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Cossacks 3 "Update 11"

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Changelog (патч комулятивный=универсальный(Вам не нужно переживать за то, какая версия апдейта у Вас стоит)):

Update 20160929:

Critical (fixed):
- Multiplayer is now more stable, playable and clean. We are working on further improvements.
- Cannons and howitzers was unable to attack ships and units through walls. Which lead to problems in completing some missions
- Building gates and opening them no longer lead to crash
- Game now make deep check if you got DEP set to critical setting, that won't allow game to work properly. and it will show you warning message.

- Combo-boxes in game room, no more auto-close when you try to change values.
- Private (password-protected) rooms are now available in multiplayer shell.
- Bug when players could join in already full room.
- Creating squads in multiplayer game, in some cases led to unexpected result.
- Removed all cheats from multiplayer games
- Lot of server optimizations.
- Number of players and max players are now properly shown in sessions list.
- Lesser player random disconnects from server while in game.

Other bugs (fixed)
- After loading saved game, building was not shown on mini map.
- Achievements, not related to Campaign missions, no longer achieved while playing campaign.
- Achievements in Russian language added.
- Pressing ESC while placing walls led to lose ability to control game.
- Fixed situation, when player may put all his peasants in to ferry or mines, and game decide that players is defeated and destroy all units and buildings.

Patch make fixes in next campaign missions:
-Austria campaign, missions: 1, 2, 3.
-French campaign, mission 4
-English campaign, mission 2
-Russian campaign, mission 4

And achievements in Russian language added.

- Issue, when users with display settings set to 125-150% zoom may have wrong mouse positioning and can't point buttons with mouse cursor.
- Continue of multiplayer fixing and server optimization (may solve problem, when friends was unable to find each others in game room).
- Fix of fish boats.


Most of the time were spend on research of issue of random crashes and poor performance issues.

We finally find out that in most cases crash was led by third-party software named "" which is automatically installed with "AMD Gaming Evolved" and it led game to poor performance (2-10 times lower than should be) and random crashes in 2-30 minuts of gameplay. Users also mention “xsplit” program, that closing of that program helps. Info about removing are below.

Multiplayer fixes:
- Peasants and buildings should not die on game start.
- Cannons do less damage walls. That makes campaign progress longer.
- Fixed possibility to use cheats in multiplayer game after playing skirmish first.
- Dev commands and cheats is now available in editor at start.

Campaign fixes:
- French - mission 1 - now it is posible to finish the mission.
-Austria - mission 2 - now it is not neccesary to destroy all turkish fleet to progress mission

Plans to nearest patches:
- Multiplayer game should continue after room master leave the game.
- Issue, when users with display settings set to 125-150% zoom may have wrong mouse positioning and can't point buttons with cursor.
- 4K displays problems.
- Continue fixing of multiplayer and server optimization (may solve problem, when friends was unable to find each others game room).
- Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Portugal language support. They are at testing stage and will soon be added. Please be patient.
- Workshop integration.
- AI improvements on islands maps.

If you encounter crashes and performance issues - try next:
1. Check if is installed on your PC. Usualy it can be found in system tray.
You can also find it in Task Manager/Process.
2. Close this application.
3. Check if processes also closed and close them manually if needed. In most cases closing through system tray should be enough.
4. Play game.
5. If random crashing stops, if game performance increased - please report your results to help other players.

This issues exists both on AMD and NVidia video cards.


1. Game now detect some possible problems in system settings and third-party applications that may lead to game unstable state and give advices to fix it.
2. Fixed fishboats behaviour

1. Fixed multiplayer issue, when loading text was shown even after all players loaded in to game. Happend sometime when one of the player was disconnected.
2. Sometimes multiplayer game were started in wrong way and it could lead to different problems at game start and finish.
3. Fixed bug, when players scores in multiplayer games were wrong.

1. Fixed AI behaviour while in peace time
2. Offline cheats are now available while playing against AI only through internet shell.

Next patch will include:
1. Fix for problem with Hi-Res and DPI in full screen
2. If you got disconnected during the game, you will get 30 seconds to return, to reconnect and continue playing.


We’ve fixed the most of the annoying multiplayer bugs and critical issues like display interaction troubles and aggressive third party applications affects. There are still known multiplayer issues left and planned to be resolved in the nearest patch.

1. Added support for Hi-Res displays with use of DPI/Scale over 100%, now game properly detects each display DPI and changes its view depending on user display settings.
2. Fixed alt+tab issues, when game window behaviour not as player expected.
3. Added proper mouse clamping to window borders. It is turned on when player starts match and turns off in menus or while loading.
4. Now switching between display modes work as expected: full screen, windowed, windowed full screen.

1. Game start should now work properly, without disconnects, “peasant death” and defeat/victory messages.
2. Multiplayer match can now proceed after room master defeat (but until he stays in the game, this issue solving is still in progress).
3. Players now properly receive win/lose messages corresponding with real situation (but still, until room master stays in the game).
4. Removed mislead “disconnect” message while playing was proper. It was shown in some cases at game start, at game end, and when room master left the game.
5. Players now can choose the server to which they want to connect. Added combo box in multiplayer login menu. There are currently 2 servers, and it was sometime confusing when you and your friends join different servers and weren’t able to find each other’s room.
6. Players now properly “surrender” on game exit or Alt+F4 shortcut.
7. Defeated enemies are now shown with grey text colour near mini-map.
8. Fixed bug when player created room just after multiplayer match and its starting settings wasn’t normal.
9. Fixed bug when player was able to transfer “cheats mode” from single player game to multiplayer.
10. Fixed bug when player joined room and it was displayed as wrong room or players previous room.
11. Improved overall multiplayer game stability.

1. Game properly restores interface and unit selection after window resize and resolution change.
2. Mouse clamping to window borders now works properly.
3. Added “Raptr” application in warning list on game start, with notice to close this app while playing game due to high influence on game stability and performance.
4. Game version in Main Menu now include more detailed build version and list of owned by player DLCs.
5. Large fixes for Ukrainian localization (we are still working on them).

Priority tasks for the nearest patches:
1. Possibility to scroll map while selecting units with frame.
2. Proper game continuation after room master leaves the game.
3. Window that shows players progress loading at multiplayer start, sometime shows incorrect information.
4. Work on multiplayer games stability
5. Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portugal language support. They are at testing stage and will soon be added. Please be patient.
6. Game rating and stats in multiplayer game.
7. End game statistics after single player and multiplayer matches on random map.


This patch includes fixes of critical crashes, fix for laptops dedicated graphics cards and many other expected things.

1. Laptops with two graphics cards now correctly select most powerful one.
2. Fixed an issue when player uses msn account in cloud like OneDrive or other and was unable to change language and save game.

1. Increased maximum number of units from 10 000 to 16 000.
2. Fixed wrong information of players owned DLCs in main menu.
3. It is now easier to place new buildings near trees.
4. Fixed issue when player was able to interrupt wall placing process and game become uncontrollable.
5. Fixed bug when settings window could open on game start if you previously open it in main menu.
6. Fixes texts in Ukrainian localization.

1. Added ally chat. Press Ctrl+Enter to chat with ally.
2. Fixed bug when balloon upgrade of one player open fog of war of all the players.
3. Fixed bug in internet shell, when chat messages were shown without nick, after player leave shell.
4. It is now possible to send private message using players ID, like: /w #23456 private message text
5. Fixed bug, when game name disappeared after player press "Make Private" button while creating game room.
6. Fixed bug, when players ID was cut in players list

1. Russian campaign, mission 4, players unions now work properly. Fixed answer when you had not enough resources to pay to Tsar. Changed scenario events.

Work in progress tasks
1. Fixing “atioglxx.dll” crashes on AMD Radeon R7-R9 graphics cards series, happens mostly on exit to main menu.
2. Possibility to scroll map while selecting units with frame.
3. Proper game continuation after room master leaves the game.
4. Window that shows players progress loading at multiplayer start, now it sometimes shows incorrect information.
5. Increasing multiplayer games stability.
6. Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portugal language support. They are at testing stage and will be added soon.
7. Game rating and stats in multiplayer game.
8. End game statistics after single player and multiplayer matches on random map.


1. Fixed “atioglxx.dll” crash on AMD Radeon R7-R9 series graphics cards. Crashes happened mostly on exit to main menu.

2. Window that shows players loading progress at multiplayer start now shows correct information.

3. Increased multiplayer games stability.

4. After some ingame interface actions player was unable to build (fixed).

5. Peasants now can properly attack palisades. Previously their attack range wasn't enough to attack.

6. French Mission 1, fixed bug with ferries, that in some situations lead to impossibility to finish the mission.

7. List of sessions now properly updates when player close session.

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