Zanzarah: the Hidden Portal

Zanzarah: Cheatcodes (English)

Modify the game shortcut and add the parameter -console.

Example: E:\Zanzarah\System\zanzarah.exe -console

During the game, press [F11] to open the console, and type:

duel victory -> Make your fairy win the current battle.

item xx -> Give you the item xx.

(xx must be between 1 and 73).

Example: item 1 give you Medium Healing Potion.

wizform xx -> Give you the fairy xx.

(xx must be between 1 and 76).

spell xx -> Give you the spell xx.

(xx must be between 1 and 119).

video xxxx -> Play the video xxxx which is one of the subdirectory /resources/videos

Example: video _v006.bik

(underscore character may not appear to the screen but you must type it).

help -> List of all others public commands

NOTE: You can modify your shortcut with the parameter -duelstart to start the game directly in duel mode.

Example: E:\Zanzarah\System\zanzarah.exe -duelstart