UFO: Aftermath

UFO: Aftermath - Cheatcodes (English)

To enable UFO: Aftermath cheats find "config.cfg" file in the game install directory, open it with Notepad and add the following line:

KEY "cheats" BOOL TRUE

Note: In order to generate the config.cfg file, you must run, and *save* settings with the configuration tool. If not, this file won't exist.

Save the changes, start the game and enter the following UFO: Aftermath cheats in the console window (press [Shift]+[~] to bring it up):

godmode - will stop teh squad dying by the looks of it but they will still ned sickbay to heal for a while when back at base it seems

quickvictory - will instanly make you win the mission how ever dont try it on missions like Area51 as you wont get any items or object back which are needed for research similarly on a shot down UFO , u get no UFO hull so no research for UFO access.

quicklose - similar to quickvictory but u lose the mission

destroyobj - destroys objects under the cursor, like cars and other objects with red center circle and four arrow heads

visibility - shows the current visible area by your squad LOS

hitpoints - how much health out of 100% can see enemy health too. good when used with godmode so u can heal at the end with medic to try and reduce the number of people needing rest in the base at the end of it

allplans - shows the path on enemies like your squat paths , enemies are grey

enemies - shows all enemies in area

heights - shows terrain level/height flat or sloping

ids - shows squad position number 1-7 (ids 0-6 ) works on enemies too. think max of 7 for squad size ?

unitsashidden - units become see through like ghosts

quickabsolutevictory - win mission with items recovered

canparalyse - removes all paralysing effects on squad

cancontrol - removes all mind control effects on squad

flare - puts flare or light source around squad members ( need to check )

scenemode - cycles textures etc can get wireframe and no textures

codes with unknown results







On global strategic view from space

HIREUNIT<- adds a new member to your squad

ALLITEMS<- now have all weapons

FINISHRD<- complete current research