Dungeon Siege 2

Dungeon Siege 2 "Мод HotFix Mod Beta"

Описание и инструкции

Авторы: KillerGremal(F3)

Название: DS2 HotFix Mod

Версия: Beta 5f

Требуемая версия игры: Dungeon siege 2 версии 2.2

Балансный мод для оригинальной версии Dungeon Siege 2. Вносит массу изменений, добавляет новое оружие, реагенты и т.д. Мод не спеша развивается и дополняется с 2006 года и по сей день.


- Файл Mod-Hotfix-Beta5f.ds2res поместить в папку "resources"

- Удалить прежние версии мода, если таковые были

- Убедиться в отсутствии других глобальных модов, во избежание конфликтов

- Для запуска старых сохранений, используйте утилиту "All*Saves".


Beta 5f: (10-May-2014)
- Critical fix for animals hiding in barrels, and besides of hungry rats
also peaceful critters may come out now.
- Ranged resistance bonuses slightly reduced by 0-3% to accord some better
with the existing melee resistance bonuses.
- Ignition skill slightly revised. Duration set to 6 seconds generally, also
ignited monsters can sometimes suffer a panic attack now and will run away,
moreover there is some chance that monsters nearby an ignited monster will
catch fire too.
- Content updates to improve compatibility with other (actor related) mods.
Beta 5e: (15-Mar-2014)
- Body detection refined for 'Corpse Transmutation' spell.
- Chain Lightning may stun now enemies for a short period too.
- Detail level for haf-giant's body textures slightly increased.
- Potential lack fixed in basic rules for monsters with suddenly activated
life regeneration (by a buff for example).
- Several code parts revised to compatible with the Siege Editor.
- Content updates to prevent conflicts with other mods.
Beta 5d: (25-Aug-2013)
- Healing spells related fix for revised auto-cast AI.
- Because of a mod compatibility issue the Dark Mages caused almost no more
damage, this is generally fixed again.
- Safety fix for 'Letiso' (quest monster) who could die without completing
the quest task.
- Resurrection effect re-enabled.
- Uhn Miners revised (-1 level if melee, lower/AoE damage for flame-throwers).
- Difficulty presets for veteran and elite modes rebalanced.
Beta 5c: (27-Jul-2013)
- A bug in the AI did sometimes not distinguish correctly alive from dead
monsters which could cause serious path-finding matters. This is fixed now.
- Critical fix for hiring conversation with Nora.
- Minor tunings for powers, in particular the recharging rate is reduced now
by 2 while powers without damage are active (remind, causing power damage
natively doesn't allow the recharging of powers).
- Minor tunings for several spells and buff casting.
Beta 5b: (19-Jul-2013)
- Fix when/after moving party members independingly in wait mode.
- Tunings for Rampage mode reverted to avoid problems in multiplayer.
Beta 5a: (12-Jul-2013)
- Fix for a party-freezing bug in the revised animation routines.
- Minor code/content tunings to avoid conflicts with the Level Adjustment mod.
Beta 4z: (6-Jul-2013)
- Critical fix for in-game scenes (NIS) with combat actions that possibly did
never end (caused by recent invincibility tunings in context with curses).
- The AI will ignore now incidentally selected passive spells (like Town Portal).
- Minor fix for the treatment of 'party_selection_key' and 'pet_selection_key'
ini options.
Beta 4y: (22-Jun-2013)
- Regenerating emanation of the Naiad pets rebalanced and health regeneration
*rate* bonus set to +150% (so actor's navtive regeneration and his bonuses
will be multiplied now by 2.5 instead of 3.0).
- At Kalrathia 'Nora the Nature Mage' can be hired now after the 'Nexus' quest.
- Work-around added to avoid that Drovan may freeze when he gets hired.
- New ini option 'power_rebalance = #' added to specify a percentage (1-100)
that increases the power damage against bosses on one hand, while decreasing
the power damage against normal monsters on the other hand.
- Ini options 'item_effect_mode' and 'spear_effect_left' merged and carried
over into 'weapon_effect_mode = #', where 0 for # means no weapon effects and
no damage impact effects, 1 just disables damage impact effects, 2 will turn
off effects on projectiles, 3 (default) for no changes, 4 will show effect
on spears in left hand too. Damage impact effects also can be disabled by
the negative value of the corresponding number (add a minus sign).
Beta 4x: (26-May-2013)
- Bug in a speed related function fixed.
- Bug in emanation of Packmule pet fixed.
- Scrub Boar pet will need now about +20% more food to grow.
Beta 4w: (5-May-2013)
- Work-around for 'Mida' who possibly was 'sitting in the air' depending on the
detail settings for game objects (see game options).
- Fix for custom NPCs loosing their cloths while being unloaded form the map.
- Custom teleportation fixed for additional portals at the Windstone Fortress
and at the Snowbrook Castle.
- Teleportation for Mysterious Quest fixed again.
- Requirements increased by 1 level for some unique and custom items (to match
some more the major part of items in DS2).
- Fix for damage formulas of custom 2-handed weapons (mainly spears/javelins).
- Stats display for 'Ring of the Wild' fixed.
- ini option 'item_effect_mode = #' added (for your DungeonSiege2.ini file),
if 3 is set (for the #) all item related effects are disabled, with 2 there
are no effects for projectiles and damage impacts, with 1 only effects for
damage impacts are disabled.
- ini option 'party_selection_key' added to allow you to specify a key that
needs to be pressed before mouse clicks on party members really will be
accepted (intended to avoid that you incidentally switch the focused member
since the right mouse button is used for 'select member' and 'go to' command).
This option has no initial default, accepted key references are 'alt', 'ctrl',
'RM', 'MM' or combinations of it like 'shift+ctrl' (without quotes), but note
that the mouse buttons will still perform the hard coded function (RM: attack,
MM: unlock camera) so their usage is limited.
As exceptional value also '0' (zero) can be assigned so all party member will
become inselectable from beginning - disabling however the manual casting of
heal and buff spells on other party members.
Please note too, if the 'pet_selection_key' option is unassigned it will copy
the assignment from the 'party_selection_key' option.
Beta 4v: (7-Jan-2013)
- Revised code parts caused a lack in the experience calculations when playing
on custom maps. This bug is fixed now.
- A flaw fixed in the expanded routines of the spell casting job.
- Minor map and radar tunings in the area of the Southern Greilyn Jungle.
- Minor content tuning for a better compatibility with other mods.
- Revised resistance bonuses synchronized between v2.2 and v2.3/addon (however
no significant changes).
Beta 4u: (28-Sep-2012)
- The native magic-find bonus of *human* heroes was almost completely ignored,
this bug has been fixed now.
- Tab with resistance information expanded with some additional stats.
- Several unique and set items that served as quest rewards on GPG's maps may
drop now partially on custom maps too (like other unique and set items do).
- The 'Transmute' spell has now higher variants (II-IV) as well with gradually
better gold efficiency and higher chance to reveal a rare or unique item.
There are now some additional 'transmutation recipes' too, inclusive a recipe
to produce the 'Mysterious Teleporter Stone' (will require a rare ring and
a rejuvenation potion plus two other 'purposeful' items).
- Work-around added to solve a conflict with Content mod for Utraean Peninsula
for DS2 that let NPCs partially not talk to you (e.g. Windstone Soldiers).
- Content conflict fixed with Level-Adjustment mod that made training dummies
indestructable sometimes (and you couldn't leave the Tutorial Beach).
- A new *.ini option 'gui_bar_transparency = #' can make the bottom bar in the
GUI (more) transparent. The default value for # is zero for no transparency,
maximum value is 100 to make this bar completely transparent (invisible).
- *.ini option 'loot_drop_message = #' added to show you a message when a set
or unique or item has dropped. Default for # is false for no message.
- Several other minor tunings for content and balancing:
- Boots (more valuable now than gloves, by trend).
- Native mana bonus on spellbooks (higher bonuses some lower now).
- Sharpshooter spell (damage bonus slightly lowered).
- 'Quiver potion' (couldn't find a random texture sometimes).
- Exp rewards (more indifferent on party size).
- Thief (chance to appear slightly lowered, possibly one more item).
- Temporary object collections (not to overwrite each other).
- Attack routines (code optimizations mainly).
- Erasira (prevention not to be loaded multiple times).
Beta 4t: (10-Aug-2012)
- Lowered influence of difficulty settings on monster's defense values (to
have less impact on player's damage values).
- Quests with more than 1 skill point as reward will only give this reward
to the party hero, all other members in the party will get 1 skill point.
- Minor tunings for cast animations when attacking a barrel.
- Some code flaws fixed.
Beta 4s: (28-Apr-2012)
- Maximum resistance value now also used for dodging and blocking. Note
that higher percentages loss some of their efficiency for balancing
reasons, also blocking is some more effective if the enemy is in front
of you compared to an enemy in your back.
- Some bonus values of reagent moved towards original values again.
- Partially values of custom dual-class spells revised.
- Custom shields will require now 'Barricade' skill as well.
- The chances to find a 'Rune of Might' are partially independent now on
the 'magic find' bonus.
- Incantation shrines improved to apply enchantments to all loyal actors
if they generally comply with the given class requirements.
- Several quest rewards revised for Multiplayer mode.
- Bug fixed in life formula of 'Giant Thrusk' monster.
- Mimic chests got some vulnerabilities/resistances.
- Bug in Summoned Ghost fixed, now the DS2-native health scaling depending
on party size will be correctly taken into account.
- Ether Blast power will depend now on the average of maximum health and
current health the summoned monster has. The skill description however
won't indicate this detail.
- If not successful to silence an enemy the Silence power will try to slow
down the enemy at least. Some monsters however are even resistant to this.
- Several 'Rending Aura' buffs slightly rebalaced. 'Rending Aura: Magician'
profits now from Debilitation skill as well, the skill impact however is
50% only (as for all Rending Aura buffs).
- *.ini option called 'autocast_hurry_key' added to expedite auto-casting
a bit if the focused hero is standing still. Possible keys are 'shift',
'ctrl', 'alt' or combinations of it like 'ctrl+shift' for example.
Beta 4r: (7-Mar-2012)
- Technical problem with shockwaves fixed.
- Effect for melee/combat-magic buff slightly lifted.
- Bonus value revised for 'Life embrace' buff used by monsters.
- Several "+% gold dropped" bonuses on items rebalanced.
- More authentic fragments if a barrel/create explodes.
- Content updated to be in sync with other mods.
Beta 4q: (14-Jan-2012)
- Error fixed in formula responsible for exp gain from (significantly)
under-levelled monsters (thanks to Marco).
- Problem fixed with monsters who adjust their levels/stats automatically.
- Smaller thrown weapons will be correctly displayed again while walking
or attacking (spears not affected).
- Enhanced emergency teleportation from Tutorial Beach to Eirulan. With a
large party however it may be that you have to reload the map/seesion
due to placement problems (temporarily releasing misplaced members to
the Inn works too).
- Minor template errors fixed.
Beta 4p: (11-Dec-2011)
- Enhanced Provoke power did only work for power level 2+3. Power level 1
has been fixed now.
- Critical hit chances by skills are some lower now (increasing a bit more
in linear manner, however maximum is still 50% instead of 55%).
- Minor tunings for spell 'Corpse Transmutation', it will partially profit
now form skill points on 'Enveloping Embrace' (50% influence).
- A conflict fixed with native monster respawning method.
- Inappropriate NPC settings made evil NPCs spawn like monsters, this has
been fixed for all known NPCs suffering this problem.
- Common visual hit effects re-enabled (thanks to Pitbull).
Beta 4o: (10-Sep-2011)
- Provoke power performs now more enduring.
- Chance and damage of 'Arcing' skill may slightly vary depending on
the hazardousness of the lightning spell used. Lightning arcs also
may jump on now if the chance is met another time.
- Some more AoE range for Fireball spells (damage and visual effect).
- Spell books will provide now a little mana regeneration bonus depending
on their requirements and on their capability to be enchanted.
- Several damage-related reagents rebalanced. Also the description of the
existing resistance reagents should be translated now correctly in any
language (if part of the native game support). However a few custom terms
on reagents only will be translated only in French, German or Italian,
otherwise these terms remain in English language.
- There is now an option called 'buff_limit = #' for your DS2 *.ini file
to allow 1 or 3 buffs for party members instead of 2 (default). A custom
number of buffs will be rebalanced internally, partially at least.
- Option 'difficulty_pet = #' added to adjust the difficulty for pets only.
Default is 100, possible values are 50-500. If any value (expect of 100)
is set then the general option 'difficulty' will be ignored for pets.
- The monster levels of some 'Shard Souls' at the end of act 1 were much
too high. Their levels have been lowered appropriately.
- Minor tunings related on 'rampage' problem in multiplayer mode.
- The rats sometimes hiding in barrels are now not as hungry as before.
- Side note: the term '+#% Belligerence' as used in this mod refers to a
bonus that will increase your total damage.
Beta 4n: (18-Jun-2011)
- Offensive spells and healing spells will display now how long they take
to cast (without skills/bonuses). Note maybe that all curses need 1.5s.
- The 'Life Steal' bonus won't let you steal more life than the monster
actually has. This applies to the 'Mana Steal' bonus widely too.
- Revised 'Overbear' skill bonuses fixed/re-added. The bonus values
are some higher now than the bonuses of 'Dual Wield' skill in order
to compensate partially the lack of magical bonuses on a two-handed
weapon compared to two one-handed weapons.
- Sometimes party members suffered 'nervous twitches' after following
the selected character. A work-around has been added to prevent this.
- Party AI: 'Wait' mode tuned (no hotkey assigned by default, but you
may do this in the game options) so party members can act now more
independently, and switching between them won't cancel new commands.
Previously in 'Wait' mode non-selected party members also left their
positions if your selected character began to talk to an NPC, now they
will keep their positions and proceed current actions.
- Pet AI/interaction tuned: The automatic re-selection of the primary
spell/attack won't happen if a curse is selected.
The .ini option 'pet_selection_key' (see Beta 4j) has been fixed too,
however the former option 'pet_focus_latency' is obsolete now.
- Necrolithid pet slightly revised. Instead of 1 now 4 cast animations
are used (to look less monotonous), as consequence of it the casting
speed resp. pet's spell is some slower now (with appropriate raise of
the spell damage). The pet's curse has be rebalanced too, the maximum
physical armor reduction is now 50% at pet level 100, 42% for death
vulnerability, and 34% for ice vulnerability. The new attack speed
reduction for monsters (added, as the curse description referred to)
will increase until 26% on maximum.
- Lap Dragon's pet buffs II+III rebalanced, now 50% death/lightning
resistances and 70% power recharge bonus on maximum.
- Two Rending Auras rebalanced. For 'Wasting' (melee/combat-magic) the
life threshold until monsters explode is some lower now, 'Arrow Bane'
(ranged/nature-magic) is now weaker when used in close combat.
- Increased gold revenue form 'Transmute' spell for dual-classed heroes
with nature magic as one of their best two classes.
Beta 4m: (23-Apr-2011)
- Vulnerability fixed in revised quest 'The Missing Squadron'.
- Minor updates due to file/content conflicts with other mods.
Beta 4L: (12-Feb-2011)
- Due to the recent code tunings some (quest) monsters did not attack
as intended, and some monsters had too many health points. Both has
been fixed.
- Compatibility issue with MonsterLevel Adjustment mod fixed.
- Summoning code improved.
- Visual tunings for Morden-Viir Sword and Rending Aura 'Magician'.
Beta 4k: (18-Jan-2011)
- Skill point limit is now 30, but you still can assign 20 skill points
only in the GUI (it may be necessary that you temporarily remove items
with skill point bonuses before you can assign further skill points).
- Auxiliary feature added to make upto 16 autocast slots available by
an additional spellbook in the (main) inventory of a party member.
This feature is not active by default, you must enabled it first with
the 'autocast_slots' option (for your DS2 *.ini file). Example:
'autocast_slots = 4,6' (without quotes) will check the 4 autocast
slots of your equipped spellbook for spells to be autocasted, it will
also try to find an additional spellbook (grey, requiring 10 INT) in
the main inventory to check there the 4 autocast slots plus the two
reserve slots for autocasting spells. The order in this additional
spellbook is: autocast slots, reserve slots, and then slots 1-4.
Set 'autocast_slots = 6,10' if you really need 16 autocast slots,
however autocasting may impact the PC performance, so either set the
limits lower or try to avoid unused spells in the spellbooks.
- Summoned monsters revised: Upto 5 summons are possible now, summons
of dual-classed heroes will get some more armor, and 'Summon Alacrity'
will also increase a bit the defensive abilities of summoned monsters.
Monsters who are angry because of multiple summons will try to attack
the summoning caster more persistently.
- Pleasant buffs will be auto-casted on summoned monsters if the caster
is almost full of mana and if he has nothing else to do.
- The indicated ranged bonuses of the 'Sharpshooter' buff spell (for
dual-classing ranged and nature magic) will affect now nature magical
attacks too (although not described explicitly) making your attacks
some slower while offering more cast range and spell damage inclusive
a critical hit chance for magical attacks.
- Tuning for 'rampage' mode to let melee party members longer stay in
the front line of a combat (and not to re-locate) just because your
focused hero change his position a bit. So if you need to flee it's
recommended to switch to 'mirror' mode if you want to ensure that
your melee party members instantly retire from the battle too.
- For balancing reasons and to reduce the gap between v2.2 and v2.3/BW
some item bonuses may (slightly) have changed.
- A key part of the mod has been completely revised, it's recommended
to make a manual backup of your savegame.
Beta 4j: (22-Dec-2010)
- In Beta 4i sometimes wrong defaults value have been applied making the
gameplay partially harder in mercenary mode. This has been fixed.
- There is now an *.ini option called 'pet_selection_key' to tell the game
which key you wish to press first before selecting clicks on a pet will
be accepted. As key however only 'alt', 'ctrl' and 'shift' is possible.
Example: 'pet_selection_key = shift' (without quotes)
There is no key assigned by default, if you do yourself, it will disable
customizations with 'pet_focus_latency'.
- There is now an *.ini option called 'autocast_deny_key' to tell the AI
not to auto-cast buffs, curses, summon or healing spells while the
specified key is pressed. Possible keys are 'alt', 'ctrl' or 'shift'.
Besides of this key option the party AI shows the following behaviour:
- In 'wait' mode non-focused party members will auto-cast buffs, healing
and summons spells nevertheless, ignoring 'autocast_deny_key' setting.
- Auto-casting won't happen in 'mirror' mode while running (away).
- Curses won't be auto-casted if caster's life is low (<30% of max life).
- To cast buffs, summon or healing spells during a combat the related
magical skill class has to be at least 33% of caster's hero level.
- Summons only will be casted in friendly towns if enemies are nearby
or id the summon spell is selected in slot 1-4.
There is no key assigned by default. The option 'vitality_to_autocast'
and the related code was too inefficient and has been removed again.
- Option 'tell_me_distance' replaced with 'show_distance_key' to assign
'alt', 'ctrl' or 'shift' key to display the distance to an enemy when
you right-click on him while the specified key is pressed down.
By default the 'ctrl' key is assumed to be set. You may set 'none' to
disable this feature.
Beta 4i: (5-Dec-2010)
- New type of spear added. They are all enchantable and look like a stretched
wooden thorn. With some luck you also may find the 'Thorn of Pain' which is
a dangerous unique spear for heroes with level 75 or higher.
- Lack fixed in the party AI that prevented auto-casting in rampage mode if
one of the party members was too far away.
- Range for ranged attacks increases now automatically if aiming downwards,
this is specially notable if the aiming direction is almost vertical.
- For transmutation recipes needing '+xy Health' reagents now other health
related reagents work too, however their effect is not as powerful.
- Stats and requirements for several items slightly rebalanced.
- Minor bug fixed for potion-increasing emanation of Scrub Boar pet.
- The automatically re-opening town portal at session start (optional) was
able to teleport away 'party-loyal' ambient NPCs. This bug has been fixed.
- Wrong icon replaced for conversation between Finala and Deru near the
Ice Cave in act 2.
- Improved support for talking animations.
- Missing sound file in DS2 has been replaced by an auxiliary sound file.
Beta 4h: (28-Aug-2010)
- Auto-casting sometimes still didn't work in satisfying manner. This has been
tuned now to properly detect heroes/weapons with critical hit chances and
offensive spells. Maybe remind here that 'autocast_slots=6' (without quotes)
in your DungeonSiege2.ini file would also include the reserve slots in your
spell book for auto-casting, while spells in slots 1-4 never are affected
by the custom auto-cast tunings.
- Interval for dual-classing related 'Skill of Omniscience' rebalanced,
you will enjoy this reward again between level 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, etc.
In case you don't like this balancing reward you generally could be disable
it with the *.ini option 'dual_class_gift_period=0'.
Beta 4g: (27-Jun-2010)
- Revised auto-casting for buffs and curses. A former revision has proven to
be insufficient and has been fixed, also auto-casting buffs should perform
smarter now, so spells like 'Wrath of Magic' won't be applied on actors if
a melee/ranged weapon is selected, while e.g. 'Wrath of the Bear' won't be
applied as long as a spell is selected.
- Most of the monster buff spells revised/fixed, their effect duration is
now 30 seconds usually.
- Revised recipes to produce jewellery with the Transmute spell. Even unique
amulets or rings are generally possible now, however the result is still
random and notably depends on the nature magic level of the caster and
the rarity and the level/requirements of the ingredients.
- Some of the custom dual-class 'Rending Aura' spells caused a malfunction
in aiming error calculation. This has been fixed.
- Rending aura spell 'Arrow Bane' rebalanced, speed handicap is per arrow now
and no longer general, damage per arrow increased from 5-50% depending on
fan position, resistance bonus removed.
- NPC animations tuned: Female NPCs only had an 'aggressive' idle animation,
it has been replaced by a more relaxed one. Also human NPCs had no walking
animation when possibly holding a shield only (e.g. after being disarmed),
so an auxiliary animation has been specified.
- Since the Zombie Legionnaire Mages got a weapon/staff their attacks were
too fast, this has been fixed again. Also their look has slightly changed
to be different from melee Zombie Legionnaires.
- The ini option 'brilliant_regeneration' allows now digits too since a factor
of ~2.5 seemed to be quite balanced for this alternate mana bonus handling.
Beta 4f: (12-May-2010)
- Workaround added for spell casting to keep auto-attacking going on if another
target has been eliminated instead of the originally selected one.
- As little tuning tweak the *.ini option 'pet_focus_latency' would accept now
negative values too, then there will be no more temporal latency but instead
the ALT key must be pressed down when you left-click on the pet to select it.
- Some Morden Shields and Morden Swords revised for mod-compatibility reasons,
unfortunately this makes them useless. To repair/replace these items now you
need to drop them out of your inventory. In the case of an enchanted item you
will get the repaired magicless item plus a decent monetary compensation.
- Minor tunings for user interface commands.
- Revised remarks for 'town portal at next session' (see Beta 4a, 11-Jul-2009):
For safety reasons (also for people who don't read the warnings in this file)
the town portal no longer will reopen by default at next game session since
this feature has proven to be more critical than originally expected.
However if you want to reactivate this feature manually then you may write
'save_town_portal=true' (without quotes) into the DungeonSiege2.ini file or
at the end of the command line in your DS2 shortcut. In this case making a
manual backup of your savegame would be really recommended,
Generally try to avoid to open such a persisting town portal near elevators,
near dungeon entrances or at locations with a roof above. However if you have
problems in these cases then using the elevator or entering+leaving the house
resp. dungeon entrance may help.
Beta 4e: (31-Mar-2010)
- Safety fix added for a vulnerability in Eva's quest where sometimes the door
to proceed to Snowbrook didn't open. So when revisiting the tomb you will find
an auxiliary lever to open the door if Eva already has been rescued.
- Spell damage slightly revised. The impact of intelligence decreases now a bit
the more you already have, however the allowed maximum intelligence for spell
has been increased (specially for higher spells), e.g. the supported capacity
for most IV spells is now 750 instead of 500 int (since in veteran/elite mode
mages easily could reach 500 INT and lost above the benefit of INT on damage).
- Several monsters tuned. Correct sounds for Hyena and Raptor, also spellbook for
Traglok monster fixed (since intended to be a melee/magic switching monster).
- Some ranged Vai'kesh monsters had no valid bow or dropped bows with too high
level requirements. Their bows are tuned now.
- Ranged/nature-magic spell 'Stun' unintentionally increased the ice resistance,
this has been fixed.
- Targeting matters fixed for continuous ricochet feature.
- Minor changes related on Lorethal's item set to increase the chance that the
player may complete this large set (requires 8 pieces).
- Sometimes respawning monsters interrupted the conversation with Drovan (act 2),
a work-around has been added to prevent this.
- Appendix: Please note, in conjunction the the addon/v2.3 the maximum hero level
in this mod has been increased recently to level 103. This has been introduced
to allow the player to maintain the 'level surplus' of his heroes when facing
monsters with level 100 (as existing in the addon or possibly on custom maps).
Beta 4d: (17-Dec-2009)
- Rather formal update. A few general tunings and some minor flaws fixed.
- If you face a monster body and Ctrl + Right-Click on it then you would get
a distance report. You may add 'tell_me_distance=false' into the .ini file
of the game to disable this feature should it cause any conflicts with your
own mouse or keyboard configuration.
Beta 4c: (4-Dec-2009)
- Refilling capability of Life/Mana Shrines fixed for veteran and elite mode.
- Workaround added to avoid the defeat message in singleplayer mode if there is
still a conscious pet that may protect/heal/resurrect your body (or get help).
- For quests with skill point rewards for party members, a pet who has helped
you to solve such a quest will get now +2% non-elemental resistance instead
of a skill point - this may be an advantage against act bosses who often
cause non-elemental damage.
- Minor changes for a few reagents, specially to mention that the Viperclaw is
now 2x2 squares only to bring back the attractiveness that partially gone lost
due to the recent revision of damage related reagents.
- Some ranged Taclak monsters (mainly in the 'Smith Dungeon') dropped javelins
with requirements much too high, this has been adjusted.
- The class stats in the GUI sometimes displayed wrong expressions (depending
on the installation language) or incorrect information where the rewarded exp
has gone (when switching between party members or pets). This is fixed now.
- Converted/friendly Crawn monsters killed themselves with their own spit attack,
now they no longer show a suicidal behaviour when attacking.
- Functionality of the *.ini option 'pet_focus_latency' improved to work also
with non-main-hero party members.
- New *.ini option 'pet_aura_effect_mode' added to suppress the *visual* effect
of pet emanations. This option accepts values with the following meaning:
0: No visual effects at all.
1: Effect for pet itself only.
2: Effects for party members.
3: Effects for party members and their summons.
4: Effects for party members, their summons and loyal NPCs (default).
Note I: Negative numbers (-1/-2/-3/-4) will keep the meaning as described above
but the visual effect on the pet will be smaller (larger part is disabled).
Note II: This option works independently on the emanation *bonuses*, in all the
cases the bonuses still affect party members, their summons and loyal NPCs.
- Supposed the MonsterLevel-Adjustment mod is installed too then 'Alin' the Elf
next to the Teleporter at Eirulan will sell you a 'Rune of Mending'. Just drop
this item out of your inventory and it will follow you automatically to adjust
the levels of monsters/containers nearby. This may be quite useful if you want
to make forgotten or skipped side resp. party member quests in retrospect when
monster levels (and so their loot) are much below your average party level.
Beta 4b: (31-Aug-2009)
- Minor tuning for multiplayer to increase stability, however several other
multiplayer related problems are not fixed so far, in this context better
spell aiming feature disabled for multiplayer.
- Power 'Energy Orb' tuned: The orb won't attack inselectable objects anymore
and barrels can be found now in case that a good/neutral actor stays between,
also the effects look slightly different corresponding to the power level.
- Arboreal Armor visually enhanced (to look less like a nightdress/underwear).
- Higher chance now to find a Rune of Might (will summon a loyal soldier).
- Cooperation with MonsterLevel Adjustment mod improved.
Beta 4a: (11-Jul-2009)
- Automatic level-up (e.g. when a party member leaves the Inn storage) will
boost now dual-classed characters more appropriately, maintaining the former
distribution of exp between the best two classes while ignoring the 3rd and
4th class. Boosting more than 2 classes is not supported.
- For safety reasons (also for people who don't read the warnings in this file)
the town portal no longer will reopen by default at next game session since
this feature has proven to be more critical than originally expected.
However if you want to reactivate this feature manually then you may write
'save_town_portal=true' (without quotes) into the DungeonSiege2.ini file or
at the end of the command line in your DS2 shortcut. In this case making a
manual backup of your savegame would be really recommended,
Generally try to avoid to open such a persisting town portal near elevators,
near dungeon entrances or at locations with a roof above. However if you have
problems in these cases then using the elevator or entering+leaving the house
resp. dungeon entrance may help.
- Work-around added to teleport you automatically to Eirulan if accidentally
arriving on the Tutorial Beach again after re-entering mercenary mode as a
veteran/elite party or if coming from a different map.
- Encounter with Castle Dragon ('Talon') slightly revised to ensure the battle
will start again if you interruppted it for a longer time.
- Partially lowered stats for Vulk monsters (in South Greilyn Jungle, act 1),
however they still have notably higher stats than other monsters.
- Accessibility of Health and Mana Shrines revised, so it's easier now to walk
on/across them while clicking on the center still will attract the hole party.
- Some new quiver textures added.
Beta 3z: (12-Jun-2009)
- Related on custom difficulty options sometimes the health points of monsters
increased depending on how often you encountered them. This has been fixed.
- Former balance fix for multi-classing slightly revised. If considered to be
sufficiently dual-/multi-classed a party member will gain now one extra skill
point already after 5 levels each time, beginning within hero level 7-8.
Additionally this balance fix will work now in retrospective manner so actors
who have missed their dual-class skill points (e.g. actors in/from the Inn)
will partially get them too.
Note maybe, if using exp-splitting buffs you will become dual-classed anyway,
however without these spells you need at least 1 of 4 monsters (resp. its exp)
to exercise another class than your best class to become dual-/multi-classed.
- Minor chances for some 'Rending Aura' spells. Here specially to mention that
damage-absorption by mana (~'mana shield') supports now percentages >100%,
in these (rare) cases the consumed mana would be reduced proportionally.
- Small GUI-update for the skill tabs to show what percentage of the totally
collected exp has flown so far in which class. It may happen that this update
won't be effective depending on other GUI mods possibly installed.
- Fix for knocked-out animations that did not start sometimes, also a minor
optimisation for several pets to support their second pair of KO/stand-up
animations (so far unused).
- Fix to prevent damage effects on nearby invisible objects that should not be
damaged (yet).
- Workaround to lower the probability of 'very wrong' skill bonuses on weapons.
- There is now the *.ini option 'damage_reflection_effect=false' to disable the
visual effect when damage gets refelcted back to the enemy.
Beta 3y: (25-May-2009)
- Rather formal update, minor technical revisions only.
Beta 3x: (8-May-2009)
- On the radar map now green dots will appear for small/secret levers depending
on lever size and highest Magic Find bonus within your party, however levers
later in gameplay are harder to reveal, initially it may be sufficient if MF
matches the hero level but later MF should be 2-3x higher.
- Recently revised code parts didn't properly respect special breaking objects
(like the 'Farna-Shell' in the Tutorial region), this is fixed now.
- Some under-/over-powered items rebalanced, however changes are rather marginal.
- Ensured that custom Ankh reagents can be pick up again when placed on the map.
- Visibility matter for the Morden Viir Lance fixed.
- If you just like to see your focused party member fighting then you can do this
by the following procedure/tweak:
- Press down 'hold position' key (see game options, it's usually 'C').
- Left-click on any ground position.
- Stop pressing 'hold ground' key.
- Right-click to attack choosen ground position.
Beta 3w: (28-Mar-2009)
- There was a mod bug making the loot-thief invincible/undefeatable in elite
game-mode (partially with loosing all mana). Thanks to 'False Modesty' this
is fixed now.
- Custom rat monsters in act 1 often had a too high level, this is fixed too.
- The method the game treats party orders slightly revised, so if your party
is in 'Waiting' mode then the focused member can now use lifts/elevators
independently and the other members will wait there they are.
- Situative repathing added for melee party members when intercepting enemies.
- Casting effects of embrace buff spells are now able to move with the actor
who eventually changes his positions during spell casting progress.
- More accurate aiming for some fire and ice spells (as if the caster could
estimate where the target approximately will be when the spell will hit).
- Spell 'Transmute' revised. Minor lack fixed so an almost empty potion no
longer will give the same gold value as a full one. This spell also has
been expanded a bit, for example. 3 mana potions and a +health reagent will
transmute into a health potion (the resulting size depends on ingredients
and caster's nature-magic level).
- Absolute damage bonuses on reagents partially replaced with proportional
bonuses to keep these reagents more attractive for longer time.
- Rending Aura spell 'Wasting' tuned to perform more party-friendly, now the
low-life detonation will be executed too as soon as any other party member
hits the enemy.
- Minor revisions for pets. The feeding afford will be some lower if feeding
a further pet of the same class (this change also will prevent feeding bugs
for naiads), the growth-bonuses for Scrub Boar pet slightly revised too.
- The 'Lost Guards' quest of act 1 slightly revised so the guards no longer
will talk to you in combat or if seriously blessed (please heal them first).
- Most of the custom items tuned to fit better into the native item/reward
scheme of DS2, however item stats may be slightly different than before.
- A new 'Ceremonial Shield' added and 'Morden-Viir Lance' as fighter staff,
both as enchantable items.
- Special item added called 'Rune of Might'. If you ever will find one and
add it into the inventory of a party member then an summoned soldier will
appear to fight with you.
- Minor fix for the 'tacho strawman' that became defective when disbanding
a party member within its activation range.
- Concerning quivers the *.ini option 'quiver_mode=#' has been added, where
# must be a number form 0 until 4 to define where/when to display quivers,
0: never, 1: bows only, 2: all ranged weapons expect of spears/javelins,
4: for all ranged weapons (default).
Beta 3v: (24-Jan-2009)
- Work-around added for intercepting melee actors so they don't walk to a
position the enemy evidentially won't reach anymore (e.g. if died or if
walking in another direction meanwhile).
- Work-around added so actors won't talk back-to-back and will face instead.
- Monster life is now assigned more dynamically depending on merc/vet/elite
mode or if in single- or multiplayer mode. In this context the percentage
vet/elite mode gets harder (see: difficulty_mode_ratio) has been lowered
since it will affect now monster life as well (at half influence tough),
moreover this percentage will be applied if you are in multiplayer mode.
Finally this will also accord better when having 6 party members already
in mercenary mode (as DS2 default monsters get more health assigned with
more playing party members, in particular with 5 and above).
- For evaluating the blocking chance it will be considered now from where
the enemy is attacking. If an enemy is in front of your shield then the
blocking chance will actually be some higher now, but if an enemy should
attack from behind the blocking chance will be notably lower.
- Ricochet skill revised: The distance a ricochet may fly has been reduced
slightly while a ricochet may now travel on sometimes.
- Multi-shot tuned: the damage effects caused by shockwaves or bleeding are
now adjusted according to the power (~fan position) of the projectile.
- New items added: Enchantable Haku spears introduced (finally) and some
enchantable helmets added for the dual-classes NM+CM/M+CM/R+NM.
- In all towns a 'tacho strawman' (training dummy) can be found to display
the average time between two damage events. Please take note that the speed
benefits by skills are ~30% higher than they actually should be 'based' on
an error in the code structure that hasn't been completely fixed so far.
- Enchanting/reagents partially revised, in particular an experimental reagent
added to give you ~10% more walking speed. Moreover 'good' items will offer
now +2 enchanting squares, 'great' and 'exceptional' items both +3 squares.
- As soon as a ranged weapon is equipped quivers will be appended on actors
usually with a random look each session. Visit once the reagent seller,
maybe he has some special potions to permanently redye the quiver.
- Potion drinking animation added as additional strategic feature. There are
different modes available by the ini/shortcut option 'potion_drink_mode=X'
where X is a number from 0 (hardly ever animate) until 6 (animate always).
Default is 4 to animate the focused hero always and all other party members
depending on their life/mana state. However for better gameplay convenience
the animation will generally not happen in several situations.
- The left-handed weapon effect of commonly enchanted/magical spears/javelins
could be enforced with the ini/shortcut option 'spear_effect_left=true',
however effects on both sides may look quite effusive for usual weapons.
- The ini/shortcut option 'pet_dire_wolf_black=true' would turn your Dire
Wolf pet into a really dire one.
- This game is so old, don't be surprised to encounter gnawing rats. ;=)
Beta 3u: (13-Sep-2008)
- Minor bug fixed with set-bonuses when wearing 4 or 5 items of Plainswalker's
Journey set.
Beta 3t: (31-Aug-2008)
- Workaround when switching from spell to weapon. So far in DS2 you had to make
some steps first or to wait for ~2 seconds before it was possible to hit enemy
with the newly selected weapon. Now this will work much more fluid.
- Tuned lore book: Chants display now if there is a more advanced version of this
chant in the lorebook on the later pages. Moreover if you would recite a short
chant even so then automatically the medium or long chant of the same type will
be applied if available (so no need to browse for it).
- Minor exp related lack fixed in DS2, playing with 6 party members or 6 parties
in multiplayer will be treated now the same way as a smaller amount of party
members or parties are.
- The resistance bonuses of 'Survival' skill have been reduced a bit for better
game balancing and to accord more with the addon/v2.3, however they still are
significantly higher (initially almost 2x as high) compared to the addon.
- Bows have now a bowstring.
- Breakable containers (barrels, urns, crates, etc.) may respawn now at random
in the next gaming session, however the more often you destroy them, the lower
the chance that they will respawn. Also note that for your current party this
feature only will become active for regions you haven't entered before.
- Spell added to summon your storage vault outside town.
- The existing two spells revised/fixed to split exp on melee and combat magic,
also two new spells added of this type - the first will mainly stun monsters,
the second spell will generally kill all monsters below a certain life amount.
All bonus values depend on how melee and combat magic are in balance, moreover
skill points on Debilitation, Enveloping Embrace and Feral Wrath may partially
improve the bonuses of these spells.
- A few small gameplay facilitations added for new parties. It's very probable
you will reach now Eirulan with level ~3 (as it is the case in multiplayer),
also if you haven't found yet any good low-level weapon then torches can help
out possibly - they have been tuned to cause extra fire damage when burning.
- The 'Golden Chalice' has maybe found it's final destination - drop once this
item once on a health or mana shrine.
- NPC Lirrit (the 'mana bush guard' and pet seller outside Eirulan) disappeared
sometimes, she will keep now the assigned position more ambitiously.
- Necromancer NPCs (who usually bring back dead party members) have now also a
choice in their dialogue to release party member forever into the wilderness.
- The Scrub Boar pet is now able to open ranged sanctuary doors too - because
although spitting it's a ranged pet. Also the pet will grow some faster now
to match the definition of an unpretentious low-level pet (see Beta 3m).
- To fade out the visual buff effects sooner eg. after 10 seconds you may add
'buff_effect_duration=10' (without quotes) in the DungeonSiege2.ini file or
at the end of the command line in your DS2 shortcut.
This option has no influence on the duration the buff bonuses will last, and
if you would set 0 as option value then there only will be the initial buff
cast effect and consecutive visual effects will be skipped.
- AI related tuning added to situationally skip auto-casting with non-focused
party members depending on spell, char stats and expected amount of enemies.
For example this shell prevent that injured members if fleeing fall back due
to auto-casting and thus easily get knocked out by ranged or magical attacks.
You partially may influence the auto-cast behaviour yourself with the custom
option 'vitality_to_autocast=X' where X should be a value (close) around 100
(since vitality doesn't only refer on any specific life amount, it's more a
limit or probabilty including armor and resistances as well). So a low value
for X makes party members auto-cast even if weak or seriously injured, with
a value >100 the members must be able to sustain more of the expected damage.
A value of -1 however would completely turn this feature off. Please follow
the instructions right above how to apply such options.
- Feature added to avoid unintended focusing of pets respectively if you want
to select/focus a pet then you first had to hold the mouse cursor above the
pet for a few moments/seconds until a mouse-click will have an effect.
You can set up this yourself with the option 'pet_focus_latency=X.X' where
X.X ist the delay in seconds (try 2.0 approximately, decimal ditigts are ok).
However this feature is *not* active until you add a delay value that should
match your personal playing style in the DungeonSiege2.ini file.
- Minor changes on a few textures.
Beta 3s: (15-Jun-2008)
- Ghost Summon spell fixed, it will work now more secure when obsessing possibly
quest related monsters (note that monsters that clearly can be identified to
be really important for quests never can be obsessed).
Also a workaround has been added to lower the risk of mistaken attacks between
obsessed monsters and party members.
- A further melee/combat-magic dual-class weapon-enchantment (buff) spell added
that may ignite nearby enemies that are attacking you. The 'Debilitation' and
the 'Ignite' skill have positive influence on the bonus values of the spell.
- The enchantables-shop in the Azunite Desert has been revised to be compatible
with the mod feature to reopen the town portal form the last game session.
Generally if you intend to leave the game with a open town portal then better
cast the town portal spell on a location as clear/empty as possible.
- Summon spells will be auto-casted sooner if hostile occupiers/intruders are
in the town (respectively in a place where you usually don't need summons).
Also it shouldn't happen any longer that a mage (without any summons yet) is
starting to cast e.g. 3 times although only 2 summons are needed/allowed.
- Too often too many monsters got angry at the same time if a mage owned more
than one summoned monster, this has been rebalanced.
- Sometimes potions didn't correctly upgrade although a mature Scrub Boar pet
or a party member with its emanation was present - this is fixed now.
- Many typo errors in this readme corrected. Some are still levt though. ;=)
Beta 3r: (4-May-2008)
- A bug in the last mod version partially applied too much magical damage on
pets in veteran and elite mode, this is fixed now.
- When receiving party commands while casting a summon it could happen that the
weapon didn't reequip correctly. A workaround has been added to avoid this.
- The game difficulty at session/map start only was detected correctly if the
MonsterLevel Adjustment mod was installed too. This matter is fixed now.
- Since also higher variants of the Windstone Armor are available (by Beta 3o)
some Windstone soldiers were standing around only in their sockets, now the
Windstone boots fit them again.
- Multi shot feature revised: The number of extra arrows/projectiles no longer
depends on 'Quick Draw' skill, so for the 'Arrow Bane' buff/enchantment spell
the skill points on 'Enveloping Embrace' and 'Feral Wrath' are deciding now.
You will get one additional projectile per two skill points (in this context
remember that the arrows/projectiles that are more outside are causing less
damage than the ones that are more in the center, so having eg. 20 arrows may
be fun but probably is not the best way to invest so many skill points).
This change was necessary to accord with the other ranged/nature based spells
that recently have been added, also there are now less balancing conflicts and
no more proprietary rules when using this feature with thrown weapons.
So you probably have to change the skill point allocation. The cheapest way to
do this is to visit Erasira, she will reset a skill for 500 gold.
- If desired you may configure DS2 to treat the reserve slots of the spellbook
as additional autocast slots (so functionally you have 6 autocast slots then),
just add 'autocast_slots=6' (without quotes) at the end of the command line of
your DS2 shortcut or by adding it in the DungeonSiege2.ini file.
Please remember that each addition spell in the autocast slots also will cause
a higher CPU load, so better use this option carefully.
- On the char skill tabs: When holding the cursor above a skill then the display
will change to 'native skill points' plus 'skill points by items' instead of
displaying only the final amount of skill points for that skill. It's possible
that feature sadly won't work if other GUI related mods are installed too.
- Further NPC to hire: Kiernan (the lonesome archer at the Snowbrook castle) can
be hired now after solving the related task of "Lelani's Sorrow" quest.
This NPC will join you as ranged/nature dual-classed char - in particular to
give you an example about this skill combination.
- Also the party hero is now allowed to train at the party member training area
at the Snowbrook castle, however training his best skill will happen at rather
low efficiency.
- A teleport connection between Windstone fortress and Snowbrook castle will be
established soon after you have reached the castle the first time. This will
provide a faster way to reach Kiernan or the party member training area in the
Snowbrook castle center.
- When you leave a game session with an opened town portal it will now reopen in
multiplayer mode too if you are the hoster of the game.
- For a more challenging game it's possible now to obtain only the half amount
of skill points resp. 1 skill point each second/even char level. For this add
'half_as_skilled=true' (without quotes) at the end of the command line of your
DS2 shortcut or by adding it in the DungeonSiege2.ini file.
- Experimentally it's possible to rename party members with a special option for
the DungeonSiege2.ini file, for example:
rename_party_member = Donkey: Pacco, Drovan@Kohnan: Billy Idol
The row above would rename any char/pet called 'Donkey' into 'Pacco' for all
parties ever loaded, also it would rename the member 'Drovan' into 'Billy Idol'
but only for the party with the main hero called 'Kohnan'.
In particular when renaming party members please be aware that quests or party
conversations still will react on the char respectively on its old name, thus
renaming eg. Deru into Taar won't work to see/do Taar's conversations/quests.
Although not recommended it also would be possible to rename the main hero but
then you have to rename yourself (eg. in Windows Explorer) the savegame folder
and all the savegame files within - otherwise your main hero only is labelled
with the new name but your party is still conducted with the original name.
Please always backup your savegame first before using this renaming feature!
Beta 3q: (3-Apr-2008)
- Monsters in elite mode are a bit easier to defeat again (compared to previous
difficulty tunings by this mod for veteran/elite mode).
- To disable the little panel with the four party formation buttons you may add
'party_order_panel=false' (without quotes) at the end of the command line of
your DS2 shortcut or by adding it in the DungeonSiege2.ini file. The related
auxiliary 'option button' at Eirulan has been removed.
- Minor fighting speed issue solved for monsters and NPCs wielding two weapons.
- Minor tunings for some crafted/unique items (former shop items).
Beta 3p: (9-Mar-2008)
- Bug fixed in basic DS2 code where requesting a possible life-steal bonus from
traps or self-destroying loot-generators was able to freeze the game.
- Work-around added for more reliably working power launching with non-selected
party members in rampage mode/formation when auto-attacking option is on.
- Missing conversation in Finala's quest added (adopted from v2.3/BW).
- The spell of the Ice Elemental pet revised, in particular the pet's attack may
really freeze enemies now as the original spell description is telling us.
- Ensured that the orange/green circle for boss/special monsters always will have
a diameter that matches with the monster's body size.
- Two new sword types added, Hero Broad Swords and Raider Swords, both one-handed
and enchantable.
- Long-range notification corrected for Sharpshooter weapon enchantment spell.
- NPC Drovan as party member partially fell back on its former NPC state turning
him into a invincible and neutral actor again - this is fixed now.
- Minor revisions for some monsters. The visually swordless Zombie 'Kluun' mage
no longer will have an extra chance to drop a Zombie-sword, the torches of Uhn
mages are burning now, the texture of Rawk monsters has been restored (previous
mod versions possibly caused some kind of quicksilver-look).
- On top of some towers the sight range will be increased while riding upstairs
with the elevator (when riding downstairs again the sight range will be reset
not to cause/maintain a strong memory/CPU load when fighting with monsters).
Beta 3o: (20-Jan-2008)
- Existing ranged/nature exp-sharing weapon enchantment spell rebalanced and 3
new spells added with extra benefits for ranged/nature dual-classing.
The bonus values of these spells may be increased by embrace and wrath skills
but both at half influence only.
A char will be considered as well dual-classed if the indicated spell level is
similar to the char level - and this is usually the case if ranged class and
nature magic class both are very close at/below the char's level. If not well
dual-classed then negative proprieties won't really let you enjoy the benefits
of the spell and you should exercise the retarded class first, alternatively
a spell called 'Dryad Sentinel' may help you but if will take some longer to
adjust the imbalance between the two classes.
- Spell added that allows you to become melee and combat magic dual-classed.
- Higher versions of Windstone armor pieces are now enchantable.
- Dialogue revised for skill resetting NPC. Drovan is now on the list too, also
you could choose alternatively the 'Hey it's me!' reply to select the focused
and currently talking party member instead of the party hero.
Beta 3n: (5-Jan-2008)
- Work-around added for rampage mode tuning several (auto-)casting matters while
equipped with anything else than staves. Things like repeated cast animations
after switching form spell to weapon, holding a shield upside down, invisible
thrown weapons after casting or needlessly hidden cestus should be fixed now,
where necessary weapons/shield will be unequipped temporarily (as it happens in
DS2 by default during casting spells).
- Routine revised giving Drovan (NPC to hire) its equipment. Generally Drovan will
be dual-classed as melee and combat magic, however there also would be a little
tweak to switch this default class assignment.
- Some other minor things improved introduced in Beta 3m.
Beta 3m: (20-Dec-2007)
- More versatility with melee weapons: Daggers are now faster with lowered damage,
hammers and maces are a bit slower now but with more damage. Also all two-handed
melee weapons are some slower now - particularly after obtaining skill points on
'Alacrity' the fight animation looked extremely hectic. Please note, whenever a
weapon became slower its damage raised appropriately, actually it's even a bit
over-compensated as usual in DS2 when speed is balanced/substituted with damage.
- The *stats*display* for Dual Wield damage has been fixed, now the listed stats
should match better the sum of weapon damage, strength influence and magical
bonuses (expect of some value-rounding matters). However the effective damage
you do in battles is still the same as in original DS2. So this change is more
cosmetic and shell make it easier for you to find the best weapon combination.
- Some small reagent related changes to make the enchanting of low-levelled items
more affordable.
- It may happen that you still have anywhere a 'Dwarven Mythril Ring of Sight'
that isn't enchantable (legendary enchantable since Beta 2L), in such a case
just drop it out of your inventory and it should become enchantable.
- Processing of Absorption skill revised, now the calculations are more adequate
according to the description of the skill.
- More combat challenge: The extra difficulty for vet/elite mode raised from 20%
to 25%, also defense bonuses are a bit lower now according to GPG's balancing
changes done for v2.3/BW (but compared to it this here is very soft approach).
- If an attack has been blocked now no more bleeding or haemorrhage can happen,
also there won't be arrows sticking in the body if blocking was successful.
- The automatic level boost for under-levelled chars when coming out of the inn
has been revised. Now all chars more than 5 levels below your main hero will
be upgraded according to the level they had when you disbanded them.
The multi-class support has been expanded for all possible combinations of
dual-classed chars - the secondary skill will be raised too if it was at least
70% of the primary class.
- Chars coming from the inn now always will have full life and mana, also a little
workaround has been added for the inn at Aman'lu (act 2) to prevent that there
the camera may drop in vertical stance if rejoined chars instantly get focused.
- Dynamic movement speed: If your char's inventory is empty he will move/run now
slightly faster and if it's full the char will move some slower.
- Multiple summon feature has been revised. Instead of 7 you will require now 8
skill points on Summon Might per every further summon. Aether Blast power will
cause now a more balanced damage if there are more than one summoned monsters.
Also enemies may randomly become angry at the mage owning multiple summons.
- Another Rending Aura added called 'Arrow Bane'. This single-char buff spell is
devoted to the gameplay-historical kind of Dryads. It will split all incoming
exp on ranged or nature magic (if the attack belonged to one of these classes).
The resulting lack of specialization will be compensated by the spell feature
allowing you to launch more then one arrow at once depending on the skill points
on 'Quick Draw' - two are required for one more arrow or 5 per additional thrown
projectile (although this feature isn't really intended for thrown weapons).
Drawing so many arrows will natively cause some handicaps like a partial damage
loss for all arrows, about -20% damage with an ordinary dual-classed archer.
However also the position in the arrow fan has some influence, usually arrows
in the center cause more damage than arrows that are on a outer position in
the arrow fan.
- Ironwood bows and Daziel's Bow got new inventory icons. The rather big model
of Stalker bows is used now for Elven Longbows and vice-versa. It will comply
comply much better with their bow names and proprieties like this.
- Expanded Auto-cast AI: If using a single-char buff spell (like Rending Aura
spells to split exp) then put this spell in the first auto-cast slot of your
spellbook to give it a higher priority. Buff spell auto-casting will perform
then more logical when other mages in your party try to cast general buffs.
- If you leave now the game with an open town portal then the portal still will
be open at the next game session. This feature is currently only available in
singleplayer, also it's recommended to take some care that the portal doesn't
lead back eg. on/near a elevator - in cases like this it's always a bit tricky
to find the right 'light switch' at the end of the teleportation tunnel. ;=)
- When a new actor joins the party or when getting a member back form the Inn:
All actors above char level 5 will be considered for an automatic multi-class
level-up if the level of the 2nd best class is at least 70% of the best class.
Also the threshold for this level-up is now 5 instead of 20 levels (mainly not
to be affected by the default exp stepping in DS2) and the difference between
hero and member to add will be reduced approximately to its square root value
or to 5 levels on maximum - like this it should be no problem to close soon
the little remaining level gap if really needed, also there are training areas
where you easily get exp while fighting in exchange for obsolete items.
- Anywhere around Aman'lu you may find now an additional NPC called 'Drovan'.
It's said there must be any kinship with Drevin, that's probably why he will
like to join your party to get revenge on Valdis...
- Experimentally a Scrub Boar added as a short-ranged pet intended to support
low-levelled chars/parties. This pet won't need a lot of worthful (ranged) food
but better feed it defensive - although its spit attack may become quite acid
the pet won't be very resistant to physical attacks by default.
|**** GROWTH: ****
| Baby: (only available for actors familiar with Scrub Boar breeding)
| - Attack: Gastric Acid (native) (=>1)
| Piglet: (ignores food form chars below level 1)
| - Minimum bonus: +10% Chance to Dodge Attacks
| Juvenile: (ignores food form chars below level 3)
| - Minimum bonus: +20% Magic Damage Resistance
| Adolescent: (ignores food form chars below level 5)
| - Power: Dragon Inspiration (=>2)
| - Minimum bonus: +30% Power Recharge Rate (=>2)
| Young Adult: (ignores food form chars below level 7)
| - Minimum bonus: +40% Gold Dropped
| Mature Boar:
| - Minimum bonus: +50% Health Regeneration Rate
| - Aura: 'More Tasty Potions' (=>3)
|**** REMARKS: ****
| =>1: Short-ranged spit attack with the body's own digestion juice, it's quick-
| acting and notably harmful but also some slower than pet attacks usually.
| =>2: Power borrowed from Lap Dragon pet. Please note this is generally a very
| slowly recharging power specially for a Scrub Boar (the Lag Dragon spell
| has a much higher recharge quality). So the minimum bonus refers to this.
| =>3: Scrub Boar's emanation will help you to find bigger potions. The potion
| size will be even bigger if additionally the pet's power is active:
| +=======================================================+
| | ORIG. POTION |+-------------------+-------------------+
| +=======================================================+
| | 1 SMALL || 1 MEDIUM | 1 LARGE |
| +--------------++-------------------+-------------------+
| | 1 MEDIUM || 1 LARGE | 1 SUPER |
| +--------------++-------------------+-------------------+
| | 1 LARGE || 1 SUPER | 66% TO BE COLOS |
| | || - | OR 1 SUPER |
| +--------------++-------------------+-------------------+
| | 1 SUPER || 66% TO BE COLOS | 1 COLOS |
| | || OR 1 SUPER | +33% 1 MORE COLOS |
| +--------------++-------------------+-------------------+
| | 1 COLOS || 1 COLOS | 2 COLOS |
| | || +66% 1 MORE COLOS | +33% 1 MORE COLOS | % = CHANCE
| +=======================================================+
|**** AQUISITION: ****
| Seller : Guard near Mana/Health Bushes outside Eirulan (north gate)
| Price : 275 Gold
| Special: Often you will get a Scrub Boar already at piglet age.
Beta 3L:
- New dual-magic spell added summoning a ghost that will take possession of the
monster that kills him resp. terminates the ghost's current form of existence.
This spell requires nature and combat magic at almost the same levels to get a
ghost with reliable benefits and a high reincarnation chance.
- General summoning tunings, glowing effect and nature summon casting effect will
now better respect the size of the monster to summon, also the town recognition
(to avoid useless summon castings) works a bit faster now.
- Spellbook expanded form 3 to 4 auto-cast spells (as in the Broken World addon).
Even if there are no weapon enchantment spells this makes more sense now for the
original version too since this mod is featuring a tuned auto-cast AI routine
since Beta 3g. Nature and dual-magic mages mostly have enough potential spells
to put in there, but also combat mages may trust more in auto-casting because
the AI is able to distinguish melee form magical attacks for reasonable usage
of the curses Blind, Magic Steal and Punishing Fire.
Beta 3k:
- Game rules related tunings, eg. the spit attack of Skitter monsters is treated
now really as ranged attack and no longer as magical attack, like this suffered
damage can be reflected now back to them (easy to see with a mature Dire Wolf).
- Pets related tunings, correct stats will be displayed for the Mythrilhorn and
work-around added for possible loss of growth bonuses if the party hero dies.
- Fix added for multiple summon feature, now there will be proper clean up of all
remaining summoned monsters if you are sending the mage to the inn.
Beta 3j:
- General tunings on about 20 files, not critical but it's recommended to update.
- Plasma Globes and Ribble spell may be casted now on pure ground too. Please use
them with reasonability in towns or close to NPCs, specially for Plasma Globes
collateral damage has to be invoiced sometimes.
- Multiple summons feature added allowing upto 4 summons per party member when
having 7, 14 resp. 21 skill points on 'Summon Might', skill points by items
will be credited too. Auto-casting summons in town will be suppressed as long
as there are no enemies and only if the spell is inside auto-cast slot #5-#7.
The two active powers have been slightly adjusted and for 'Summon Bond' skill
the deflected damage will be shared equally on all summoned monsters.
Expect of the spell description you can watch now the summon stats when holding
the mouse cursor above the summoned monster, this is intended to compensate the
incorrect stats displayed by summon related (mini)-icons (around the char icon
or on the char window in the inventory), sadly this matter can't be fixed. :=(
Generally if you don't like this experimental feature you can turn it off by
adding 'multi_summon=false' (without quotes) at the end of the command line of
your DS2 shortcut or by adding it in the DungeonSiege2.ini file.
- The Multiplayer capability of this mod has been re-enabled. There was the risk
that you couldn't join other games because of a 'not the same content' warning
although all gamers had the identical mods installed. This matter is fixed now,
thanks to 'TheMatrix02' for tracing this strange bug!
Concerning the Multiplayer mode i regrettably have to add that this mod has only
enjoyed a few online/LAN testings. The code does respect multiplayer as good as
possible, unfortunately an intense multiplayer debugging is beyond my capacities.
Beta 3i:
- Internal test version, officially never released.
Beta 3h:
- Fixes for NPCs wearing equipment that has become enchantable in version Beta 3c.
In that context also Snowbrook Castle soldiers have been tuned to be more steady
in veteran and elite mode.
- As work-around for the disabled game speed keys now the speed of the game can be
changed for single player mode by two auxiliary possibilities:
a) by using the game speed levers (resp. valves, added by this mod version) that
can be found next to the prison of Eirulan.
b) by adding eg. 'game_speed=90' (without quotes) in the command line of your DS2
shortcut or by adding it in the DungeonSiege2.ini file. Default is 100, minimum
is 10 (slow), maximum is 300 (fast), step-width is +/-10.
All speed changes will be re-applied whenever you load a new map, however manually
added/edited changes by possibility b) are dominant.
Beta 3g:
- Bug fixed when having maximum skill points on Fortitude with items (maximum has
been expanded in Beta 2f of this mod to prevent 'wasted' skill points by items)
Accidentally the bonus dropped from +49% life with 24 skill points to +0% with
25 skill points - of course it should be +50%.
- In order to behave more realistic in battles combat mages in your party will stop
auto-casting curses if they only have a third or less of their maximum health left,
it can be assumed mages learn/know the provoking effect of their curses.
- The party AI no longer will make members auto-cast 'Blind' and 'Punishing Fire'
curse on magic monsters and 'Steal Magic' on melee monsters, however indirectly
these area-affecting spells may hit accidentally 'wrong' monsters nevertheless.
- Minor bug solved on 'Punishing Fire' spell, it's effect on ranged damage didn't
really match the description.
- Training area added in Snowbrook Haven castle to level-up retarded party members
more quickly by sacrificing items.
Beta 3f:
- Difficulty settings generally revised, it's now possible to set a custom game
difficulty by adding 'difficulty=###' (without quotes) in the start command line
of the short-cut you start DS2 with, alternatively you also can write it in the
'DungeonSiege2.ini' file (look in your savegame folder). Acceptable values are
50-500, so eg. 'difficulty=75' will make the game easier while a value of 300
will make the game remarkably harder and the monsters become more dangerous.
- The 'life controller' code responsible for damage over time revised, there was
a minor lack related on reflected damage, also now damage over time will give
you correct experience when caused by weapons (for spells it already worked ok).
- Fix for possibly broken Hak'u daggers, due to its revision (merc/vet/elite game
mode have now all their own dagger version) imported/original Hak'u daggers may
become useless because of negative damage. - Supposed now you have such a dagger
then drop it out of your inventory and it will be repaired automatically.
- Arinth quest reward has been fixed to drop more appropriate veteran/elite loot.
Beta 3e:
- Rounding matter solved in the functions evaluating chars to give them this extra
multi-class skill point, however no other changes (details: please see Beta 3c).
- Smaller technical revisions generally just to calibrate the mod content with the
Aranna Legacy Mod to allow better mod testing/debugging with toolkit v2.2.
Beta 3d:
- Simple content check added, it starts right after entering the map and will last
some seconds but you can teleport away in meantime. If errors will be indicated
you should recheck your mod configuration or uninstall this mod, in case of any
skrit or template related error the game may not run stable.
- Usage of Corpse Transmutation spell fixed.
- Possible lack fixed when monsters are using custom spears.
- The 'Rending Aura' dual-magic buff (see Beta 3b) will split now experience 70:30
instead of 50:50, like this the class of the selected spell will be preferred and
(even if it sounds strange a bit) the gap between the two classes will never be
bigger than 5-10 levels (due to the non-linear growth/levelling of your char).
- A special dual-magic spell added summoning a harpy. This spell is only intended
for mages with both magic classes on similar levels. A difference of 5-10 levels
doesn't really matter, but above 20 levels it will be fatal, then the summoned
harpy will be terribly weak and probably even collapse soon after its summoning.
Note that if you have summoned a harpy your all experience will automatically be
split 50:50 expect you have the 'Rending Aura' casted on you (see above).
Summoned Harpy story: Once upon a time Dryads had problems to train Harpies into
pets and so they started to treat them with magic - but the Dryads failed and all
harpies disappeared one by one. So a summoned harpy is now just the magical echo
of its own former existence as pet - and thus be not surprised if sometimes they
really behave like pets breaking sanctuary doors or when neutralizing monsters
with one of the useful abilities Dryads have learned them in ancient times.
- Enchantable shop added in the Azunite Desert downhill of the Windstone outpost.
Beta 3c:
- For higher availability most custom items (introduced by this mod) have been
revised, thus small changes on items stats are possible. In this context now
javelins/spears better can be found in act 1.
- Item addition I: Morden Shield and one-handed (Zombie) Legionnaire Sword added.
They may only drop as enchantable items or magical items (blue only but always
with 'harmonic' bonuses) from enemies that are already equipped with these items.
- Item addition II: Hole equipment from Snowbrook archers and (melee) soldiers is
now available as regular items, they may drop from monsters or they can be found
in shops too.
- From char level 7 until 70 every 7th level all chars that are intensively multi-
classed may get one additional skill point at level up, like this multi-classing
should be a bit more attractive even with no class at maximum.
Supposed your char is well multi-classed he will get this special skill point...:
- if second-highest class is at least 70% of the best class the char has,
- if the average of 2nd and 3rd highest class is at least 65% of the best class,
- if the average of all weaker classes is at least 60% of the best class.
To provide some more flexibility it's also possible to reach these requirements
with a delay of one char level (resp. until the next char-level-up event).
- Difficulty settings revised, slightly easier when starting, some harder for elite.
Beta 3b:
- Single-char buff spell 'Rending Aura' added to share all new magical experience
equally on nature and combat magic regardless of the type of spell acting with.
This buff spell has multiple bonuses, they don't really depend on intelligence
(as displayed by default) the bonus values rather depend on comparing nature
and combat magic levels - because of the multi-classed kind of this spell buff
a low difference between the two magic types will perform better values.
Related on the type of bonus the skills 'Enveloping Embrace' or 'Feral Wrath'
may take some influence too, however only at half effect.
Side note: Originally this spell was intended for DS2 v2.3/BW only (that's
why the spell uses an animation form the addon), due to the lack of suitable
debugging tools this spell has been implemented here in DS2 v2.2 first to
test it with the DS2 v2.2 compatible toolkit.
- Minor changes on drop pattern of unique items to improve 'char like' drops.
Beta 3a:
- Outside of Eirulan there is now an opportunity to buy packmules immediately
after entering the north-western Greilyn jungle area (close to the shrine).
- When getting a char back from the inn the level difference is now 12 levels
to get the automatic char upgrade.
Beta 2z:
- Little fix to prevent that a spell may be executed on a target much beyond
casting range, however a little tolerance for this range remains.
- The experimental 'Speed by Dex' feature tuned, now it's mainly based on the
ratio of dexterity and char level influenced by absolute dex amount. However
to keep it attractive for all char types it behaves not linear, the benefit
of one further dex point is bigger if you haven't already a lot of dexterity.
- Some experimental code introduced in Alpha 1g removed again. When resetting a
skill at the modded skill reset NPC this code was the reason why your char has
lost the buff effects while the timer itself for the buff still was going on.
In this context pleas note that currently it may occasionally happen that the
visual buff effect lasts on while the real improvement already has expired.
- Minor timing adjusting to prevent that equipment is added to a monster before
its monster level may change (eg. by special mod).
Beta 2y:
- Little work-around for the (rare) failure of the Kalrathia rebellion quest task.
For the case you accidentally have saved already during failing quest then at
the next game session there will be some additional Morden occupiers allowing
you to complete the task. However, before making use of that auxiliary and only
approximate counter fix you better should re-check the hole town, in particular
the balcony and the city gates. ;=)
- Aiming error deviation for spears adjusted (in context with immobile targets).
- Minor technical tunings.
Beta 2x:
- Near the backyard of the Inn of Eirulan there is now a powerful mage that
is able to release the skill points from a skill of your choice.
- If one party member casts a buff spell then the buff durations will also be
refreshed for any other party members that already have this buff. (However,
this alone won't turn auto-casting now into an always smart acting feature.)
- When enchanting mage weapons with intelligence reagents, the correct effect
will be displayed now (till now it was the same as for dexterity).
- Among error deviation lowered for spears/javelin when attacking an immobile
resp. a non-living target.
Beta 2w:
- An inadequate optimisation for Beta 2v has partially caused the experience
calculation to fail. I'm sorry for inconvenience, this is solved now.
- The life of monsters will slightly scales up more depending on party size.
Beta 2v:
- Dire Wolf texture has become a little darker/bluer to be able to distinguish
the non-adult pet a bit better from similar looking kurgan monsters.
- Transmuting Vaikesh bows, javelins or spears no longer will give only 1 gold.
- Vai'kesh bows have no a better (internal) item levels. This may cause that stats
and requirements of Vai'kesh bows from former Hotfix-Mod versions may change.
I'm sorry for inconvenience, probably you have to go and 'ask' the corresponding
owners for a new one. Also keep in mind that there is more than once chance to
get a Viperclaw reagent (as you can obtain in Multiplayer).
- Another Onyx fragment and a protective Ankh reagent have been hidden in act 2.
- Experimental: Dexterity gives now a *little* bonus for movement speed, however
only notable for ranged chars due to their high dex value. This is intended as
tiny 'retro bonus' feature in style of DS1 where dex had a bigger importance.
Actually the speed bonus is quite restrictive because the party AI not has been
updated yet to handle party members with different movement speeds.
- Party size limitation related on merc/vet/elite game mode removed. Mercenary mode
often is considered as most difficult, so why not 6 chars if the players like!?
This also will help to import more party members into the Broken World addon,
there is high risk that char stored in the inn may get invalid during import.
- Updating regional languages / object names - pending...
- Create in-game difficulty option - pending...
Beta 2u:
- For the Azunite Statue at Windstone Fortress a 'security check' has been added
to ensure to be able to preceded to the act 1 boss, in some rare/strange cases
the statue wasn't usable although all enemies were gone. If that happens, check
all the nearby rooms twice ;=), if there are no more enemies, save the session
and come back - as long the statue isn't usable there will be one further enemy.
- All gold related aspects revised for weapons introduced by previous Hotfix mods.
- Another spear type added to provide a more gapless availability of these weapons.
Its name is 'Harpy Spear' and harpies are generally the monsters where you can
go and 'ask' ;=) for such a weapon. However occasionally they also can be found
at some other places.
Beta 2t:
- Player summons have no different size according the level (I-IV) of the spell.
- There was an error at the 'speaking' skeleton secret, this has been fixed now.
Beta 2s:
- Buttons, lever etc. won't show up in the radar map to keep hidden things hidden.
- The damage of flame throwing monsters will destroy barrels now too.
- Evil monsters summoned in incantation shrines won't have any longer a friendly
status description, also they won't drop spellbooks now when dying/expiring.
- Vai'kesh Bows and Taclak Javelins got a got a little functional upgrade, also
there is a small chance to find these weapons in act 3 too, of course that time
they won't drop from monsters.
- A party member related secret added in the riddle statue dungeon at the Azunite
Desert of act 1 to provide a low-level variant of the Vai'kesh Bow.
- The little quest/secret about the 'speaking' skeleton in the Azunite Desert has
been upgraded: effect added, reward improved (and more health/mana bushes set).
- The Golden Chalice and the Ankh Cross ;=) (supposed you find these items) can
be used now as reagent helping you to prevent...
- A little party order menu re-activated (it already existed since DS2 beta).
Just hold down the mouse button and drag on the party command icon you want.
However in many cases a good key configuration is more recommendable, so if
you like to turn off this up-popping menu there is another 'game option button'
on the eastern wall in the room behind the smith at Eirulan.
- Difficulty settings revised again to reduce the impression that the first few
levels resp. act 1 would be the most difficult period of the hole game.
- The regenerative speed of potions has been reduced a little bit. Indeed i was
looking for a way to bring back the behaviour as in DS1 where drinking potions
had a much higher strategic aspect (and also was a bit more realistic than a
invisible and delayless potion injection like being a Borg out of Star Trek).
Beta 2r:
- Nexus set bonus revised if two 2 nexus items are equipped.
- Morden Sword (player version) and to some shields are featuring shader effects.
- The Golden Chalice (form Act 3 desert) has now a meaning resp. higher usability.
- Little secret added at the Greilyn 'tutorial' beach - just for fun. ;=)
- Banter-Paranoia-Button added in the room behind Telinu (the smith) of Eirulan.
This button has game option functionality concerning if banter conversations
between party members will have a tuned/intelligent behaviour (after pushing
it the message 'Chat window: Please wait' will appear in order to wait before
talking until no enemies are nearby ) or if banter conversations for a certain
location will show up over and over again (=>paranoia mode).
Note, pushing this button won't bring back conversations, so using that button
is most effective on virgin maps - for all who don't trust the default mode.
Beta 2q:
- Some (further) quest items now have now appropriate stats for veteran and elite
mode, totally: Hero's Amulet & Ring, Hak'u Ceremonial Blade, Heirloom Sword,
Arinth's Staff, Mace of Agarrus, Virtuous Rebellion and Soul Staff of the Nexus.
Of course all related quest/chest have been updated. Some quest amulets/rings
like 'Hunter's Mark' actually have no corresponding version in veteran/elite
but there is a good chance that you get a rare/unique/set amulet/ring instead.
- Amren's bow 'Virtuous Rebellion' displays now a (=>its) effect!
- A further 'Necromantic Skull' reagent hidden in the desert of act 3, if you
find a new chest never seen before (also added) you are very close. ;=)
Beta 2o:
- Some high item levels revised form crafted/rare items (unique since beta 2f)
to be able to drop from monsters/chests (they must have similar levels).
- 3 monster weapons tuned to be available: a big Morden Sword, a Long Bow form
the Vai'kesh and Taclak Javelins. These weapons often are enchantable and only
drop form their owners - if the rigor mortis doesn't begin immediately... ;=)
Note, if you remove the Hotfix Mod these weapons will become rather useless,
however there aren't more critical consequences for your savegames.
- Aiming error tuned/adjusted. Feature is disabled now when using an active power.
Solved too the problem that some NPCs had no defined level (=zero) making them
incredibly bad archers. In such cases a random level will be supposed depending
on mercenary/veteran/elite mode.
- According its item stats and to the total number of unique items for combat and
nature mages the cestus 'Endless Memory' may be used now also by nature mages.
- Activation radius of Morden Towers reduced for better manoeuvring close to them.
Beta 2n:
- Damage reduction for attacking monsters removed. This will keep monsters with
4 or more levels below your char(s) a bit more interesting/challenging.
The default penalty was just too much: -25% if >4, -50% if >6 levels difference.
The reduction still exist if the player attacks a higher levelled monster but it
it less influence now and mainly it is defined dynamically (not 'stair-wise').
Beta 2m:
- Some reagents revised once more. Bug solved at 'Phoenix Feather'. For veteran
and elite mode also 'Lumilla's Salve' have now slightly higher values.
- Some special quest items revised too for veteran/elite mode.
- Quest rewards improved. The chance to encounter low-level unique and set items
in veteran/elite mode is now very low (expect of important set/quest items).
Beta 2L:
- Quest-reward improved/patched. Rewards for Luun and Letiso were related on their
item level (is always zero here) instead of their monster level. Also these and
some further rewards no longer will drop for veteran/elite the same as in mercenary.
- The 'Dwarven Mythril Ring of Sight' has become enchantable now. As soon as Valeria
has treated the ring with her magic it will be a legendary item! However, it has
some enhanced requirements, also its enchanting costs will be quite expensive.
- There is now a reagent that allows you to talk to ghosts. This is a little rare
skull hidden at certain places in the desert of act 3.
Note, if you remove this mod there will NOT be the usual risks for your savegames
but the reagent gets useless then and its bonus on enchanted items will disappear.
- Re-Balancing of aiming errors and Patterned Shell (both introduced by this mod).
Beta 2k:
- Improved again the drop behaviour for monsters and chests. It may leave the
impression of better drops because low-level stuff is filtrated out better now.
- Aiming error feature revised. Bug fixed calculating Y-deviation.
- Viperclaw quest can be repeated (specially in singleplayer). Just go to Eumenidie
with all three reagents and she will give you another Viperclaw.
Beta 2j:
- Enhanced difficulty for veteran and elite games now correctly applied also in SP.
- Checks at game start (if the related quests are active) a riskful trigger in the
azunite chamber (could fail in v2.1 if you had saved before Eva opened the door
and unfortunately that trigger remains inactive after patching the game to v2.2).
Beta 2i:
- Usual aiming errors for ranged attacks introduced. Experimental Status.
It looks just more realistic if there is a certain probability that e.g. a sick
monster misses an target. Generally that probability resp. the amount of deviation
is linked on ranged or monster level - the higher, the better they aim.
Thus a level-0-archer is a really bad archer (but he will make fast progresses).
Additionally for your own ranged chars skill points on 'far shot' or 'quick draw'
will increase the chance to hit - but don't panic, there is no real need to push
these skills because of that feature now, in many cases you will hit anyway.
- Corrected an error in preventing translation of a active skill description.
Beta 2h:
- The game won't start intra-party ('banter') conversations during a battle,
also the launching of conversations related to party members has been revised.
Nevertheless this is no 100% guarantee that conversations won't happen at an
unpleasant moment (eg. if a monster teleports himself next to your party).
Please note, it remains in your responsibility to clear the area around potential
quest givers (the actors with exclamation or question marks above their heads).
- Finala conversation triggers in South Greilyn revised. The secret door no longer
will open if you are on the surface, it will open now correctly when you are
downstairs. For the case you are walking above the cave an informal conversation
has been added as hint that 'there is something going on' in this area.
Beta 2g:
- Reagent 'Patterned Shell' has revised values once again to be more attractive.
Note, the values of this reagent will change/increase in veteran or elite mode.
(Please see below why this reagent has an 'experimental status' in this mod.)

* Description (Beta 2f, 25-Mar-2006)

This is a user created mod with bug-fixes and game improvements.

By Hanker Chief:
- Offhand weapon is now averaged into swing damage only with mainhand weapon,
not with the sum of mainhand, strength, and magic bonuses.
- Custom elemental damage is now applied from all items (added custom_effect fields).
- The double application of some custom elemental damage sources during checking
for target resistances was changed. The code now subtracts the resisted amount
instead of adding the amount not resisted.
I couldn't properly fix this because the hardcoded function this relies on is broken.

By KillerGremal:
- Re-Balancing approach I : Game is some harder now for veteran and elite mode.
- Re-Balancing approach II: EXP gain is more balanced indifferently to party size.
Like this the impression further party members would 'steal' EXP will be reduced.
- Fixing issue with pets and danger of over-levelling (resp. how to share exp)
- Fixes missing default bonuses with pets.
- Take-Aim Ranged Power fixed (Level 1+2)
- Passive Skills may go upto 25 _by_Items_only. Sometimes this may require a special procedure:
Remove items giving skill point form your char, set 20 skill points, equip the items again.
- Loot drop behaviour revised (level range reduced to prevent low level stuff in veteran/elite).
- The mechanism to drop a party-specific reward is able now to distinguish human heroes from pets
and will no longer make a reward based on a pet.
- No more crafted rare items in shops, all these 240 items are unique now to be able to drop.
As compensation the shop vendors are offering now rare items similar to those the thief drops.
- The thief may drop now also a unique items, however the chance is small.
- Some reagents fully revised(*) (once more), language compatibility ensured too.
- Formula for enchantment prices replaced. Costs should be now generally more comprehensive!(?)
- Party members can be disbanded/eliminated! for ever (if in the inn before).
- Instead of 2 auto-cast and 4 reserve spell slots there are now 2x 3 slots.
- Reduces the 'zone of teleporter-mouse-activation' for better fighting near teleport stations.
- Fixes a possible bug with a magically locked door in Snowbrook Haven castle (act 2).
- Two minor bugs within the thief AI fixed.

Комментарии (9)
Cheatsurfer #
Официальный форум модификации, там всегда можно найти самую свежую версию мода:
На лицухе от 1С столкнулся с такой проблемой, у меня 4 персонажа, остальные 5 сидят в таверне, некоторые из них (сартан, амрен и викс) если взять их в свою пати каждый раз получают уровень отличный на -2 пункта от моего основного персонажа (как и должно быть), а другие (деру, ева) почему -то уровень не поднимают, деру 1 раз подняла до 33 уровень, а ева как была с начала 29 уровня так и осталась
Читая описание к этому моду я так понял автоматический кач персонажей в трактире происходит, если я правильно понял:
"Beta 4a: (11-Jul-2009)
- Automatic level-up (e.g. when a party member leaves the Inn storage) will
boost now dual-classed characters more appropriately, maintaining the former
distribution of exp between the best two classes while ignoring the 3rd and
4th class. Boosting more than 2 classes is not supported."

Но на самом деле этот баг у меня не проходит, одни персы из таверны поднимают свой уровень(в зависимости от основного перса) тупо сидя в таверне, а другие не поднимают(((
Конечно, очень много всего, но на инглише. :(
у меня в начале игры вилетает. Помогите
Народ, патч совместимости 16:9 где взять? А то 15-20 фпс на 1070 гтх очень бесит
Их советы ничем не помогли, игра тупо перестала загружаться
А все, помогло, я просто тупой не сразу вкурил