Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good and Evil v1.01

Описание и инструкции

* Fix crash on processors without SSE. The game now doesn't crash when executed on processors whit no SSE support. Older Athlon/Duron processors doesn't support SSE extended instruction set.
* Antialiasing support. Users with fast graphic cards and almost 64MB of VRAM can enjoy full anti aliased graphic. To enable antialiasing run the "Beyond Good & Evil Settings" application, go to the "Advanced Setting" tab and move the "Antialiansing" slider to "On". WARNING: Do not force antialiasing on the graphic card control panel that will result on black screens and corrupted graphic.
* Shadows can be disabled. If you want to reduce further the VRAM consumption you can disable shadows.
* Lower screen resolution available. If you want to reduce further the VRAM consumption you can choose screen resolutionsunder 640x480
* Improved sun special effect. Now the sun special effect works on any graphic card and has a better behaviour.
* Improved water blur effect. Now the water blur effect works with no graphic glitches.
* Speed up water reflection. Now if you set the water detail to low you obtain a better speed up.
* General speed up. Changed many things to gain speed where possible.
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