Championship Manager 03-04

Championship Manager 03-04 v4.1.4

Описание и инструкции

Patch 3 - 4.1.4


- Fixed network game bug where client scorelines differed to server due to
clash of post and pre 4.1.3 tactics
- Fixed 4-4-1-1 and 4-2-3-1-dk
- Full match mode now skips "dead time" again
- Fixed problem where user couldnt make a sub immediately after certain incidents
- Fixed obscure crash that occured when human's goalkeeper red carded
- Improved storage lifetime of match stats for background leagues and ED1/ISB
level matches in foreground

Match AI v224
- Cut down on hurried and pointless hopeful passes from decent players
- Improved shooting AI...more range of different shots
- Improved computer team AI when utilising free role wide players eg Pires
- Made fiery and temperamental players more likely to dissent or lose temper
- Tweaked player clean through detection AI
- Slight tweaks to goalkeeper saves
- Improvement in short and medium range pass accuracy
- Less short goal kicks from keepers unless asked to in tactics
- Slightly better player turning on ball AI when near own goal
- Less backpasses drifting out for corners
- Fixed certain incidents of central defenders going for unwise attempts to
intercept the ball on the wing
- Made condition have a small effect on injury proneness in match
- Toned down long throws

- Pre-game injuries now are set up again.
- Swiss players no longer need work permits to play in the UK.
- Fixed russian players getting transferred far too cheaply.

- Fixed display of custom stadium pictures on match day
- Load list options on player search screen now hidden instead of being disabled
for certain sections.

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