Red Faction 2

Red Faction 2: Cheatcodes (English)

Go to Extras -> Cheats and enter the following combinations to get the desired results. After that click on the star to mark them and ofcourse use them in the game.

Super Health xxywywz
Infinite Grenades zxzyxzxz
Director's Cut yxzwzxyw
Rapid Rails zyzyxxww
Gibby Ammo xxxxyzxx
Extra Chunky zzzzwxzz
Bouncing Bombs zzzzzzzz
Infinite Ammo ywxzyzxw
Wacky Deaths wwwwwwww
Walking Dead xxxxxxxx
Rain of Fire yyyyyyyy
Gibby Explosions wzxywzxy
Explosive Personality x
Win Game yxyx
All Weapons y
Unlock Everything wwxxyzyz
Unlock All Cheats yzwzyxwx
Unlock All Levels zyxwyzxx
"All Weapons" is only usable during game, (press ESC, go to CHEAT MENU, enter it and resume).

Комментарии (7)
The All weapons cheat won't work. it wont enter as a valid code. Help? (Not in Russian plz, only english =s)
А для русской версии эти коды действительны?????
ГДЕ их вводить?
Cлепое существо, написано специально в скобках "press ESC, go to CHEAT MENU, enter it and resume"
все круть
входиш в игру "бонус" потом "чит"
вот там только не начинайте игру!