Devastation v381 (European)

Описание и инструкции

Devastation European retail v381 patch

The major fixes include sound changes for weapons, stability fixes for multiplayer, tweaks to the Territories gametype, a new server browser interface, and tons of other improvements that will make the game smoother and better.

Important: Once this patch is installed, Singleplayer Autosaves from the previous version will be compatible, but In-game saves and quick-saves will not be. It is advised to ensure you have an autosave from the last map you were playing (Autosaves are available upon the completion of every map; simply click "Yes" when prompted to Autosave)

Here are some of the changes this patch fixes.

-Optimized network usage for pawns, decorations, pickups, projectiles
-Made bass and pitch fixes to all weapon sounds, fixed volume.
-Rewrote the MP Browser to show gametypes, with icons for arc/sim, physics,
passworded servers, and dedicated servers.
-Fix to reduce network usage in some situations, improve lagginess
-Made footstep sounds louder and better, fixed listen bug.
-Added support for All Seeing Eye browser
-Added better hotkeys in weapon loadout:
Alt-1,2,3=select, enter=buy, del/backspace=clear all
-Optimized server CPU for heavy actors, although CPU increase is variable
-Fixed antiportals bug in netplay. Should give another FPS increase
-Correctly handled resized decorations in netplay
-Added filters in MP browser
-Fixed password entry not showing up bug in MP Browser
-Fixed weapon decal bug in MP
-Fixed knife decal effects not showing correct decal
-Fixed sound bugs for katana, knife and 2x4 not synching
-Fixed server names not truncating bugs
-Fixed laser rifle effect not showing up all the time in multiplayer
-Better balanced the cost of some weapons
-Fixed several graphical glitches, see additional notes
-Adjusted gore settings to show more gore effects by default
-Fixed some issues with certain emitters not being destroyed on dedicated
-Fixed projectile rotations when they change velocities
-Fixed Simple Flash on listen servers
-Commented out code for leaning to prevent exploits or cheats (moddable)
-Fixed Winner determination in team games
-Fixed some issues with weapon and owner replication
-Fixed weapon pickup replication
-Gave extra cash bonus for fists kills
-Fixed some sound dampening issues where it overcompensated
-Fixed Ground Speed calculations for Simulation mode
-Partial fix for far-reaching weapon switch sounds
-Changed character initialization and un-initialization
-Force all players aiming when firing
-Fixed the grip type when holding a weapon
-Made CapLimit, bKarmaMP, and GameMode(Arcade/Sim) config ini variables
-Fixed animation of your own team flag
-Fixed radar display bug for flag carrier in CTF
-Made the AMG belt destroy properly, and not get left around
-Fixed bolta bug: arrows getting stuck in the air when shot
-Use the FireDry for the colt instead of the FireEmpty when it is dry
-Fixed muzzleflash issues with akimbo weapons
-Fixed several issues with the rat drone
-Made katana melee distance 30% farther
-Fixed bottle skin color in MP
-Fixed problem with bottle multiply-destroying
-Fixed auto switch priorities of weapons
-Fixed ladder climbing animations and sounds
-Set up InitialCash as a ini setting
-Fixed the ability to pickup health while regenerating health
-Added LifeSpan to extinguisher explosion to fix that bug
-Fixed player hand skin bug in MP
-Sped up player scroll in team selector
-Fixed the up button in player selection
-Fixed the ability to bring up team change window in streetwar
-Fixed laser fence alarms not getting turned off in territories