Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold: Crusader - Trainer (English)

Описание и инструкции

The trainer enabled you to add at the relevant key press the following resources:

A Ale

B Bread

E Bows

C Crossbows

J Cheese

F Flour

K Fruit

G Gold

H Hops

I Iron

L Leather Armor

M Maces

N Meat

O Metal Armor

P Pitch

Q Pikes

S Stone

R Spears

T Swords

W Wood

U Wheat

The trainer allows you to select the ammount of resources that will be added at keypress.

B.t.w. the ammount of gold is multiplied bij 50 (so if you selected 10, 500 pieces of gold will be added if you press "G").

Since every given keypress is "eaten" by the trainer that might be annoying now and then.

You can always press "Ctrl+F12" to disable/enable all other trainer keys.

Need WinRAR 3.x to extract

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