Ashbourne "Update 1.0.056"

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update v1.0.056:

Interior lighting should now be much brighter. (Post process effects need to be turned on for this to take effect)
Fixed a bug which prevented custom depth from being shown correctly (usables, hints/clues, lootables should now outline correctly)
Added clue UI element for 'An Undying Hunch'
Adjusted some audio compression values.
Added light sources to Longford.
Addressed incorrect positioning of a couple of world objects.

update v1.0.048:

Increased world lighting brightness slightly.
Added a few extra lootable barrels.


Added an option in Graphics Options to toggle motion blur.
Added an option in Input Options for mouse smoothing.
Added an option in Graphics Options for brightness/gain.
Added a horse mounting UI hint.
FOV options now set consistently.
World map view now shows lootable barrels
World map now prioritises bandit camps icons over the lootable barrel icons.
Added a death screen. (The previous lack of a death screen is the 'bug' a lot of people were getting where they were sent back to the main menu on the opening quest)
Improved cursor interaction.

Bug fixes:

Key rebinding menu no longer allows escape as an input.
Slightly slowed horse movement speed.
Updated collision on wooden fences to prevent players getting stuck on them.
Addressed an issue where the horse didn't register Alexander dismounting which caused a bug in the 'In Honour of Alderth' quest.
Fixed an issue with FOV sliders using the same slider value, they should now be all independent of one another.
Fixed inconsistency between handling of resolution scale, it now caps properly at 100%.
Addressed inconsistency of animations between combat and death, death animation should now play regardless of the player's previous state.