is more than one meaning for the same word, it will be marked with a

number between brackets. This way you get a different explanation for every

meaning that the word has.

The world of Neocron is constantly evolving, so this guide is surely not yet

complete (and probably will never be). If you see anything strange I might add

to this dictionary, just let me know, and you will be given proper credit.


PART ONE: Common everyday language


BARTER = someone with a fairly high Barter skill. Common.

BBS = stands for "Bulletin Board System", or "Forum". Highly uncommon.

BP = short for "BluePrint". Commonly used on all servers. Example of use: "I'm

looking for tank bp, I pay well". Often this is used as a verb. Example

of use: "I need to bp this".

CONSTRUCTOR = someone with a fairly high Construction skill. Highly common.

DEV = short for "Developer". It usually refers to Reakktor, the developer of

the Neocron game.

FLATLINED = this is a tough one. This term comes from Cyberpunk RPGs, and it's

simply another way to say "dead". I think I used it myself. Once.

GENEREP = what "GeneReplicators" are commonly called on all servers.

GENREP = what "GeneReplicators" are usually called on European servers by

German or Italian players.

GM = stands for "GameMaster". These are employees at CDV and Reakktor that

keep an eye on what happens in the game, and help people in need.

GOGADGET = a very funny way of calling a "GoGuardian".

GOGO = this is what "GoGuardian" are usually called. Other common terms are


GUARDIAN = another name for "GoGuardian". Very uncommon.

HACKER = someone with a fairly high Hacking skill.

IMP = short for the name "Implant". Uncommon. Example of use: "looking for imp

part reg#987-D38H6-E". This is used also as a verb on European servers

with predominant German language. Example of use: "kannst du impen?"

(german for "can you implant?").

IMPER = short for "Implanter". Commonly used on European servers.

IRL = Stands for "In Real Life". Refers to any locations or events outside of

the Neocron game world, such as a party at your nearest disco. Uncommon.

KK(1) = another way to say "okay"; it just puts more emphasis to it. I've seen

it rarely though.

KK(2) = a short for "Reakktor". In other words, it refers to the game

developer. An example of use might be: "Hey, KK needs to know this!".

MU = whoops! This must have slipped in... If you ever see this word popping up

on your chat screen, then it could happen for only 3 reasons:

1-You eavesdropped on a conversation between my team members.

2-You are a member/enemy of my team.

3-One of my team members fumbled on the comm screen settings.

Don't worry though, it's just an unusual and funny way to say "hello".

NP = stands for "no problem".

NPC = stands for "Non-Playing Character". All shop clerks, security guards,

and monsters as well, are NPC. This means that they are controlled by

the AI or a GameMaster.

PC = no, it's not Personal Computer. It stands for "Player Character".

PK = stands for "Player Killer". It's someone who, bored with the game,

delights in destroying other people's plans by killing their PC. Anyone

whining about "being pked" somewhere, has met one of these, and lost.

PLZ = stands for "please".

POKE = short, and strange term, for the verb "to implant". Apparently this

name was used in the beta version of the game and has been used since.

POKER = short, and strange, term for "Implanter".

PPL = short for "people".

REC = highly uncommon, it's the shortcut for "recycle" in any form.

REP(1) = short for "Replicate". The complete form would be "to GeneReplicate",

so it is actually a verb. It indicates the intention of teleporting to any

location via GeneRep. Example of use: "repping to Jeriko, cya".

REP(2) = short for "Repair". Referring to the explanation above, if you find

someone saying "looking for weapon repper", he's looking for a guy who

can repair weapons.

REPPER = someone with a fairly high Repair skill.

RPG = stands for "Role-Playing Game".

RUNNER = another word for "PC", or "Player Character".

TERMINAL = this is what "CityCom Stations" are commonly called.

THX = stands for "thank you", or "thanks".

TL = short for "Tech Level". Common. Example of use: "poke anything to TL 66".

TY = another way of saying "thank you".

This is what I, and the people who are helping me, came up with for now. With

this, you should now be able to understand what the guy who just approached you

wants, when he asks: "poke, plz?". On the other hand, you will know when to say

sorry when someone says: "stop or I call a GM!".


PART TWO: Cities and other locations


MB = short for "Military Base".

NC = short for "Neocron City".

TG = short for "Twilight Guardians".

TWG = another short for "Twilight Guardians".

TH = short for "Tech Haven".

Sometimes abbreviations show up; in such a case you may see things like

"Jeriko" instead of "Jeriko Fortress", "Krupp" instead of "Krupp Factory",

"Regant's" instead of "Regant's Legacy", or "Avenger" instead of "Avenger

mines". I'm not going to list them all, because there are too many locations to

keep track of if I would do that. Just check the world map and you'll find what

they're talking about.

Inside cities, other forms of shortcuts are used to provide information on

current whereabouts. For example, inside Neocron City people will simply say

they're in "plaza 2", leaving out the "sector" in between. In very extreme

cases, or in small places such as Tech Haven, they might directly say "I'm in

TH 2", which means he/she is in Tech Haven Sector 2. These too are too much to

keep track of, so I'll skip them. You'll learn them with time, and use.

Very extreme forms of shortcut can also be seen in the form of single letters.

In such cases, a location like "plaza sector 2" will simply appear as "P2". The

Pepper Park sectors will have their own as well ("Pepper Park sector 3" will

thus appear as "PP2"). "Via Rosso 3", to mention another example (and

exception), will appear as "Via3".

If you're travelling outdoors, you will likely no longer see any of the above

terms locations. Instead, the players will reveal their whereabouts by using

the map sectors. If a player says he's currently in "E_05", to find him you'll

need to open the world map screen and intersect the row and column mentioned.

In the case of this player, he's likely somewhere in the mountain range around

Tech Haven.

In short, they talk using the coordinate system of the world map.


PART THREE: Shops and factions


ARCHER = short for "Archer & Wesson".

A&W = stands for "Archer & Wesson".

CA(1) = stands for "City Admin".

CA(2) = stands for "Clan Appartment". I put this here because, with time, the

clans actually become like veritable factions.

CRYTON = short for "Cryton's Techtools". Also seen as "CRYTON'S".

DIAMOND = short for "Diamond Real Estates".

MC = short for "MediCare". Rarely used.

N8 = the alliance between all TT affiliated clans.

TANGENT = short for "Tangent Technologies".

TAYLOR = short for "Taylor's Biochem". Also seen as "TAYLOR'S".

TT = short for "Tangent Techologies".

Not much more to say here. Just couldn't come up with anything else for now.


_______________/ THE LAST WORDS \______________________________________________

As I said, this FAQ is still incomplete, and many more strange words may be

born in the Neocron world over the years. I'll try to keep track of them, but

should I ever fail, I hope I can count on you runners out there to keep me

updated. Any questions, or CONSTRUCTIVE critics and suggestions are welcome,

but make sure you put "Neocron" somewhere in the subject if you're emailing me

(it may take some time for a reply, so please be patient). Another way to

contact me is through the Neocron message board at GameFAQs; I look into it

every now and then.

My email:

I would like to tell you where to find me in game, but that would attract much

unwanted attention as well.


__________________/ CREDITS AND THANKS \_______________________________________

Karador and Iori: for giving me the "poke" info.

Necro Nemo: for the GoGadget gag.

Starkiller: for all the material you sent me.

CDV and Reakktor: hell guys, you made a great game!

GameFAQs: you posted it, so I ought to thank you. for asking me kindly and politely to use my FAQ. I couldn't refuse.

Комментарии (2)
lets add some factions shortcuts; it based on first two letters of the faction name:

CA - cityadmin

BT - biotech

FA - fallen angels

CM - city mercs

BD- black dragon, etc.

and some i know myself but didnt find above:

"aggie cellars" - hunting zones in plaza2 and 3 with agressor captains and other muties

WB - warbot

WBT - warbot titan

mobs - monsters

WTB - want to buy

WTS - want to sell

WTT - want to trade (means change or other offers)

some rare items names, based on first letters too, like factions

RoG - ray of god

CS - cursed soul, etc., full list on and many other info too

fire apoc - fire apocalipse

pe - private eye

capped - means reached highest point, 4 example "capped dex" - means 80 if pe, 100 if spy, etc

APU - monk that specializes on aggressive spells

PPU - monk that specializes on passive (defensive) spells

buffs - power-ups spells like hazard booster, usually if you ask someone (like ppu) to buff you that means he cast resistance booster, deflector, shelter and weapon(psi) booster on you

DM - means "direct channel"

GR - GeneReplicator

appt - appartments

clone - means recycle ammo, psi-boosters, etc.

rares - rare parts, high-lvl mobs have a random drop of them

mc5 - VERY dangerous zone in h11 with 120/120 mobs and cool rares drop

OP - outpost

tip - that was a lil strange for me, i never knew that term before game, means "payment" 4 work of some sort, usually 4 poking, ressing and constering. however, tipping is not necessary. ("tipping is not a city in china" (c) x-men the movie)

char - character

hq - faction headquarters

epic run - special set of missions unique to every faction. look in your faction hq for some guy who will load you up with it.
Also remember that some servers have they own shorcuts. Like this - CMA mean "City Merks Alliance" - gathering of almost all influent City Merks faction clans.

DoY - Dome of York, large city, enemy of Neocron. So far we can meet only some NPC units of this faction, such as 4 kinds of Kamikadze soldiers, 2 types of guarding bots (Defence and Scout one) - this bots also known as "DoY's", and 1 type of DoY's entrances guardian. More info about DoY we'll get with add-on "Beyond the Dome of York".

Cave, caves - short description of most popular lvling spots with awesome enemies and (sometimes) good or even unique loot items. There are: Crystal cave(s) - highest mob is Bat Queen; Outdoor cave(s) - highest mob is also almost same Queen ;-) ; Toxic cave(s) - highest mob is Shaman; Gaya Mine - highest mod is Malfunctioned STORM bot; Point red (undeground) - highest mob is Doom Harbinger. Also used to call Underground City, Grave, Worm tunnels, which is technically not caves. You can here such as: "Looking for a team to cave run". Also you can see alot of shortcuts from names of this "Boss" mobs and from names of unique items they dropping, such as "Bat queen bones", "STORM laser", "Flame Avalanche", "Judgement Day Launcher", "Viper King armor" and so on.