Starcraft Broodwar FAQ (English)

Starcraft Broodwar FAQ

Cops and Robbers Map Strategy FAQ

Written by Kenny "Kenshi" Tam



Table of Contents


I. Introduction

II. Game Mechanics

III. General Strategy

IV. Map Strategies

V. Cheap Nasty Stuff

VI. Miscellany

VII. Notes and Credits


I. Introduction


The Cops and Robbers map is a "Use Map Settings" Scenario, in which it

is a customized map. Units, upgrades and the overall mechanics of the

game are changed.

The Map is a popular map, but is starting to appear less and less now and

days. There are several versions of the map, but the general aim of the

map is still the same.

This FAQ was written to give strategies as well as tricks to the game.

Most of these I have seen and learnt, mainly from a player called

"Asstronauts." And no, I am not him/her, so don't send me hate mail if

you get nailed by these tactics or by Asstronauts him/herself.


II. Game Mechanics


As the name suggests, the purpose of the game is similar to cops and robbers.

The robbers have to kill civilians and gain credits to upgrade their unit.

The cops can accomplish this feat by killing robbers.

If the robbers manage to kill 250 (200 in some versions) within the time

limit then they win. The Cops win by preventing this.

When a robber gets killed, they go to "jail." In other words he/she is

isolated for One game minute.

If the police kill 5 civilians the offending player gets booted from the



III. General Strategy





The cops are Terran dominated units. They have a harder time, since they

need to outsmart the other human players as opposed to killing stationary

civilians. However to compensate for this they are much stronger and cost

less to upgrade.

Here is a general Breakdown of the units, from Starting Unit:

(note: the specifics and statistics can vary A LOT, but I think all versions

give units all special abilities and non-armor/weapon upgrades)


Base Unit: Marine

HP: 15

Armor: 0

Damage: 8 (1 bonus)

Notes: Starts with Stimpacks. Basic grunt unit, can kill early robber

units in a few hits.

-NY Riot Cop (Captain Jim Raynor)

Base Unit: Marine

HP: 20

Armor: 1

Damage: 18 (7 bonus)

Cost: 100

Notes: Retains Stimpacks. A stronger Policeman, can kill dragoons if you

sneak up on them.

-Fire Marshall (Major Gui Montag)

Base Unit: Firebat

HP: 60

Armor: 3

Damage: 30 (5 bonus)

Cost: 200

Notes: Has Stimpack ability which he can use up to five times (!) However

he is still slow and follows damage rules. He is weak against medium/large

units such as the dragoon and reaver.

-NY Sharp Shooter (Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan)

Base Unit: Ghost

HP: 30

Armor: 4

Damage: 80 (5 Bonus)

Cost: 300

Notes: Has Lockdown, which can target the Dragoon and Reaver/Shuttle combo.

A seriously strong unit, she can kill most robber units in a single hit.

However, similar to the firebat, her damage is concussive which means

smaller units such as Zealots take less damage.

-MG 435-TX / Robocop MKII (Alan Schezar)

Base Unit: Goliath

HP: 80

Armor: 3

Damage: 70 (5 Bonus)/ 40 (1 Bonus) for SAMs.

Cost: 400

Notes: Comes with a transport (see misc. for statistics) so it can reach

almost anywhere quickly.

-NY Riot Tank

Base Unit: Siege Tank

HP: 85

Armor: 4

Damage: 80 (4 Bonus)/ 150 for Shock cannon

Cost: 500

Notes: Comes with a transport. It has siege-mode researched so it can

be a seriously strong and cheap unit.

-FBI Special Agent Smith (Samir Duran)

Base Unit: Infested Ghost

HP: 100

Armor: 5

Damage: 90 (1 Bonus)

Cost: 600

Notes: Zerg version of Duran. The penultimate upgrade, he heals

automatically due to belonging to the Zerg race. He can kill a large

portion of the robber units in a hit or two, but he is limited by his speed.

*Note: His race is changed from game to game, so he maybe Terran based

in some.

-NY SWAT Sniper (Alexi Stukov)

Base Unit: Ghost

HP: 150

Armor: 10

Damage: 100 (10 Bonus)

Cost: 700

Notes: The final upgrade for the Police force. As you can see his stats

are monstrous. He comes with his own medic and has lockdown researched.

Misc Units:

-Attack dog

Base Unit: Zergling

HP: 12

Armor: 1

Damage: 6 (1 Bonus)

Cost: 1000

Notes: Bring any unit to the kennels to get a zergling. On some maps they

can be upgraded to a basic upgradeable policeman. They have all special

abilities, so they are really crack-lings.

-Armored Transport/Police Helicopter

Base Unit: Transport

HP: 250

Armor: 10

Damage: n/a

Cost: Free w/Goliath or Tank


UNITS INTO A NEWLY ACQUIRED TRANSPORT. The programming set it so the

previous transport will be destroyed, since the trigger is set to remove

the goliath AND transport and create a NEW transport and tank. So if you

rush it and stick your tank into the transport immediately, you are likely

to end up with a NEW empty transport and be very, very unhappy.

-NY Medic

Base Unit: Medic

HP: 150

Armor: 5

Damage: n/a

Cost: Comes with Final Upgrade (Stukov)

Notes: Comes with the final upgrade for the police. She is pretty tough

(tougher than a tank!) and will heal civilians as well.

-Detective (Magellan)

Base Unit: Science Vessel

HP: 150

Armor: 5

Damage: n/a

Cost: n/a

Notes: A good indicator of enemy progress, they are automatically given

when the enemy upgrades to Dark Templars. They are very useful, even cheap

depending on the Irradiate spell cost.

Unit Strategy


The Police generally have an easier time on the non-Special edition maps

(see map analysis.) Their units are stronger and cheaper than their robber

counterparts, and can usually take on their equivalent units 1 on 1. For

the sake of convenience, I will refer to the units interchangeably by their

game name and default name.

The Basic policeman will be your starting unit and re-spawn unit. Since

they re-spawn immediately, unlike the robbers, the cops have a certain

recovery element. The policeman can take on units as far as the crack

headed thief. Keep in mind that you can kill the zealot in two long ranged

hits, where as you may need up to three hits for the second upgrade. As

such you should always click on your target and check which upgrade they

are one. This is especially important if you decide to stim your unit,

since it leaves them with only 5 hp. Most confrontations involve the

marine shooting at the absconding zealot, or a rushing Fenix of which can

kill the marine if close enough.

The riot cop, Raynor, is a souped up marine. They can take on Fenixes

with little problem, but face some trouble when against dragoon. The high

damage of the dragoons can kill you in a single hit, so you will need to

take either higher ground or attack a wounded one.

The firebat is basically the starting unit attacker. His high HP can

withstand attacks from even the Dragoon, rushing in stimmed to attack.

He can stim up quite a few times, making him ideal for killing zealots,

Fenixes, and dragoons. Against other units however the firebat is limited

in use.

The sharpshooter, Kerrigan, is the first of the strong units. Her high

damage and lockdown ability can kill even mid-game units. She decimates

dragoons with her lockdown and range, and can blow away reavers and shuttles

as well. She can take on templars if she dodges the Psi-storms, but still

needs a shot or two to kill each other.

The Goliath/Transport Combo can cover the entire map. The goliath can

kill most units up to the reaver with a single hit, and possess anti-air

capabilities to knock down the shuttles. Most people use this combo.

The Tank/transport combo is potentially the strongest combination (other

than Stukov/transport) in the map. The ability for cheapness can be

incredible; a player, knowing how, can dominate the ENTIRE map within 5

minutes, pinning down the enemy and essentially winning the game. This

is the bread and butter behind the police force, but not many people know

how to do so. More on this later.

After the tank, you lose the transport and get a single ghost unit, the

Zerg Duran. He has auto-heal ability, as well as cloak (as I recall) so

he can very well take on any robber unit, minus the last upgrade. The

main problem with him is his speed. He really does take his time in reaching

his target, and the opponent would have disappeared by then. Nonetheless

for even a slightly experienced player he can keep the payroll going.

The final upgrade, Stukov, is perhaps the only unit that can stand toe

to toe with Infested Kerrigan, the final robber upgrade. He comes with

a medic, which is already tougher than A LOT of units, and he deals monstrous

damage from a far range. He costs quite a bit, and is as slow as Duran,

but he is strong enough to not have to worry about units getting away.

The Attack dog, the crack-ling, ca n rip apart even dragoons if lucky enough.

Despite the low stats, it can catch up to any unit and attack at an insane

speed. Couple that with burrowing and ability to upgrade (0n some maps)

to a policeman and you get quite a good unit. However they get butchered

by the templars, which can kill them with a single hit or storm them en


The transport probably is the most useful unit; for both sides. New

players first getting this unit, or even experienced players will lose

their tank or goliath when loading up their unit onto the OLD transport.

An oversight in the trigger programming causes the transport that came

WITH the unit being upgraded to be removed in a slight delay. What this

means is that people will often confuse the old transport with the new

transport, causing them to load up their tank or goliath into the transport

that will be removed. Despite it's faults, it is a sturdy unit, and takes

quite a lot to kill it. It is somewhat fast and can cover the map in a

second or so, but is lost when you upgrade past tank.

The detective comes when the enemy gets Dark Templars. It is an extremely

useful unit, since it remains even after the D'Ts die. The defensive

matrix is often low cost, and paired with units above tank, you can rule

the map. Depending if it has irradiate (below 200 energy) it can be

extremely cheap, irradiating even Infested Kerrigan and killing her in

a matter of seconds. Keep in mind that the Science vessel is what gives

Terrans the edge over Protoss, and given that the enemy is almost all

Protoss or Organic...



With cops, it is a harder, more tactical game. Depending on the opponents

skill it can be a very tactical game, guess and relying on teamwork, similar

to Counter-Strike. Many people who play are strangers, and as such do

not co-operate as much. The cops, if used properly, can be very hard to

beat, especially at a full house. They can either play a cowboy style,

rounding up and surrounding the enemies, or a seek and destroy style, which

is the more common method, combining both air and land superiority. Think

of them as more of a cat chasing after a rat.

Although you are stronger, it doesn't mean you should go off like Judge

Dread or the Terminator. A dragoon can whack your riot cop in a single

hit before you even get in range, and a skilled templar can slaughter even

an entire Sharpshooter team in a single swoop.

The main idea behind the cop team is to pressure the robbers. It doesn't

mean you should camp in front of their base (they can easily kill you without

worry) but you should make them "look twice." It is much harder for you

to find money to upgrade, so don't push it either. Always keep some money

in reserve just in case. It's pointless rushing templars with a marine.

To Sum it up;


-Strong and Cheap Units

-Immediate Re-spawn

-Can Dominate and Literally rule the map.


-Harder to play as.



The Robbers are Protoss Dominated Units. Their objective is to kill

civilians, which gives them a monetary reward to upgrade, making their

job easier. Most people prefer playing as Robbers due to being able to

play as the "bad guys" or find it easier.

Here is a general Breakdown of the units, from Starting Unit:

(note: the specifics and statistics can vary A LOT, but I think all versions

give units all special abilities and non-armor/weapon upgrades)

-Petty Mugger

Base Unit: Zealot

HP: 8/2 (shields)

Armor: 1

Damage: 6 (2 Bonus)

Cost: Starting Unit

Notes: Basic Re-spawn Unit cannot take on any unit other than civilian.

-Crackheaded Thief (Fenix)

Base Unit: Zealot

HP: 15/8

Armor: 1

Damage: 12 (2 Bonus)

Cost: 200

Notes: Stronger Zealot and faster. Can kill civilians in three hits, he

can confront a marine if fast or lucky enough. Probably a wounded or

post-stimmed Raynor in a sneak attack.

-Drive-by Thief (Fenix)

Base Unit: Dragoon

HP: 15/8

Armor: 1

Damage: 30 (2 Bonus)

Cost: 600

Notes: First Ranged unit, it can knock out Raynor in a single hit. It

also give slightly above pitiful damage against SCVs.

-Serial Killer (Tassadar)

Base Unit: High Templar

HP: 40/32

Armor: 2

Damage: 30 (1 Bonus)

Cost: 1200

Notes: A high templar with a ranged attack, comes with all spells researched.

Incredibly powerful, it can win the game if used properly. The Psi-Storm

is horribly unbalanced with its low costs and can slaughter anything

regardless of armor (more later.)

-Grenade Launcher (War Bringer)

Base Unit: Reaver

HP: 60/60

Armor: 5

Damage: 60* (scarab damage)

Cost: 1600

Notes: Comes with a shuttle, it is slow but has splash damage. It can

be nailed by lockdown.

-Terrorist (Tassadar/Zeratul Archon)

Base Unit: Archon

HP: 100/100

Armor: 10

Damage: 45

Cost: 2000

Notes: Think archon without it's low HP weakness. It deal splash damage

and can take several shots from the police Kerrigan.

-The Boss (Zeratul)

Base Unit: Dark Templar

HP: 45/25

Armor: 0

Damage: 50 (1 Bonus)

Cost: 3000

Notes: Comes with 2 Boss's Bodyguards (normal Dark Templars.) Low HP but

can kill police units in a swipe or two. Slaughters civilians easily,

but it gives Police a strong unit; the science vessel. Be careful about

upgrading to this or past this.

-Bosses Bodyguards

Base Unit: Dark Templar

HP: 10/20

Armor: 0

Damage: 20 (3 Bonus)

Cost: Included with Boss

Notes: Comes with The Boss, they can combine to form the Dark Archon.

Slightly weaker than Zeratul, but properly used they can be very powerful.

-Psychedelic Pothead

Base Unit: Dark Archon

HP: 10/100

Armor: 10

Damage: n/a

Cost: n/a

Notes: Formed when two Dark Templars combine. Comes with all spells

equipped, but prone to EMP from vessel.

-Walking Death/PMS Killer (Infested Sarah Kerrigan)

Base Unit: Infested Kerrigan

HP: 250

Armor: 10

Damage: 200 (!) (1 Bonus)

Cost: 4000

Notes: Comes with suicide bomber and ATA Missile. The final upgrade for

Robbers, and has all spells researched. Does insane damage and can kill

any unit in a single hit (almost.) Upgrading her will give an extra zealot

to upgrade as well.

Misc. Units:

-Hired Hitman (Samir Duran)

Base Unit: Ghost

HP: 20

Armor: 60

Damage: 40

Cost: 15,000/20,000

Notes: Purchased similar to police zerglings. Comes with spells

Researched. Kills civilians easily and able to withstand most basic

police attacks.

*Note: His race is changed from game to game, so he maybe Zerg based in


-Hijacked Helicopter

Base Unit: Shuttle

HP: 20

Armor: 60

Damage: n/a

Cost: Comes with Grenade Launcher (Reaver)

Notes: Comes with Reaver. Can transport units, but is destroyed if Reaver

is upgraded.

-Suicide Bomber

Base Unit: Infested Terran

HP: 2500 or 9999 (!)

Armor: 255 (!)

Damage: 100 (255 in others)

Cost: n/a

Notes: Comes with Infested Kerrigan. Can Burrow and heal. Cheap unit,

spelling out instant death to ANY unit.

-ATA Missile

Base Unit: Scourge

HP: 2500 or 9999

Armor: 255

Damage: 100 (255 in others)

Costs: n/a

Notes: Comes with Infested Kerrigan. Flying death.

Unit Strategy


The Zealot is the basic starting unit. They take five hits to kill a

civilian, and die easily against the police. They suffer from a time lag

when they die, in which they are isolated for a game minute, unable to

kill or do really anything. They are no match for ANY police unit.

The upgraded version, Fenix, is the equivalent of Raynor, a souped up verson

of the basic unit. It kills civilians in three hits, and is somewhat faster

and stronger. They are slightly disadvantaged against the basic marine,

but can win if the other player slips up or two robbers work together.

Keep in mind they are both MELEE units, having to rush up close to deal


The Dragoon is the third upgrade. Like the firebat, it is useful for a

short duration. They are the first ranged units for the robbers, but can

kill civilians rather quickly. However they tend to get butchered when

the cops upgrade to Kerrigan.

The templar can be the strongest unit for the robbers. The low cost

Psi-storm can force a blanket of damage surrounding either cops or a group

of civilians. Their high damage normal attack does high damage andcan

kill many units in a hit, with a relatively high rate of fire. A group

of templars working together can be near invincible, using hallucination

and psi-storm to confuse the cops. Another note to remember is that

Psi-storm negates armor, and does damage as a set percentage of HP.

The grenade launcher is the only unit that has a flying transport. It

is the equivalent of the police tank, but not as cheap. It still has

incredible range and does high damage, but you need to keep an eye out

and make new scarabs. It is the slowest unit in the entire game, so keep

a shuttle near to escort it out.

The archon is a popular unit. It is both strong and somewhat fast, able

to hit air and land. They aren't as vulnerable to EMP as their real-game

counter part due to high HP. They do splash damage so they can easily

wipe out a horde of zerglings.

Players should be careful when upgrading to the Dark Templars. Although

you get three for the price of one, the police get the powerful science

vessels. Their irradiate and defensive matrix can really give the robbers

a headache, since the only a few units can aim for air. Their EMP can

knock shields and energy off, leaving some units helpless.

The final upgrade, Infested Kerrigan, is near invincible. Her only

setback is her range and rate of fire, having to go up close. However

she can kill any land unit (other than suicide bomber) in a single hit.

Her large assortment of spells, including cloak, can make her incredibly

difficult to kill. She comes with two other units that are basically

instant kill units, so use them wisely.

Despite its low HP, the hit-man possess high armor, allowing it to take

quite a bit of damage. Regardless of which race they are designated as,

they are a nightmare to kill, requiring the penultimate or last cop upgrade

to kill. It is possible to take them out with a siege tank however. Their

lockdown ability can keep the police at bay, or their cloaking ability

can make the cops avoid you. Basically once you get one or two of these

units around the map you have won the game.

The infested terran is basically instant death. There is no way to defend

against it other than let it walk into the anti-camp trigger. It is

impervious to damage or spells, and can take down even a defensive matrixed

unit. Similarly the ATA missile can destroy any air unit, but some

versions have weakened the scourge significantly.



Firstly, don't be stupid. Don't try to be Rambo or a ninja either, or

you will most likely get burned. It is extremely rare that a robber will

seek to attack cops, mostly in defense, precaution or to kill campers.

The cops dominate early and late game, so it is best to take caution.

Eventually you will need to move up into the fog of war covered regions,

in which the cops have full visibility. It is always best to have a fast

unit to get away when they come.

Another important consideration is that not every kill you make will give

you money. It is a common misconception that certain units or SCVs at

a certain location will be a special civilian spawning more money than

usual. Instead, money is given according to the number of kills you make,

approximately every Two kills. The armored SCVs give off more money, but

are harder to kill. It is generally more efficient to upgrade then kill

SCVs with a stronger unit.

Teamwork is generally less important when playing as robbers. In fact

it is quite the contrary. The initial start game is quiet essential to

the robbers, rushing to upgrade before the cops gain the upper edge. If

you get killed, your opponents gain quite an edge over you. This does

not mean that you should be fully competitive and trap the others to be

killed. Doing so will benefit the police, as they gain a reward as well

as dissension within the robber players.

To Sum it up;


-Easier to play as

-Easier to find money


-Disadvantage if killed; jail

-Weaker units

-Costlier Upgrades

Side by side Comparison


Each side has an equivalent unit, sorted by;

Cops: Robbers (* Denotes Advantage)

Policeman (Marine)*: Petty Mugger (Zealot)

Riot Cop (Raynor)* : Crackheaded Thief (Fenix)

Fire Marshall (Montag) : Drive-by Thief (Dragoon Fenix)*

Sharpshooter (Kerrigan) : Serial Killer (Tassadar)*-near even

Robocop MKII (Schezar) : Grenade Launcher (Reaver)*

Riot Tank (Seige Tank)* : Terrorist (Archon)

FBI Agent (Duran) : Boss and guards (Dark Templars) (note 1)

SWAT Sniper (Stukov) : PMS Killer (Inf. Kerrigan)*-near even

Note 1- If cops have Science vessel, Duran has advantage. Opposite



IV. Map Strategy


coming soon...


V. The Cheap Nasty Stuff


DISCLAIMER: I did not invent these tactics. Credit these to Asstronauts,

but it is likely he/she is using a new account already. Doing these may

take some practice, but are relatively easy to pull off. Keep in mind

that although they are in game easter eggs, they are virtually being

exploited. Using these can literally make you the dictate the game,

stopping the flow until you decide to stop. Should you choose to take

these tactics into full, think about how you would feel if you were on

the receiving end. You can literally ruin the game and make the other

opponents _VERY_ Angry.

The end result is basically the same. The cops have the nastiest trick

which basically warranted the disclaimer, and depending on the map, can

be moderately difficult or ridiculously easy, being able to be performed

within the first 5 minutes of the game. The starting point varies

according to map:



Cops 'n' Robbers


This is probably the most popular version. To determine this, click on

the tank near your stating point. If you have one, then it's the correct


- First Walk into the teleporting beacon

- Walk in the north east direction towards the civilian Reaver.

- Go onto the higher ground and attack the reaver. Keep on look out for

any approaching robbers.

- Once you kill it, walk into the enemy base; it should kill you

- You should have enough money for the upgrade and voila, you didn't have

to walk back

- Upgrade to riot cop and walk near the tank.

- Turn of ally with Tank and let your cop kill the tank for a while.

- Go for a break; make some tea or something

- When you have about 5000 or so credits, upgrade to Seige Tank.

- Be sure to re-ally the civilians.

- Fly your siege tank towards the north tip of robber's base, near the


- Unload your siege tank RIGHT NEXT to the gateway and siege it.

- You have now pinned down the robbers; they can't upgrade nor re spawn.

- If you want to be nasty, use the remaining money to buy some Zerglings.

- Use one or two zerglings to continually attack the tank for constant


- By now they should be complaining

- If you want to be Nasty, train 5 or 6 zerglings and de-ally your teammates.

Notice how you get income.

- Train some more zerglings to hunt for the opposition. They should be

dragoons at max, since they cannot upgrade anymore.

- Fly and unload some zerglings RIGHT into the jail. The zealots are

no match for your zerglings.

- Voila, you have pinned down the ENITRE game.

Cops 'n' Robbers Gold


Basically this version is similar to the original, but it is severely rigged.

This version gives you two starting marines.

- Move a marine to where the tank should be; slight below the kennels

- You should be automatically getting A LOT of income.

- Move your marine north to train zerglings;

- You should get 5 for the price of 1!

- Burrow a single zergling into the magic money spot.

- Train some more zerglings and upgrade them if you wish.

- Follow the original from this point.

Cops 'n' Robbers SE versions


These versions usually favor the robbers more. The police tank is

inefficient to kill. Warning: these versions are known to be HORRIBLY

rigged for the first robber slot, where the host usually is. Demand them

switch slots with someone. If not, leave. It's asking for frustration

and anger.

- You will need to kill the old fashioned way up to Seige tank.

- Unload your tank on the platform behind the Reaver.

- Siege it and blow up the Reaver.

- The Tank cannot camp inside robbers base so you might need to do it

the correct way.



Cops 'n' Robbers


This map is more difficult for Robbers, and I rarely play as them on this

map. Try to prevent them from upgrading too much and pray the didn't read

this FAQ or learned the tricks elsewhere.

Cops 'n' Robbers SE versions


This version can be the most fair or unfair version there is. The robbers

may hold the advantage here however.

- Upgrade to Dragoon.

- Move your dragoon next to the gateway.

- It should automatically blast civilians behind the walls.

- If the robbers were careful, you should be enough to be a templar.

- Store up about 100 energy or spend 100 to heal.

- Psi-storm the Reaver (garbage truck)

- You need to do this twice; wait till the first one stops.

- Hire a hit-man.

- Unleash Hell.

- You can pin the cops down, but it is much harder and easier to mess

up from the anti-camp trigger.

- Upgrade to Reaver. Use your imagination.

- Alternatively place your hit-man on the ledge south of police base.


VI. Miscellany


This section covers the miscellaneous stuff.

-Innocent Victim

Base Unit: Civilian

HP: 30

Armor: 0

-Armored Civilian

Base Unit: SCV

HP: 100

Armor: 10

Suggestions or Contributions? Send to


VII. Notes and Credits


-Jeff "CJayC" Veasey and for (hopefully) Posting this FAQ.

-Blizzard for creating this game. Starcraft, Starcraft Brood Wars is

copyright of Blizzard Entertainment 1999. Don't sue me; I ain't getting

any money on this.

-N.H; It's no novel so I can't dedicate this to you, and chances are you

wouldn't be happy if I mentioned you anyways. But it's not like you're

gonna read this.

This document Copyright 2002 by Kenny "Kenshi" Tam, and may not be

duplicated or reproduced (in part or in full) for profit without the

explicit permission of the author. Chances are it will be rare if anyone

would want to use this crappy FAQ.

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