Arma 3 "United States Armed Forces"(Программа автообновления)

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Данный мод добавляет Америку в Arma III.


-Техника(Хаммеры, вертолеты UH60)


-И многое другое

Присудствуют такие рода войск как Лесные,пустынные морпехи и еще много других.


Положить в папку с игрой.


Что нового?Ответ:много нового.
Что нового?Ответ:много нового. ADDED IN 0.4.1 Added HiddenSelections to Balaclava models Added ZSh-1-2 RPG-7 ironsight animations Added VSS Added VSS marksman classes Added 2DP Zenit RIS variant Added PSO-1M2-1 Added NVM-14 nightvision monocular Added more Zeus placeable uniforms/headgear/etc New SVD sounds New matching SVD reload sounds Added NVGs to Russian Squad Leaders & Officers Added Makarov PM Added HiddenSelections for T-80 Added EMR-Desert patchless uniform Added R-77 Added ZU-23-2 Added GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2 Added HiddenSelections to backpacks, 6B13 & Vydra Added adjustable ironsights for all rifles. Added 6B7-1M Added various berets Added camo variants for BMD-1/2, BTR-70 & SS21 Added VSS with frontgrip Added AS VAL with frontgrip Added HiddenSelections for 2S25 Added KPS-53AV collimator sight & 9S475 missile reticle for Mi-24 Added SPG-9M with PGOK-9 sight Added 1PN22M2 sight for BMP-1 Added full plum AK-74M textures New AK-74M textures (thanks BLACKMETAL) Added new TKN-3 reticle with calibrated (more or less) range finder RHS_fnc_addKeyEvent RHS_fnc_removeKeyEvent Added Flora VMF uniforms Added VMF infantry groups Added Eden group images for AFRF Added Eden categories for AFRF Added 122mm spent shell model & textures Added AKS-74U and AKS-74UN Added Tan DF-15 uniform variant Added Perst-1IK Added EMR Field Cap replacement models Added 6B47 helmet Added NS-3 goggles Added 9M120 magazine Added EDEN attributes to majority of vehicles Added HiddedSelections for BMD-4 Added PP-2000 Added new magazines to PKM/PKP Added hand animation handling script for PK (changes hand animation while prone) Added CDF aviation number set to decals Added ability to specify if disposable launchers are thrown away automatically after changing weapon in RHS menu options (by default turned on) Safe mode script Added EMR uniform replacement model Added seat ejection script to PAK-FA, Su-25 and Ka-52 Added master safe mode to Su-25 & PAK-FA Added first versions of 6Sh116 Added HiddenSelections to PKM, PKP, AKM, AS VAL/VSS & AKS-74U Added commander FFV (or ability to use binocular only in case of tanks with commander shield) to T-72/T-90 series Ka-52 functionality overhaul - new UI, animations, HUD, Shkval FCS Added Vikhr burst mode Added Tochka-U special waypoints - deploy & fire Added green and visored ZSh-7A helmets Added Khaki fieldcap for M88 uniform (thx Gurdy!) Added cargo system to BMP Added cargo system to BMD Added rear doors anims to BMP-1 (heavily wip) & BMP-2 Added experimental Obyekt 681-2 IFV (WIP) Added various CDF decals for GREF Added 9K133 Kornet Added 9M133 missile model Added Kornet Tube and Base as backpacks Added infantry paradrop waypoint Added Rakurs-PM Added PBS-4 Suppressor New wheel models and textures for UAZ New wheel models and textures for URAL Replaced PGO scope on SPG9 (static and UAZ) with high res model in primary LODs Added turret servo sounds for BMPs, BMDs & BTRs Added proper handling of ATGM on BMP1-P Added spall simulation for BMPs Added KPVT (& PKT for BTR80A) shell ejection Added generic decal reading function (no need to create separate init.sqf file anymore unless you want define some special effects) Added new scripted SACLOS guidance for ATGMs CDF, ChDKZ, and camo tent textures Added 9M111 handling for BMD-1P Added Konkurs reload anim for BMP-2 Added Maljutka reload anim for BMP-1 & BMD-1 Added engine destruction effects Spent tubes effect after ATGM reload RGN model RGO model Added Afghan national army emblem to decals Added visual ERA destruction on T-80U series Added hidden selections to T-80U series VSR 6Sh92 VSR Field cap EMR 6B13 variants VVS to Zeus missions GREF to Zeus missions Added hidden selections to BMP-3 series Added modified virtual garage function with global vehicle spawning GREF repawn Point Added sand textures for many vehicles by beaar

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