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Quake 4: FAQ (Полный обзор оружия)

Обзор оружия из Quake 4. Weapons Profiles.
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Primary weapon in commando’s equipment. It doesn’t require ammunition and/or reloading. Blaster shoots single energetic bullets. After holding the left mouse button for a while, your shoot will become stronger (more damages). It has also an installed flashlight.
1. Damage: 50
2. Type of ammo: n/a
3. Magazine: n/a
4. Flashlight: Yes
5. Modification: No

Deadly in short range combat, completely useless in fighting from the distance – these are features related to every shotgun, including the one from Quake 4. Exceptionally fast in use, but it’s not perfect (medium damage). Good for weaker enemies, but after some time it’s better to switch over to a better weapon. During the play you’ll get upgraded Shotgun (more shells in the magazine).
1. Damage: 140
2. Type of ammo: Shells
3, Magazine: 8 (max 42+8) – after modification 10 (max 50+10)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: Yes (Operation: Last Hope)

First better weapon, that’ll run into inside the Strogg’s complex. It’s good choice during the distant fight with enemies. You can also activate Machine Gun’s sight (higher damage), but it’ll make continuous fire impossible. Very effective gun, especially in first part of the game. It has also an installed flashlight, which is helpful in level’s exploration. During the stay on spaceship destroyer (Hannibal), you’ll get new Machine Gun, with better magazine.
1. Damage: 15 (every bullet) – 20 (every bullet after activating sight)
2. Type of ammo: Bullets
3. Magazine: 40 (max 260+40) – after modification 80 (max 320+80)
4. Flashlight: Yes
5. Modification: Yes (Operation: Advantage)

The strongest weapon from all machine guns. It fires nails (not so fast as bullets in Machine Gun or HyperBlaster). Nailgun becomes good choice after installing modification (activating sight) – nails will auto-target the enemies then.
1. Damage: 25 (every bullet)
2. Type of ammo: Nails
3. Magazine: 50 (max 250+50)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: Yes (Aqueducts)

Grenade Launcher fires shells, which detonate immediately after hitting the enemy, or bounce off the walls if there’s no opponent (in this case, shell will explode after few seconds). Very good weapon to destroy enemies’ groups that are located in large distance from Kane or on lower platform. Grenade Launcher can also be used to cover retreats and to eliminate opponents waiting for the player round the corner.
1. Damage: 125
2. Type of ammo: Grenades
3. Magazine: 8 (max 42+8)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: No

Classic rocket launcher with the highest damage from all conventional weapons (excluding Dark Matter Gun). The missiles aren’t as fast as in Quake III: Arena, but it’s very effective gun. Rocket Launcher has the best in-game weapon modification. After pushing the right mouse button, you’ll see green mark, which assure player of hitting locked target. Upgrade mean also faster shooting (three rockets in a row, without reloading).
1. Damage: 150
2. Type of ammo: Rockets
3. Magazine: 40 (max 40)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: Yes (Data Networking Terminal)

Energetic weapon, which is an effective substitute for the Machine Gun. It’s extremely fast-shooting gun and takes away some nice damage with single hit. HyperBlaster can be modified in Data Storage Terminal level (bullets will bounce off he walls – it’s very helpful in small, narrow areas).
1. Damage: 14 (every bullet)
2. Type of ammo: Batteries
3. Magazine: 60 (max 340+60)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: Yes (Data Storage Terminal)

Thanks to installed sight and bonus damage, it’s perfect sniper’s weapon. Unfortunately, it reloads slowly (no use in fighting with group of enemies). Small magazine is another disadvantage (necessary reload after three shots). In the game’s ending, one of the technician will upgrade Railgun’s firepower – you’ll be granted possibility to eliminate all opponents standing in straight line of a single shot.
1. Damage: 125
2. Type of ammo: Slugs
3. Magazine: 3 (max 37+3)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: Yes (Data Storage Security)

Dark Matter Gun reminds BFG 9000, the weapon of mass destruction from Quake II. After loading (usually few second), it fires violet slug that absorbs smaller enemies. When the slug hits any obstacle in the area, it detonates and takes away 50 health points from all nearby opponents. Dark Matter Gun is very effective during the fight with overwhelming numbers of enemies, but it’s really hard to find ammunition for this gun.
1. Damage: 200 (direct hit)
2. Type of ammo: Dark Matter Cells
3. Magazine: 25 (max 25)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: No

Popular weapon, that remind of a gun from the first Quake. It fires energy beam, which hit all the enemies in straight line. After installing modification, the beam can hurt other nearby soldiers.
1. Damage: 11 (every battery)
2. Type of ammo: Lightning Bolts
3. Magazine: 400 (max 400)
4. Flashlight: No
5. Modification: Yes (Tram Hub Station)

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Rocket Launcher - ракетомет
Dark Matter Gun - БФГ
Lighting Gun - электромет
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