Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark - Cheatcodes (English)

You can use the same console cheats that were used in the original NeverWinter Nights

First, you will need to hit the tilde (~) key and type in "DebugMode 1" (case sensitive). Then hit the ~ key again and press TAB. This should show you a list of the different functions available. Hit TAB again to scroll down the list.

Cheats: (case sensitive)(X is a number)

SetCHA X - Sets your Charisma

SetSTR X - Sets your Strength

SetINT X - Sets your Intelligence

SetWIS X - Sets your Wisdom

SetCON X - Sets your Constitution

dm_givegold X - Gives the X amount of gold to you

GetLevel X - Raises you an additional X amount of levels

dm_god - Makes you invulneralble (does not require you to click on the player character)

On some of the cheats, it will simply give you a message saying "success" after you enter the code and press ENTER. Other ones, such as the SetCHA will say "Entered Target Mode". You must click on your character to enable the changes on your character.

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  • I need 1 extra cd key of Hordes of the Underdark please. I can't play the multiplayer. :(
  • If you need to play lan only - while not connected to the internet (i'm not sure if it still works) us these ones:





    If they have been made unauthorized... I dunno... i'm not giving you my legit one...