Torchligh: Трейнер (+33) [1.1, 1.12]

Описание и инструкции

| No hotkeys for this release, sorry. You will need to ALT+TAB after the main menu to alter the properties.
| All Items Free / Gain More Gold
| - This will allow you to buy ANYTHING without losing any gold. Also as a bonus, when you sell an item you will get more than displayed.
| Infinite Item Usage
| - This lets you use all stackable items without losing any after use. In other words, infinite items (stackable only).
| Max Items On Pickup
| - This will max out any item when picked up, works for all items. You can also go into inventory and move an item for the same effect.
| No Skill Cooldown
| - This allows you to use any skill repeatedly without waiting for the cooldown timer.
| Instant Fish Catch
| - This will keep the circle during fishing in the middle, allowing you to quickly catch fish.
| Never Cheater Status
| - This enables you to use any console command without being branded a cheater. You can also use the shared stash after spawning items.
| All other options (level, hp, mp, exp, etc.) for player and pet can be modified to your liking.
| Pet properties can only be edited after the main menu. Names are read-only and can't be modified.
| You can use the checkboxes next to HP and MP to get infinite.
| Tier is the fame level.
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Gigablaster 4game2file
Убейся об стенку фейкер
для читеров есть легкий уровень сложности, никаких читов и ненадо, итак как прогулка=)
Бейтесь голобой об стену читеры