Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac "Basic Shop Items"

Описание и инструкции

Pay more to get more in the shop!

This mod simply adds some collectibles to the shop that count as multiple pickups for 15¢ each.

Ever enter a shop with tons of money, but they only sell one key and you need five? Or you're low on health and only a single heart is being sold?
Have no fear, because this mod helps you with just that!

The shop now has 11 new items that'll help you get some extra pickups when you need it!

  • Silver Key - Gives 3 keys.
  • Capped Key - Gives 4 keys.
  • Antique Key - Gives 5 keys.
  • Stick of Dynamite - Gives 5 bombs.
  • Sticks of Dynamite - Gives 10 bombs.
  • Pack of Dynamite - Gives 15 bombs.
  • Small Health Potion - Gives 2 full hearts of health.
  • Medium Health Potion - Gives 3 full hearts of health.
  • Large Health Potion - Fully heals Isaac!
  • Page of Mage Armor - Gives 2 soul hearts.
  • Scroll of Mage Armor - Gives 3 soul hearts.

Items are only added to the regular shop. Not the Greed mode shop.