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Patch (28 March 2017)

This update transfers all applicable changes and improvements from Dungeon Rats, our combat-focused, party-based spin-off set the AoD world.
While the changes are too numerous (and in many cases too minor) to list, here is an overview:
Overhead combat info
New passive for axes
Mouse cursor shows enemies' HPs
Expanded info on weapon types
THC, CS and ADC stats on area of effect attacks.
Tweaked CS formula for aimed strikes.
Ranged weapons use Perception for aimed: arms and legs attacks
Whirldwind effect for daggers, swords and 1h spears is bleeding instead of knockdown; higher chance to score.
Bombs: increased damage and vsDR bonus; the center of explosion does more damage and increases critical strike chance by 50% (goes down with every tile). CON is more effective. 25 + Center of Explosion Bonus - (Victim CON-6) x25; better visuals and sound.
The Crafting screen now separates schematics by weapon type and armor material and orders them alphabetically.
You can now select techniques without the required materials, to preview the bonuses.
No further content or mechanics updates are planned at this point. All translations are now up to-date as well. We'd like to thank you for your support and willingness to try different games.

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