Project Zomboid: Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Cheat Menu) [2.6]

Имя файла
Размер72.6 Кб
Дата добавления
Описание и инструкции

Мод совместим с сохранениями из билда 32/33
Мод работает только у администратора сервера, если вы играете в мультиплеер (это означает, что игра в безопасности, и ничто не помешает вашей игре)
Мод абсолютно безопасен, и не может изменить (а значит и испортить) ваши сохранения

Полез я значит на форум наших англоязычных друзей, вот описание всех функций



  • Зайдите в папку C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Zomboid\
  • Найдите папку /mods (в ней может быть папка для примера).
  • Переместите папку из архива в папку мод
  • Начните игру, и включите мод в настройках модов
  • Перезапустите игру и веселитесь

Mac OS

  • Зайдите в папку /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Zomboid
  • Проделайте то же самое как и для Windows но со второго пункта
Features: God mode - You are invincible. Creative mode - Build menu is always available, all things cost nothing to build and build instantly. Delete Mode - When toggled, press X to delete the object your mouse is over. Useful for building! Lua Interpreter - Fully kitted with a UI, export/import, and safety features! Delete Mode (Terraform Mode) - When toggled, press X to replace the tile underneath your mouse with the one you specified. Supports most vanilla tiles for placing (feel free to reply/comment if there is one that's missing) Barricade Mode - When toggled, press Z to barricade the object below your mouse to a specific level. Also supports metal barricades. Infinite Ammo - Your gun always has a full clip. Also seems to work with other gun mods! Instant Crafting - Just open the game's crafting menu and click the item you want, and it'll instantly give it to you for free. Instant Actions - All actions, such as building or crafting, will now be performed instantly. However, it does not disable the resource requirement like Instant Crafting does. No Delay Between Shots - Makes your shotgun as fast as a pistol, and your pistol as fast as an assault rifle. Learn All Recipes - Teaches your character all recipes. Works for recipes added by mods as well! Set Skill Level - Levels up all or individual skills. Infinite stats - It allows you to separately toggle things like no thirst, no panic, etc. There's also an option to toggle all of them. Ghost mode - You run fast and you are invisible. Heal - Heals your character. Refill Ammo - Refills your weapon. Infinite carryweight - Gives you infinite carryweight. Fly Mode - Allows you to fly. Press the Up arrow to go up and the Down arrow to go down. Zombie brush - When toggled, click to create the selected number of zombies. Melee insta-kill - All melee weapons 1-hit zombies, doors, trees, things you built, etc. Repair weapon - Repairs the currently equipped weapon. Infinite weapon durability - Your equipped weapon always has maximum durability and can't be damaged. Time warp - You can change the time. Supports years, months, days, and AM/PM. Change Weather - Sets the weather. Fire Brush - When toggled, press N to ignite and F to extinguish. Teleport & GPS Menu - Set custom locations that save, and either mark or teleport to one of them or the many presets! Work in progress features: Prevent death - In large swarms you can still die. I'm working on this. Note: This is different from God Mode! Known issues: No delay between shots isn't as fast as, say, a machine gun yet. According to player reports, it does not work for all players in splitscreen. I am looking into this. It does not show up for non-server admins. This is intentional. To do: - Add a tree spawning brush - Add various brush-sizes - Add an FOV changer
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