Painkiller: Overdose

Painkiller: Overdose: Трейнер (+40) {Powermad 1.3}

Описание и инструкции

Тот же самый тренер что и на первые две части, с теме же функциями, только этот для овердоза.

- pkammo: gives full ammo
- pkweapons: gives all weapons
- pkhealth: regenerates armor, health = 100 if < 100
- pkpower: pkammo + pkhealth
- pkgod: monsters can't hurt you (toggle)
- pkalwaysgib: enemies always gib (toggle)
- pkweakenemies: enemies all have 1 healthpoint (toggle)
- pkcards: enables unlimited card use
- pkgold: gives 99999 gold
- pkhaste: haste x8 (toggle)
- pkdemon: switch to demon mode (toggle)
- pkweaponmodifier: enables weapon modifier
- pkkeepbodies: dead bodies never disappear (toggle)
- pkkeepdecals: decals never wear off (toggle)
- pkalllevels: enable all levels (for that difficulty)
- pkallcards: gives all tarot cards
- pkperfect: finishes level with five stars
(all armor, all secrets, all holy items, all ammo,
all objects, all secrets)
- pmfinish: finishes the level in current state
- pmmorethanperfect: finishes level with five stars (like
pkperfect) and all kills, all souls (not
in trauma), all gold, 250 health, 200 armor,
number of demon morphs = 5, player got never
hurt and used no weapons
- pmmegahealth: gives strong armor and 250 health
- pmexplodeenemies: explodes all enemies, including bosses
- pmgrabgold: all currently available gold coins are grabbed
(similar to the soulcatcher effect)
- pmautograbgold: permanently enables automatic grabbing of
every new spawned gold coin
- pmminimizeenemies: miniaturizes all enemies
- pmfreezeenemies: freezes all enemies
- pmradar: toggles 3dradar (complete on/off)
- pmradarpowerups: toggles powerups-radar ((mega)health,
armor, ammo, weapons, holy items) on/off
- pmradarobjects: toggles objects-radar on/off
- pmradardetailedobjects: toggles detailed object description on/off
- pmradarsecrets: toggles secrets-radar on/off
- pmradarenemies: toggles enemies-radar on/off
- pmradarverbose: toggles 3d radar messages on/off
- pmradaremphasizedistance: toggles emphasizing of distance on/off
- pmhud: toggles visibility of hud
- pmslowdown: slows down world speed
- pmspeedup: speeds up world speed
- pmhalt: halts all enemies
- pmconfuseenemies: enemies attack each other
- pmhealth : sets the players health to
- pmarmor : sets the players armor to
- pmhelp: shows help screen with short summary of all commands
- pmxyz: shows current player coordinates
- pmshowxyz: permanently updates player coordinates (toggle)
- pmnoclip: enable fly mode (toggle)
- pmpickupfx: toggles screen flash when picking up things on/off
- pmbump: unsticks stuck player
- pmshowclock: shows current gametime (toggle)
- pmresetclock: sets current gametime to zero
- pmsoulsstayforever: souls never vanish (toggle)
- pmgrabsouls: grab all currently available souls
- pmautograbsouls: grab all newly spawned souls automatically (toggle)
- pmexplodeobjects: explodes all objects in the whole level
- pmloadlevel : loads a custom level
- pmverbose: output of Powermad messages (toggle)
- pmfreedom: removes all invisible walls from a level
- pmopenalldoors: opens all closed doors in a level
- pmdifficulty: adjust difficulty to the desired level
- pmtrashtalk: enables/disables Belial's idle talk

- do : executes a lua file located in Data/dofiles
- powermad: demon mode, pkweapons, pkgold, pkmegahealth, pkcards

Misc features:
- Startup videos are disabled
- benchmark ragnarok: starts custom Overdose benchmark
- Improved loading times (up to 50% after the 2nd load of a level)

IV) Hotkeys

Right shift + M = Minimize enemies
Right shift + N = Grab gold
Right shift + X = Grab souls
Right shift + C = Freeze enemies
Right shift + V = Explode enemies
Right shift + B = Halt enemies
Right shift + F = Noclip mode
Right shift + G = Toggle on/off hud

Numblock 0 = Toggle on/off complete radar
Numblock 1 = Toggle on/off powerup radar
Numblock 2 = Toggle on/off objects radar
Numblock 3 = Toggle on/off secrets radar
Numblock 4 = Toggle on/off enemies radar
Numblock 7 = Toggle on/off confuse enemies
Numblock 8 = Toggle on/off demon mode
Numblock 9 = Toggle on/off haste mode
Numblock + = Speed up world
Numblock - = Slow down world

H = Show help screen
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