Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac "Savior Character Pack"

Описание и инструкции

Adds three characters to the game and their respective items.

Rebekah - Lonely Isaac's imaginary friend.
She has one single heart container that can never be filled, no matter how hard you try...

Powered exclusively by soul hearts, picking up normal hearts or HP Up items will instead result in stat bonuses.
Comes equipped with Charm Tears and a Sworn Protector.

The Bound - The demonic Isaac seen in the Mega Satan ending.

As a soulless creature, he cannot pick up Soul Hearts.

Like Rebekah, these will instead result in other bonuses, either through stats or extra pickup drops.
Comes equipped with Dad's Key and Flight.

Noah - A character built around spreading creep with splitting tear attacks.

The puddles left by his tears grow larger as your damage is upgraded. Flood the room! Ark not included.

The unique properties of these characters are also added as items!
Look for Power of Love, Sigil of Lucifer, and The Flood to discover their effects on other characters too.

More coming eventually!

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