SimCity 3000

Sim City 3000: Cheat codes (English)

Add every building to the landmarks window

*Open the power plant window, and then close it with the X button in the top right hand corner.

*Now open the Rewards and opportunities window, and then close it with the X.

*Now open the Garbage disposal window, and close it with the X.

*And Finally, open the Landmarks window and you'll have every building in the game.


To enter cheats, press ALT + CNTRL + SHIFT + C during the game to bring up the Cheat Code Entry box. Enter one of the following codes and cheat away. Cheats are listed within the dash marks.

|let's make a deal| Special neighborhood/business deals

|i like red tape| All ordinances are available

|nerdz rool| High Tech industries

|i am weak| Free buildings/utils/zoning/transport/trees/surface water

|garbage in, garbage out| All garbage buildings are available

|power to the masses| All power units are available

|water in the desert| All water producing facilities available

|Salt on| Transforms the sea to salt water

|Salt off| Transforms the sea to fresh water

|Terrain one up| Raises the terrain by a factor of 1

|Terrain one down| Lowes the terrain by a factor of 1

|Terrain ten up| Raises the terrain by a factor of 1

|Terrain ten down| Take a wild guess

Gives all the reward buildings

While playing press ctrl-alt-shift-c and a dialog box should appear. type in 'pay tribute to your king' and it should give you all the reward buildings. note: sometimes this code doesn't work if you have a lot of reward buildings already placed.

News Ticker Notes

Enter a code in the Code Box and Get a News Ticker Response!

1234, advisor, bat, broccoli, easter egg, electronic arts, erts,

FUND, fund, hello, HELP, help, llama, MAXIS, maxis, mayor, money,

moremoney, porntipsguzzardo, sc3k, sim, SIM, simcity, skurk, ticker,

will wright

Simon Says

Typing in one of these codes activates hidden messages on the newsticker.






To type in these, activate the hidden box (Crtl-Alt-Shift-C)

The Birds

First, you have to press Ctrl, Alt, Shift and the letter C. Now you can type the cheats. The cheat I will talk about is "the birds". When you type "the birds", a message will say something about the birds coming.

UFO Swarm

Press [Ctrl], [Shift],[alt], and C and type in UFO Swarm press Enter, then go to your disasters menu pick UFO! Sit back and watch the fun.

Vinnie and the Castle

Take a bribe OR get the castle!

Pull up the code box and enter a code...

CODE: call cousin Vinnie

EFFECT: A new petitioner item will appear in the Meet window, announcing a "Local Fundraising Event." This, um, "businessman" will offer you some cash, no questions asked. Should you choose to accept his offer, you'll notice a little extra cash in your coffers.

CODE: zyxwvu

EFFECT: This code isn't available to just anybody, you have to prove your integrity first. Use the "call cousin Vinnie" cheat and refuse his immoral offer. Then use the "zyxwvu" cheat and the beautiful SimCity Castle will appear in your Rewards menu. In addition to looking cool, the castle boosts land value, aura, and does other wonderful things to the surrounding area.