Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 11.05.2018] {DrummerIX}

Описание и инструкции

Options so far:
Damage Modifier (God Mode, One Hit Kill, Enemy Damage Multiplier, Hero Damage Multiplier)
No Ability Cooldown or Resources Used
Clone Items (Move An Item First Before Enabling)
Ability Point Modifier On Level Up
Keep Achievements Enabled When Using Console Commands
Maximum Power Level
100% Crew Injury Prevention
Unlock All Achievements (Use Console Command ClearAchievements After Enabling)
Reputation Manager
Pointers to Money
Pointers to Character Creation Total Attribute Points and Maximum Stat Attribute
Pointers to Max Attribute Score and Base Level Cap
Character Editor (View Character Sheet to Update Pointer)


I am trying a different approach for enabling and some other options because many are saying the table is not working for them. It must be assert that is causing the issue. Try this EDIT 1 table and let me know if it works any better. I'm using aobscanregion and some compile methods with this version.

I put in some pointers for Current Level and also came up with an Ability Point modifier on level up, but it is kind of complicated to use. You appear to gain a power level every 2 levels. In order to be able to complete the level up, you set the amount to half of the total number of abilities minus 2. So for example if total abilities you can get at that level is 8, 8-2 is 6 and divide that by 2 equals 3. This is so you can get abilities left over on the next level up that doesn't unlock a power level. Anyway, it is technically possible to get all skills this way, but requires you to change the number accordingly. You all might also be able to work out how to delevel and get abilities that way also.

EDIT 2.5:
I found a way to improve the Ability Points. This time I have pointers to the ability points you have and you can edit as necessary to select abilities and be able to complete the level up also. I'm removing EDIT 2.

I figured out how to keep achievements enabled when using the command Iroll20s. This also allows you to update the flag if you ran the option without this cheat enabled. Iroll20s is what updates the pointer.

EDIT 3.5:
I found an option to set the Maximum Power Level when leveling up (9) for both single class and multiclass.

I put in a Reputation Manager option that will allow you to edit Faction Reputation and Dispositions. You have to view Reputations Sheet under the Character Sheet to update the pointer.

EDIT 4.5:
Someone requested Injury Prevention for Crew Members. I have no way to test as I'm not far in the game, but I think I have something that should in theory work. 100% Crew Injury Prevention is the option. Let me know if it doesn't work right.

EDIT 4.75:
I found a way to patch the ClearAchievements console command to unlock achievements instead of clearing them, so I put that option in this update. I'm removing EDIT 4.5 because it is recent, but that change is still in there. You enable the option and also the Keep Achievements Enabled option and use the console command ClearAchievements and it gives you all achievements (at least on Steam).

I found a way to have 100 points for Berath's Blessings, but if you have no achievements unlocked, then you must load a save game and quit to main menu before starting new game for it to register after enabling the option.

EDIT 5.5:
Someone requested attributes to go over 35. I found the pointer that controls it (Max Attribute Stat) and also a Base Level Cap pointer. There are other global game settings, but I thought those are what's needed for now. You have to view character sheet to update the pointer and then you can change it and view character sheet again after modifying your attributes. They say Resolve should not go above 43 due to something with Hostile Effects Duration.

Процесс запуска:
1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

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Вот бы ещё функцию на изменение репутации у спутников- так цены бы просто не было... а то во второй части они как-то сильно с ней перемудрили.. в первой части в этом плане было лучше.
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Чит - это прекрасно, но тогда ачивы отключаются. Вот бы трйнер или таблицу такую - это другое дело...
Так не робит же таблица, ошибку выдает
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всё работает, просто надо активировать в ГЛАВНОМ МЕНЮ, до загрузки сохранения. Вот после уже и запускать что желаете
Ошибка когда просто загружаешь таблицу, не важно в меню это или просто сторонний запуск
Failure injecting the MonoDatacollector dll вот что он мне выдает
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у меня СЕ 6.7, мб версия у тебя другая
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Что-то перестала активироваться функция "No Ability Cooldown or Resources Used", а при использовании других "боевых функций" вообще вылетает игра с ошибкой... может патч какой вышел...