Payday 2: Stealth Suite [0.9.2]

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Новая версия чита Stealth Suite 0.9.2.


v0.9 --> v0.9.2

  • Fixed Update 48 Crash
  • Updated Team AI Options (Removed Crouch Bug Fix and Updated Revive Bug Fix)

Controls/Key Binds:

Esc = My Favorite Scripts [CUSTOM SETTINGS AVAILABLE IN "Stealth Suite Configuration" **[[Disabled by Default in Stealth Suite Configuration]]** ] {Toggleable}

F1 = Add 1 Cable Tie

F2 = Add 1 ECM Jammer

F3 = Add KeyCard to Inventory

F4 = Add CrowBard to Inventory

F5 = Instant Deploy {Toggleable}

F6 = Instant Drill {Toggleable}

F7 = Instant Interaction {Toggleable}

F8 = Triple Interaction Distance {Toggleable}

F9 = X-Ray (Guard, Camera, Civilian(s) With KeyCard, and Guard(s) With KeyCard Highlighter) {Toggleable}

F10 = Client Viewable X-Ray (Allows Clients to See X-Ray)

F11 = KeyCard And CrowBard Finder {Toggleable}

F11 = Painting Finder (Framing Frame Day 1 ONLY) {Toggleable}

PrtScn/SysRq = Train Heist Intel Spawner

Scroll Lock = Big Oil Day 2 Correct Fusion Engine Revealer {Toggleable}

Pause/Break = Framing Frame Day 3 Item Finder {Toggleable}

~ = Mission Selector [Out of Game]

~ = Escape Chain Menu [In Game]

KeyBoard 1 = Infinite BodyBags {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 2 = Infinite Pagers {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 3 = Infinite/Instant Dominates/Converts {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 4 = Infinite Equipment (Deployables) {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 5 = Infinite Interaction Distance {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 6 = Infinite Stamina {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 7 = Infinite Specials {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 8 = Infinite ECM Jammer Battery {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 9 = Infinite Civilian Follow Distance {Toggleable}

KeyBoard 0 = Infinite Grenades {Toggleable}

KeyBoard - = Infinite Camera Loop Duration {Toggleable}

KeyBoard = = Infinite Number of Camera Loops {Toggleable}

BackSpace = Get Out of Custody (Wait Until Custody Screen Completely Fades)

Arrow Key Left (<--) = CarryStacker [HOST ONLY] {Toggleable}

Arrow Key Up (^) = Rotate Stack Up

Arrow Key Down (V) = Rotate Stack Down

Arrow Key Right (-->) = Drop Stack

Numpad 0 = Slow Detection Rate [HOST ONLY] {Toggleable}

Numpad 1 = No Fall Damage {Toggleable}

Numpad 2 = No Cloaker Takedown (Arrests Instead) {Toggleable}

Numpad 3 = No Invisible Walls [HOST ONLY]

Numpad 4 = Bag Modifications {Toggleable}

Numpad 5 = Casing Mode Stealth

Numpad 6 = Revive-Self & Replenish Health (Resets Custody Counter)

Numpad 7 = Open All Safety Deposit Boxes

Numpad 8 = Secure All Safety Deposit Boxes Loot

Numpad 9 = Secure All Small Loot

Numpad + = Small Loot Multiplier (50x) {Toggleable}

Numpad . = Super Slow Detection Rate (Near Invisible) [HOST ONLY] {Toggleable}

Numpad / = Replenish Cable Ties

Numpad * = Replenish Grenades

Numpad - = Replenish ECM Jammers

End = Equipment Switcher

PageUp = Primary Weapon Changer

PageDown = Secondary Weapon Changer

Home = Stealth Suite Toggleable Scripts Menu

Insert = Stealth Suite Non Toggleable Scripts Menu

Delete = Stealth Suite Mission Scripts Menu

Persistent Scripts (Run all the time):

DLC Unlocker

Improved - Increased Weapon Damage

Infinite Favors

Infinite Moveable Hostages

Post Require Scripts (Automatically Run When Needed, Function the same as Persistent Scripts): Free Civilian Kills

Anti Anti-Cheats

Don't Shout at Tied Civilians

Classic Stealth

Drop-In Pause Remover

Improved Team AI (All 3 AI Appear if Playing Solo) [Options in Stealth Suite Configuration]

Infinite Cable Ties **[[Disabled by Default in Stealth Suite Configuration]]**

Professional Job Restarter

Bullet Penetration

Crash Override (Does not stop all crashes)

Blackscreen Skip Circle

Buy All Assets

Skill Profiler

Inspect Player

Skip Endscreen

Force Ready

FlashLight Color Changer (Rainbow included)

Laser Color Changer (Rainbow included)

Grenade Restrictions

Persistent Gadget On

Toggle Interaction

"!" Icon Remover


Открыть папку "Stealth Suite Release" в архиве, и перенести все из нее в папку с игрой.

По стандарту она тут C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2

Для установки с HoxHudoм не переносите файл IPHLPAPI.dll


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