Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold: Crusader - Cheatcodes (English)

When you are at the main menu, press [shift]+[alt]+[a] to enable cheat mode. Now at any time during gameplay, press any of the following:

[alt]+[c] : all missions

[alt]+[k] : no resources required to build anything

[alt]+[x] : 100 popularity and an extra 100 gold

Extra Peasants:

Use the following trick to get a lot of extra Peasants (more than the campfire limit of 24) for buying whatever kind of forces you need from the Mercenary Post or Barracks. For example, put your Quarries (3 Peasants each) and Oxen to sleep. There will be that many more in your available amount when buying Swordsman or something else. Then just turn them back on when you are done and they will go back to work. This works if you do not want to wait until your Peasants fill up your campfire again, or you just need them immediately.

Conversation keys:

The following is a list of things that will be said to an enemy after the corresponding key is pressed. Note: The spelling is the same way as it appears when done in the game.

Key Comment

[F1] Oaf

[F2] Varlet

[F3] Fool

[F4] Knave

[F5] Peasant

[F6] Help Help

[F7] I win you loose

[F8] Ill string you up

[F9] You Damn Fool

[F10] Mwahaha (Snort) haha

[Ctrl] + [F1] Jack o napes!

[Ctrl] + [F2] Buffoon

[Ctrl] + [F3] Straw Pole

[Ctrl] + [F4] Slubberdagollian

[Ctrl] + [F5] Dastard

[Ctrl] + [F6] Dolt

[Ctrl] + [F7] Lollard

[Ctrl] + [F8] Dotard

[Ctrl] + [F9] Weasel turd

[Ctrl] + [F10] Popinjay
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this code doesn't work shitf + alt + a please help me
this code doesn't work shitf + alt + a please help me
Cheat codes do NOT exist in Crusaders. "shift+Alt+A..." was for StrongHold only. They have been desabled in Crusader. Instead, use a "trainer" that will do even more that the "old" cheat codes. The best is "JopieK's CrusaderTrainer++ 1.0.exe" s trainer than you can find at (look up for "PC FIXES", "Stronghold : Crusader"
this code doesn't work shitf + alt + a please help me



cheats shift+alt+a ella work pandra.what should i do