Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos

Warcraft 3 FAQ/Walkthrough (English)


Table of Contents


I. Introduction

II. Basics

III. Races

IV. Unit Overview

V. Buildings

VI. Walkthrough

VII. Miscellany

VIII. Notes and Credits


I. Introduction


The much awaited Warcraft 3 is finally out, and to many, the wait was well

worth it. Boasting totally rendered 3d graphics, new game system, as well

as having a 4 playable races makes this game a huge leap in terms of RTS

games are concerned.

One unique feature is that the game feels similar to an RPG, with many aspects

of Diablo 2 mixed in. Campaign mode is closest to an RPG in itself, where

you control a hero in their quests. Taking the control of each race in order

of story, the player gets to experience how to play as all four races as

well as learn the full story of Warcraft 3

Of course the most famous and most played part will be the multiplayer function.

Players can connect online to Battle.net and play other players from across

the globe, or just play friends online.


II. Basics


This section will cover the general and basic fundamentals of the game. Most

of it will be transliterated from the manual, although there will be some

additional information added as wel.

I. Starting Off:


Upon loading up Warcraft 3, you will be greeted by the main menu: there you

can select Six of the following options:

Single Player Game: in this mode you play the campaign mode. Here, you start

off with the Orc prologue and the Human campaigns. Finishing them will grant

access to the next campaigns, eventually leading to the conclusion to the

Warcraft 3 storyline.

Battle.net: Selecting this feature will allow you to connect to the Blizzard

Battle.net service, a massive and free online gaming service that allows

you to chat with other players as well as create and join multiplayer games.

You will need to create and account as well as have a valid CD key to use

this service. Clicking on the magnifying glass next to the button will allow

you to select which gateway you want to join; choose the one closest to you

for the best performance. However, you can only see and interact with players

on that server.

Local Area Network (LAN) Game: Using this feature will allow you to connect

with local computers via a LAN network. To use this, the computers must be

physically connected with the appropriate cables.

Options Menu: This allows you to configure the video, sound and general game

settings for Warcraft 3.

Credits: Click on this to see a list of credits on the people who have worked

on this game.

Quit: This will allow you to exit Warcraft 3 and return to your operating


Single Player Mode:


This section will cover the basic features and menu selections of single

player mode. A full walkthrough is included later on in this guide.

The first time you start off, you will be asked to enter a name for your

profile. This similar feature was also in Starcraft. Simply type in a name

then click on "OK." To change this, click on the magnifying glass next to

your name to change or create a new profile. Each profile will be used to

recall your progress in Campaign mode as well as storing replays under that


Starting a Campaign:


Selecting this option will allow you to play the single player campaigns.

You start off with the Orc Prologue and Human tutorial. Completing each one

will grant access to the next one; thus, you must play the campaigns in order.

Orc Prologue (tutorial; optional)

Human Campaigns

Undead Campaigns

Orc Horde Campaigns

Night Elf Sentinel Campaigns

You can however replay previous quests that you have completed. Unlike the

previous game, the mission briefing screen is now gone. Instead, each mission

flows to another with a cut scene revealing part of the story and the objectives

of that scenario. Therefore, each scenario will have a series of Objectives

to complete; if you fail to complete them, the mission will end in defeat.

There are also optional quests that can be initiated during the scenario.

As the name suggests, they are purely optional and have little bearing on

the game itself. However, they often give rewards that could make the game

easier and your heroes more powerful. The optional quests can usually be

found by approaching a villager with an Exclamation mark above their head

with your hero. At other times, they will be revealed with the story. Either

way they are listed in this guide. If I missed out on any however, feel free

to email me about it and I will happily and gratefully credit you with it

in full.

Loading a Saved Game:


This function will allow you to load up saved games during your campaigns.

As such, you can continue your quests later on, or allowing you to replay

a mission without having to start from the beginning.

Viewing a Replay:


This allows you to view your completed missions. Similar to Starcraft

(patched versions) you can see the progress of the game as well as that of

the opponent. This is a great feature for reviewing your strategy as well

as future planning.

When viewing the Replays, you have four options available; Pause, Play, Fast

Forward, and Rewind. Furthermore you can also select the speed of your replay,

so you can skip to a certain section of the game without having to wait the

full time for it.

You can transfer your replay files, so you can trade them with other players.

This can also be useful in distributing champion or particularly skilled

player's games, or to catch cheaters as well.

Playing a Custom Game:


Selecting this feature will allow you to play singe player game on a custom

map of your choice.

Selecting a map:

To select a map to play on, navigate the main window. Maps will be assorted

into different folders.

Choosing team Configurations: This will allow you to choose what race, team

color and which allies the player has at the start.

After you have selected what race your want to play as, you can select how

many computer opponents (as the map allows) and what race they are. Further

more, you can select which team they are on.

Advanced Options: This option enables you to set the advanced parameters

of the game, such as random players, map visibility and so forth.



Battle.net is probably one of the more famous online a game service there

is. Spanning and serving virtually every Blizzard game out, it is also an

excellent method to ensure people support the real software as opposed to


Battle.net is an online server of sorts. People can connect to a chat server

and create as well as join games. People using other games can chat with

other Blizzard game players, as well as have their own chat channel. Ladder

tournaments as well as player rankings are also available. Needless to say,

Multiplayer gaming is a major part of Warcraft 3.

New to Warcraft 3 is anonymous matchmaking, in which you get paired up to

a random game that suits your playing record. Another service is a friends

list, so you can keep track of other online friends or enemies that are on


Gateway Selection:


Found in every Blizzard Battle.net game, you can choose which gateway to

enter. Click on the magnifying glass next to the "Battle.net" button in the

main menu. Whilst it is recommended that you select a server closest to your

geographical area for the fastest connection as well as cultural preferences

(such as language) there are also downsides.

Certain servers will have preferences and trends for certain types of maps

and playing style. If you prefer custom maps for example, and the server

you are playing on has none, try connecting to another.

Waiting Room:


Upon connecting and logging into Battle.net you will be automatically

transported to this screen.

There are six options to choose from:

Play game: This is the most basic mode, where you go off and face off against

other people. Simply select which game interests you and join it.

Team game: You can several other players form a team against another team

on a map. Simple enough.

Custom Game: Select this option to create a game. You can select which map

to play, and how many players can join, as well as if there are any computer

opponents. As such other players can join your custom game unless you

password lock it.

Friends list:

Local Area Network Game:


This utilizes a LAN connection. To use this, the computers must have a TCP/IP

compatible network. Similar to Battle.net, you can create or join games using

"Custom game."

This is utilized most often in LAN cafes, where the computers are physically

next to each other and thus able to use this function.

Options Menu:


This section is used to customized and configure Warcraft 3. You can also

access this mid-game with the F-10 button. There are three options to choose


Gameplay Options:


This will configure how the game plays as well as interfacial aspects.

Game Speed: this controls how fast the game runs. This includes building

and research times, as well as how fast units move and animate. However,

this is only configurable in single player mode. In multiplayer games the

speed is set when configuring the game.

Mouse Scroll: this controls how fast the mouse will scroll the game when

near the edge of the screen.

Disable Mouse Scroll: this will disable your mouse scrolling. Instead, only

the keyboard arrow keys can scroll.

Enhanced Tooltips: This will allow a box to pop up providing additional

information when you hold the mouse cursor over an icon or unit.

Video Options:


Gamma: This sets the gamma settings. The further to the right, the higher

the gamma and brighter the screen becomes.

Resolution: this will change the resolution and color depth of the game.

The higher the resolution, the clearer and sharper the graphics become, at

the expense of rendering power. As such this will slow down the game. To

increase game speed, try changing to a lower resolution. This can only be

changed from the main menu, and cannot be accessed in the middle of a game.

Model Detail: This changes the number of polygons used per unit, making it

look smoother. The higher the detail, the more rendering resources it uses

and slower the game becomes. This can only be accessed from the Main menu.

Animation Quality: this dictates how smooth the animation will be in game.

As with the other graphic functions, the higher the quality, the more slower

the game may become. This can only be accessed from the main menu. Systems

with 128.0 MB of RAM are recommended to use the 'Low' setting.

Texture Quality: this changes the quality of textures in game. As such the

lower the quality, the less detail it has. This can only be accessible via

the main menu.

Particles: this function modifies the "extra" graphics, such as spells,

footprints, etc. Technically, it adjusts the particles drawn per emitter.

The 'LOW' setting will display approximately 1/3 of all particles, where

as 'High' will display all particles. Try changing this setting if you

experience slowdown when there are a lot of units or during a large battle.

Lights: This controls the number of rendered Lights per object: Low uses

One light, Medium uses four, high uses eight. Essentially, if you have an

older graphics card, change to 'Low' setting.

Sound Options:


Sound Effects Volume: this changes the volume of sound effects in game. The

sound effects can be turned off completely by toggling the box next to the

scroll bar or pressing Ctrl+S. Sound effects to add some slowdown, but it

is minimal.

Music Volume: This controls the volume of music in game, run off the CD.

You can turn this off by either by using the menu or pressing Ctrl+M.

Ambient Sounds: This enables ambient sound for the game. This has a small

bearing in game performance.

Movement Sounds: this option will enable or disable sounds that units make

from moving. Generally footsteps and so forth.

Subtitles: This will enable or disable subtitles during dialogue or Full

motion videos.

Unit Sounds: This will enable or disable the sounds that units make when

they are selected.

Sound Provider: this will allow you to select which sound system to use from

your system.

Environmental Effects: This will enable or disable the effects such as

reverberation or echoes. As such it can have a bearing on game performance.

Positional Audio: this will enable the usage of 3D sounds. This will have

an effect on game performance.

II. In Game Interface


This section will cover the logistics of game control as well as navigating

the game itself. Most of the game will be controlled via the mouse, but

advanced players will also learn to use the keyboard for maximum efficiency.

Using the Mouse:


The mouse is probably the main tool used in the game. It is impossible to

play the game without a mouse, obviously.

Left Click: The left click is mainly used for selecting objects. Units,

buildings, spells and so forth will be selected by left click. You can also

select multiple units by dragging the mouse and forming the rectangle over

the desired units. Shift+left click will allow you to add units into the


Right click: this is the jack-of-all-trades command. Warcraft and Starcraft

players should know how this works off by heart. The right click is basically

an "Auto-command" of sorts, where it will follow the most relevant command.

For example, right clicking on an enemy will cause the unit to attack the

enemy. Right clicking on a damaged building will cause the unit (if possible)

to repair the building. Right clicking on resources will cause the relevant

units to start gathering materials. Units will also load transports by right

clicking the transport when you have the units you want selected. Note that

they transport will move on right click, but not unload. Highlighting a

building and right clicking also works. Buildings that produce units will

send all newly created unit to the new right clicked 'rally' point.

Shift+Right click also works, where if you hold down shift and right click

on different targets, the unit will follow them in order.

Selecting Multiple Units: Hold down the left mouse button and drag the

rectangle around the units you wish to select. You can add units by holding

the Control or Shift button and clicking on units you want. Double clicking

on a particular unit will select all units of the same type on screen, similar

to Red Alert 2. To remove a unit from the group, repeat the process again.

Group Units: Control+ 0-9. When you have a group selected, you can assign

them a number. When you select that number again the group will be re-selected.

Pressing the number again will center camera on the group of units.

When you group units together, each unit type will be grouped together.

Pressing TAB will cycle thought the different sub-types of units. Shift+tab

will select the previous group. As such, you can group some magic casters

with melee units and select them without having to change the units group.

Furthermore, if you have more than one spellcaster, only one will cast the

spell;l thus, if you wish, each one will take turns casting the spell by

targeting multiple times.

Holding down control will only cause the selected sub-group to attack.

Formations: Groups of unit will move in a formation, where the faster units

will slow down to compensate for the slower units. However, you can by pass

this by holding ALT and clicking on the desired destination.

Camera Control: You can zoom in and out by pressing the Page up an Page down

keys. The Mouse wheel also does this too. Instead of actually zooming, the

camera shifts up and down from a bird's eye view to a ground level view.

Camera Rotation: Use the Insert and Delete keys to rotate the camera around.

Using the Keyboard:


The keyboard can also be used, where they are used as a shortcut function.

A lot of time can be saved by using a combination of the keyboard and mouse.

This technique is the basis for advanced players and strategy. Without

mastery of using both as a combination, it is hard to become proficient at

this game.

Each building and unit has a keyboard command, which will be listed in this

guide. However, there are also more general commands that relate to the game


Menu Commands:

F1-F3: cycles though Heroes available.

F8: Cycles through idle workers.


F10: Shows Game Menu.


Alt - O: Activate the Options menu.

Alt - S: Activates Save Menu.

Alt - L: Activates the Load Menu.

Alt - H: Shows the Help menu.

Alt - M: Toggles music on/off.

Alt- S: Toggles Sound effects on/off.


Escape: Returns to previous game menu.

Game commands:

Alt + Command: bypasses formation.

Ctrl + Command: Sends command to selected subgroup only.

Enter: Opens Message prompt.

Shift + Enter: Sends message to all player.

Ctrl + Enter: Sends message to only Allies.

Backspace: Cycles though town centers

Spacebar: focus on last game notification

Ctrl +C or Alt+ C: Centers screen on unit with active portrait.

III. Game Concepts:




Like all RTS Games, Warcraft 3 needs the collection of resources to build

units as well as fuel the game economy. Unlike the previous incarnations,

there are only two collectible resources and one buildable.


- - - -

Gold is the primary resource that you will be fighting for. Gold is found

only in the form of a mine, in which different races have different methods

of extraction. Each mine has a different amount of gold in them, which can

be determined by clicking on them. Mines are invulnerable and cannot be

destroyed, although improvements built on them can, such as the Haunted

Goldmine. I had something to type but I forgot what it was, so I'll add it

when I remember. I think it was that gold is the primary resource, in which

virtually all units, buildings, spells etc. will require gold. As such,

without it, the enemy is virtually stuck.


- - - - - -

Lumber is the secondary resource. Unlike gold, it physically perishes and

can be destroyed. What this means is that they exist as an object in game,

as a terrain. When they are chopped down or attacked, the tree will be gone.

Therefore, if you use up lumber, it means that the forest itself has gone.

There is an exception to this rule for the Night elves, but they too can

make tree perish by eating them or destroying them with the siege weapons.

This resource is not used as often, but it is used in mechanical and most

elven units.


- - - -

The other basic, essential resource. This is just as important as gold, since

you need food to support your army. Without it, all the gold is useful for

are buildings and upgrading stuff. Food is built in different forms for all

races, but the basic concept is that you will need to build a structure that

will provide support for your army. The food cap is 90, and some units may

take up more than 1 food unit. Usually, they are the stronger units, so you

limit your army accordingly. More on this later.




The following offers general tips and hints on campaign mode. It follows

the flow that the game uses. As one can predict, it will contain major

spoilers as it details the game's flow and plot lines.

Prologue: Exodus of the Horde


Chapter 1: Chasing Visions


"Somewhere in the Arathi highlands, Thrall, young war Chief of the Orc hordes

wakes from his terrible dream..."

The mission is a tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game. Follow the

lit up beacons and eventually you will come across several grunt. Select

them and follow the path.

You soon come across a lone gnoll. Send all your units in and destroy it.

There is a Gnoll camp further south along the path, so destroy it too.

It soon becomes nighttime, with Thrall levelling up as the day's reward.

The only thing left to do is follow the beacons and eventually reaching a

particular beacon with a raven looming....

The prophet tells Thrall to sail west to Kalimdor, where he and his horde

are the only hope against the Demons that once again have returned.

Chapter 2: Departures:


"3 Days later, near the Lordaeron Coast..."

Mission Objectives:

Mission 1:

1- Build a burrow

2- Build a war mill

3- Build barracks

4- Train 5 grunts

Mission 2:

1-Find Grom

It has been three days, and Thrall becomes impatient. A grunt reports that

Grom and his horde is soon arriving, thus, Thrall must prepare for the arrival

of his older brother. Train some peons and start building. When you finish

the burrow, you should get 3 extra, free peons.

A cutscene will follow, with human alliance forces at a nearby bridge,

demanding their surrender. Thrall is flabbergasted, for the humans reveal

that they also have a war chief; none other than Grom Hellscream in their


Send your forces south to meet the human forces. They should be easy with

the towers nearby helping. Train additional grunts and send your units along

the path. Along the way you will meet a shaman, as well as a tutorial about

sub grouping.

You will then come across a gate, in which it needs to be destroyed. Take

out the near by towers first though, then barge in. Head south and free some

other units. You will have to start paying upkeep for the extra units, so

head north and you will find Grom. Bust in the camp, raze the buildings and

finish the mission.

The rest of the horde arrives, and Grom suggests "borrowing" nearby boats...


[End of Prologue]



Human Campaigns:

The Scourge of Lordaeron:


Chapter 1: The Defence of Strahnbrad:


"Recent Orc uprisings in south Lordaeron has forced the Alliance to take

decisive measure to contain the Orcish threat. King Terenas has sent two

of the realm's greatest Paladins - his son, Prince Arthas, and the legendary

Uther the Lightbringer to deal with the Orcs once and for all.

Mission Objectives:

Defend Strahnbrad

- Travel to Strahnbrad

- Arthas must survive

Kill Slavemaster

- Kill Slavemaster

Optional Quests:

Bandit Lord:

- Slay Menad the Bandit Lord

- Return ledger to Gerard

Save Timmy

- Slay the Gnolls who have kidnapped Timmy

Follow the path to the highlighted area to the north east. You will encounter

some bandits attacking some villagers. Gerard will tell you about his

situation. To help him, travel near the south east edge of the map and slay

the bandit there. In return he will give you a Tome of Strength.

To the direct south of the map, (middle of bottom) you will find a woman

whose son has been kidnapped. Head to the clearing in the forest to the west

and slay the Gnolls to rescue Timmy. She will offer you a ring of Protection

as a reward.

At the direct west of the map, there are two villagers that will take up

arms to help you as footmen. When done, return to the gates of Strahnbrad

and enter.

The town is under attack from Slavemaster. He will be too fast to follow,

so you will have to search for him. Head up to the northwest corner of the

map and slay him. The rest of the villagers will plead to Arthas to save

the rest, in which he vows to do so.

With that, a knight from Uther's battalion summons Arthas to Uther's camp.

Chapter 2: Blackrock n Roll:


"Twenty Minutes later, at Uther's Encampment near the Blackrock clan


Mission Objectives:

Establish a Base:

- Construct a Barracks

- Construct 2 Farms

- Train 6 footmen


- Defeat Blademaster

Optional Quests:

Dragon Hunters:

- Slay Searinox, the Black Dragon.

- Bring Heart of Searinox to Feanor Steeltoe

To start off, Uther will be partolling around. Gather more resources and

upgrade the scout towers to guard towers. Send Arthas to the north east

entrance, as the Orcs will attack there first. The next attack will come

from the right.

Construct what is needed and Blademaster will confront Uther. Uther will

try to attack it but it is revealed to be a mirror image. Send the units

you have north and you will encounter some Dwarves.

Feanor Steeltoe will mention Searinox, the black Dragon. Kill Searinox and

return to him for the optional reward. You will also have some Dwarven

riflemen available.

To the North west, pond there is a group of Murlocks, with a level 2 hero.

To find Searinx, head to the south east and follow the paths, using the riflemen

to kill the Dragon whelps. Searinox will be at Level 8 and is pretty powerful,

so watch out. When you kill him bring his heart back to Steeltoe and imbue

Arthas's weapon with fire damage (does splash damage too.)

Head north when you are done. To the left, there is an encampment. I

destroyed it first, so I suppose you would have to sooner or later, but it

could be optional. To the right, in a small path, is Blademaster, slaying

the captured townsfolk. He is at level 2, but he shouldn't be too much


Uther and Arthas discuss what Blademaster was up to. The arcane structure

and artefacts lead them to believe that the Orcs were trying to summon Demons

with their sacrifices, but Uther disregards them as anachronistic nonsense.

Intermission: Jaina's Meeting:


"Two weeks later, in the violet gardens of Dalaran."

The Prophet is seen pleading to Antonidas, lord of Dalaran. Like all others,

he rejects the prophet and sends him off.

Jaina and Antonidas discuss the plague wreaking havoc in the northlands.

Antonidas mentions that a special envoy will be awaiting Jaina, of whom is

sent to investigate...

Chapter 3: Ravages of the Plague:


"Three days later in Alterac, Artha and his men wait near a crossroad along

Kings road"

Mission Objectives:

Investigate Villages:

- Explore the Countryside.

- Arthas must survive

- Jaina must survive

Grain Warehouse:

- Destroy Grain warehouse.

Arthias and his men are waiting for Jaina, in which Arthas reminds his men

of Jaina's tardiness. Jaina arrives but is followed by Two ogres. Yet, with

a summoned Water Elemental, she defeats them with ease.

Follow the path around until you reach a village close by. You will eventually

reach the site of a bridge, which as been broken from the other side. The

villagers mention another path, but it is dangerous now.

Follow the minimap ping, and slay the bandits harassing the villagers. They

mention a Fountain of life, which is located in the north west. The only

purpose though is to heal faster, so only head there if you need it.

Along the river crossing, you will run across some Murlocks, but they should

pose no problem at all. You will enter a village and spot some footmen

defending against a barrage of arrows. Send in your units to help them.

It appears that the undead have been terrorizing the village. The ground

itself appears rotten. Follow the path and slay the undead warriors that

you come across. You will see a granary that appears to be infected. Jaina

concludes from the crates that the grain is being used as the vector for

the plague.

Continue along the path south. You will run across a priest, who talks about

a grain warehouse nearby. As such they must destroy the grain warehouse

nearby. Follow the path and slay the undead. Arthas's Holy Light against

them for an easy fight.

The heros then spot a robed figure, Kel'Thuzad, who talks about "a plan."

He hastily leave, but send an abdomination as well as undead warriors at

you. Slay them and the warehouse to finish the Mission.

Arthas and Jaina discuss the undead presence. They feel that there is more

to this that it seems...

Chapter 4: Cult of the Damned:


"The next day, on the outskirts of Andorhal."

Mission Objectives:

Investigate Andorhal

- Explore Andorhal

Confront Kel'Thuzad

- Find Kel'Thuzad

Arthas and Jaina spot some Acolytes near a mine. Soon after the mine becomes

warped the heros chase after the Acolytes, of whom they get away.

There is a Goblin merchant at the middle of the map, but Murlocks are guarding

the way. There is another one at the top left corner of the map.

Head northwest along the path. You will come across an Undead town. There

is a necromancer as well as some ghouls, but nothing you cannot handle. Raze

the town and follow the path into another partially ruined human town.

You will run into Kel'Thuzd again, who leaves once again, leaving some ghouls

for you to fight. Fight your way out and knock down the cage. Timmy will

come out, but not do anything. When finished, head north and follow the path

into another clearing.

There are four or five Abominations guarding the entrance. Slay them and

confront Kel'thuzad. Cast holy light and summon the Water Elemental for the

best results. Kill him to finish the Mission.

Chapter 5: March of the Scourge


"Early the next morning, Arthas and Jaina approached the village of


Mission Objectives:

Defend Hearthglen

- Survive for thirty minutes.

Optional Quests:

The Grain Caravan

- Destroy the Grain Caravan before it gets to the last village

At the start of the mission, Arthas and Jaina find some troops training at

the village. Upon inquiring, the townsfolk reveal that they were under attack

the previous night, and are now preparing for an incoming onslaught. Arthas

asks about the grain, but it is too late... the townsfolk have already eaten...

Help out the villagers immediately. You can build sorceresses now, but before

you do, put down some farms and churn out riflemen and footmen. When your

economy is stable enough, build an Arcane Sanctum and build a few sorceresses.

There is little reason to leave the village. There is an optional quest at

about 20 minutes left, but there is little point.

To the bottom left, is the teal undead encampment. The other undead base

is at the direct center. Venimiceblade (level 6 Lich) is at the center of

the map and Calis Wraithson (what kinda name is that? Level 10 Lich) is at

the other encampment.

The general concept is to let the towers distract the enemy, then rush in

fast and kill the attackers. Watch out for the Meat wagons though, since

your towers cannot reach the.

Basically, this is a map based on patience. Towards the end, the enemies

will swarm in, although you do not need to fully defend against it.

Nonetheless, it still means you should prevent them from doing too much


The mission finishes when the time ends.

The villagers are overwhelmed but Uther comes just in time to save them.

Arthas' pride seems to be bruised at this encounter, and resolves to go after

Mal'Ganis on his own, much to the chagrin of the others.

Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet.


"Later that Afternoon, on the road to Stratholme..."

Arthas meets the Prophet, and like all other humans, shuns and ignores the

prophecy. He insists that he will never leave his homeland.

Chapter 6: The Culling


"Early in the Morning, on the outskirts of Stratholme..."

Mission Objectives:

The Culling:

- Destroy Plagued Villager houses

- Kill 100 Zombies

- Stop Mal'ganis from claiming 100 zombies.

Upon arriving, the heroes realize that the town has already been infected,

thus, they must be purged...

However, Uther and Jaina are flabbergasted at the mere thought of this idea.

Yet Arthas stands adamant behind his resolve. Uther refuses once more and

is released from his duties, returning to Lordaeron to report to King Terenas

about Arthas' insanity.

With Arthas, you start at the top right corner of the map. Your aim is to

head to the south west, razing any house you come across and slaying all

the inhabitants. Although this may sound like a simple take Mal'Ganis is

near the south west area of the map, also doing the same task.

Take your peons and immediately start training footmen or riflemen. Take

the two knights and have them follow Arthas in his task. Have the remaining

footmen search and destroy the other houses.

Mal'Ganis has his own escort of units, but he can be killed (level 7 Lich.)

Every time you kill him there will be a counter displaying how long until

he is revived. Usually this is around two and a half minutes.

You could try to destroy the undead base, but that is a waste of time. The

altar is darkness is invulnerable, so you cannot prevent Mal'Ganis from


The map is pretty straight forward and simple. The only difficulty is

focusing at the task at hand.

When you have slain 100 of the villagers, the mission is complete.

Uther and Jaina return, shocked at the massacre at has taken place. To them,

Arthas is no longer sane...

Interlude: Divergent Courses:


"Three days later, amongst the ruins of Stratholme..."

Jaina is approached by the Prophet. She too does not listen to the prophet.

Chapter 7: The Shores of Northrend


"One month later, along the icy coast of Daggercap Bay."

Mission Objetives:

Establish Base Camp:

- Find aGold mine

- Arthas must survive


- Destroy Mal'Ganis'Base.

Optional Quest

Rescue Muradin's Base

- Rescue Dwarves Base

Arthas has finally arrived at Northrend, and is setting up camp. He searches

for a gold mine.

Head to the East, following the path. Along the way you will meet frost wolves.

Towards the middle there will be a Dire Frost wolf (level 7) and Giant Frost

Wolf (level 4.) Killing them yields the 'Scroll of the Beast.' There are

also Ice trolls lurking around.

Following the path east and north will lead to a gold mine. Upon further

inspection though, it seems that the village is under attack by the undead.

There is Muradin Bronzebeard, old friend of Arthas.

Muradin speaks of his comrades trapped, directly to the north. The Undead

encampment is mostly guarded by Crypt fiends and Abominations, with the

occasional Gargoyle. Rescuing the Dwarves will give you some riflemen, steam

tank, and two gyrocopters. Train some more riflemen and gyrocopters (with

gyrobomb) and the occasional steam tanks and head to the west when you are

ready. Calis Wraithson (level 6) will be there. After the base is razed,

the mission is finished.

Much to Arthas' chagrin, Mal'Ganis is nowhere to be found. Arthas orders

a encampment to be built over the old undead base.

Chapter 8: Dissension:


"Early the next morning at Artha' new base camp..."

Mission Objectives:

Burn the Boats

- Destroy the 5 Ships before time runs out.

- Arthas must survive.

- Muradin must survive.

A Goblin Zepplin flies past the base and unloads an envoy from Lordareon.

The Envoy tells the captain that King Terenas has ordered Arthas and his

men back, for their mission is now finished.

The Captain informs Arthas of this, enraging Arthas. As such, he plans to

burn the boats down so stop his men from leaving...

At the start you have little units. Fortunately, there are several mercenary

camps around. One of them is directly to your left, so hire a few trolls.

You will need a ranged attacker to bring down the boats. Head south and

destroy the boat you reach. To the east, there is a Goblin Laboratory and

mercenary camp. Take what you need, then destroy the trees blocking the boat

with either a goblin sapper from the camp or bombard with the Dwarf cannon.

To the south there is an undead encampment, mostly made of Spirit towers

guarded by Crypt Fiends. Use the Mortars to blast the towers, then take care

of the boats. To reach the last boat on the eastern side you have to take

a detour around the southern tip of the base.

There is adequate time, so try not to rush or make any hasty mistakes. Some

units have a tendency to get stuck, so watch for that.

After all 5 boats are destroyed, the stage is over.

Arthas' men arrive, shocked to see their boats destroyed. Arthas turns the

blame onto the hired mercenaries and slays them...

Chapter 9: Frostmourne


"The Next day, at Arthas' base camp."

Mission Objectives:


- Locate Frostmourne

- Arthas must survive

- Muradin must survive


- Destroy Mal'Ganis's base.

Arthas' base is under severe enemy attack. Arthas has no choice other than

to retrieve Frostmourne and unleash its power.

The path is actually linear, so you cannot get lost. Along the way, you will

encounter Frost wolves. There is a mana fountain but I ignored it.

Eventually you will reach the blade, but it is guarded by The Guardian (level

10.) Use Muradin to nail him from afar, whilst Arthas distracts him. When

you win, he warns Arthas of the blade.

Arthas goes and claims the blade, but Muradin discovers that it is indeed

cursed. Yet, Arthas ignores his warning and takes hold of the blade; the

resultant blast in energy kills Muradin, but Arthas hardly seems remorseful.

Arthas then seeks Mal'Ganis. Head to the east and raze the base. It shouldn't

be too much trouble with the Frostmourne. Most of the forces within area

are abominations and the occasional Crypt feinds. You can kill Mal'Ganis

in the process, but the mission won't end until the base is totally razed.

Once that happens, you win.

Arthas faces off against Mal'Ganis. Mal'Ganis reveals that the Dark lord

speaks to Arthas through the blade, slowly consuming his sanity. Yet, as

Arthas move to kill Mal'Ganis, he realizes the true intentions of the Dark

Lord, moments before his soul is claimed by the Frostmourne.

"After taking his venegence upon Mal'Ganis, Prince Artas wandered off into

the frozen wastelands of Northrend.

Tormented by Frostmorne's maddening voice, Arthas has lost the last vestiges

of his sanity.

Now, driven by the sword's dark will, Arthas plans to return home to Lordaeron

and claim his just reward"

Arthas enters the royal throne room. He then lunges towards the king and

stabs him with the Frostmorne. Lordaeron has fallen.


[End of Human Campaigns]



Undead Campaigns:

Path of the Damned


Chapter 1: Trudging through the Ashes


"The Lich King's plague of undeath has spread through the capital city and

into the outskirts of Lordaeron City. Shocked and disheartened by the loss

of their beloved king, the forces of Lordaeron were scattered by the ravenous

undead warriors. Now, Lordaeron is but a shadow of its former glory - and

Prince Arthas has yet to be seen..."

Mission Objectives:

Rescue Acolytes

- Rescue 20 Acolytes

- Arthas must survive.

Optional Quests:

Find the Graveyard:

- Bring Arthas to the graveyard.

- Arthas must survive.

The scene starts with a pale looking warrior entering the screen, greeted

by a Dreadlord. Upon closer inspection, the new Death Knight is none other

than Prince Arthas, now part of the Undead scourge. Thinking that it is

Mal'Ganis,, the Dreadlord Tichardrius informs Arthas of his new quest.

You start of near the south east of the map. The mission itself is pretty

simple, you just need to look closely at the hidden spots.

Head south, following the path and enter the town that is close by. The Acolytes

are pretty easy to spot, since they are in red. The most important thing

is to use Arthas to approach the Acolytes or else they won't count.

Furthermore if the normal villagers (in blue) spot you they will run off,

calling forth Horsemen and knights. Oddly enough your units won't kill the

running villager. Go Figure.

Right in the middle of the path is an Acolyte (1), with an exclamation mark

about its head. The next one is in the middle of town, next to the guy chopping

word (2) so use a death coil on him from afar. Follow the path west and south

through the town. There will be another Acolyte (3) near the houses with

an exclamation mark above its head telling you of the graveyard.

Follow south across the river. When you reach a crossroads, head up into

a clearing by the forest. There will be an Acolyte near the shore fishing

(4.) Head back south into a house in the middle of the woods, with some

villagers chopping trees. There will be another Acolyte (5) there. Watch

out for the guard post there in the middle. Head up over the fenced Keep

then travel back down to the bottom left hand corner of the small outpost.

There will be two villagers there, so death coil both and find the last Acolyte

(6) there. When you are done head north through the gates. Be warned that

there are four guards there, so use the Dead coil, as usual.

Head into town. To your left, there is an Acolyte (7.) You can just walk

up to him since you can probably kill the villager near him before he gets

away. Head up and look to your left in the group of houses, where there is

a lone Acolyte (8.) Head over to the right, over the bar and fighting

villagers. There will be another Acolyte (9) hiding between the houses and

trees. Directly above you is the Grave yard, where you can get some extra


Head up and you will spot a gate; don't enter it yet. Head to the path on

the left, following the fenced area. There will be another keep there. Some

bandits will enter, so wait till they are done before mopping up the rest.

There is an Acolyte (10) in the bottom left corner. Return to the center

and head left. You will come across two paths; the bottom one has another

Acolyte (11) and the top one leads to another Acolyte (12) bur be warned;

an Assassin will ambush you when you rescue it. Head back to the center of

Town and up into the fields. There is another Acolyte (13) near the houses.

Barge through the gate. Immediately under the gate near the bottom houses

is an Acolyte (14.) Kill the two villagers, since the Acolyte is somewhat

hidden. Head up to the top of the town, where there is a small fenced area

with some sheep. No, I don't know what the hell he is doing with those sheep

wither, but walk near him (15.)

To the far right near some houses is another Acolyte (16) but the town is

heavily guarded. Go back down to the bottom of the town, where there is

another Acolyte (17.) There will be some Acolytes at the far right of the

town, but they are being guarded by a Captain and several footmen, with some

knights in the area. Under it is another small clearing with a hidden Acolytes

(18.) You will have to storm the heavily guarded area, so try to make it

fast. Use Death coil whilst the Ghouls distract them. There will be 4

Acolytes to save.

Once you have saved 20 Acolytes the Mission will finish.

Tichondrius appears and notes that there are now enough Cultists. Kel'Thuzar

is all that is needed, and they need to travel to Andorhal to gather his


Chapter 2: Digging up the Dead


"the next morning, on the outskirts of Andorhal."

Mission Objectives:

Recover Remains:

- Kill the Paladins guarding the graveyard.

- Bring Arthas to Kel'thuzad's tomb

- Arthas must survive

Claim the Urn:

- Kill the Paladins

- Recover the Urn

Establish a Base:

- Summon a Haunted goldmine

- Build a Necropolis

- Build a crypt

- Build a graveyard

- Build 3 Ziggurats

Arthas enters Andorhal and inquire about the Meat Wagons. You must first

defeat a Paladin guarding a graveyard.

The first task is simple enough. Head directly East with your meat wagons.

Use them to take out the Guard towers, then send in Arthas to take care of

the rest. The grave is guarded by Gavinrad the Dire, level 2. Nothing a

death coil won't take care of.

When you are done, Tichondrius informs you that Kel'Thuzad's corpse is too

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