Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 "Update"

Описание и инструкции


Update v2.3.17.1:

The game now displays the players in position to intercept the ball during a pass preview.
The movement speed of the Undead has been increased by 15%.
A new head is available for the Ghoul.
The Dark Elf Starplayer Horkon has now a unique skin.
A new option allowing to disable the camera auto focus during the opponent turn has been added.
A new ranking system in ladder has been implemented (more info here[]
A new official competitive ladder will be created Thursday September 8th (more info here[])
Two new heads are available for skeletons.

Bug fixes

Fix of a bug giving the money back after purchasing a journeyman.
Fix of an issue with Igor who could heal a player at the end of a match even after failing his Regeneration reroll.
Fix of a crash when a fireball activated the Necromancer.
The Undead AI can't buy Apothecary anymore.
Several ghoul animations tweaks.
The Starplayer Ramtut III recovered his favorite beetles.