The Thing: Trainer (English)

Описание и инструкции

A new breed of trainers has just emerged, this one being the first of them. The big difference from regular trainers is that this is an in-game trainer. You can start it before or after you start the game, from the game dir or from any other dir and you can bring up it's menu during the game by hitting F12. This menu will appear only in the game and will show you the available options. If you just want to see the options, double click the tray icon, if you want to unload the trainer, right click the tray icon and choose quit.

Options available for this game:

- Unlimited Ammo

- Unlimited Health

Note that unlimited health DOES NOT affect the monsters unlike some other trainers do that we have seen recently!
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Give me the trainer for game "The thing" please people
posmotrim shto za shtuka :)
это говно а не трейнер он с вирусами
трейнер работает или нет?????
не работает нихерна ваш трейлер!