Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 "CMS2018 v1.0.6 to v1.0.7 Update"

Описание и инструкции

  • Скачайте файл
  • Распакуйте архив
  • Запустите CMS 2018 v1.0.7 Patch.exe
Изменения v1.0.7

- confirmation window after selecting new game

- confirmation window after selecting delete profile

- Salem Spectre missing parts added

- Sakura gt20 missing parts added

- oil cap / oil dipstick / oil drain plug will now not be counted into car condition, also not showing condition

- more tire size added

- body parts are now reperable in repair bench (require last repair skill)

- auto savegame after finishing orders

- ui fixes in junkyard and shed

- Engine Head V8 OHV D missing last Valve Push Rod fix

- Removing gearbox possible without removing driveshaft/front axles fix

- Royale GTR front bumper bug fixed

Комментарии (1)
При окате(Rollback) выдаёт ошибку тип в папке BCKP 1.0.6
Решил, надо было просто оставить бэкап от версии 1.0.6
Просто тупанул, откуда брать файлы для отката если не от папки бэкапа