Enigma: Rising Tide

Enigma Rising Tide v2.0.1b (UK)

Описание и инструкции

Setup features:

1. Three patrol choices: combat, training, and tactical modes. Completely random
patrols, a new experience each time.

2. Player can select time of day, weather, and ocean condition, or have it
completely random.

3. Player can select the faction to play against or have it randomly chosen.

4. Player can select the type of ship for each mission

Gameplay features:

1. Waypoint system: the waypoint system now allows for auto avoid. If a collision
is imminent, the ship will stop and attempt to go around, once clear of the
object, the vessel will resume it's waypoint course.

2. Auto evade: auto evade will no longer automatically switch off if the player
makes a course change.

3. Re-supply functions: players can now call for re-supply during the course
of a mission. Player locates supply vessels on radar, and then assumes command,
from there player specifies location that the vessel is to follow. Once the
re-supply point is reached, pull up next to the supply ship and stop. Wait for
the radio signal that the re-supply process has begun. If you are attacked,
the re-supply will be interrupted. Different ships provide specific types of

Tankers- fuel.
Merchants- ammo and repairs.
Oilers- ammo, fuel, and repairs.

4. Special Damage: damage to certain areas will result in fuel leakage, fires,
or engine damage; ships that run out of fuel are stranded and are unable to
move. Ships with damaged engines have their speed reduced. The amount is dependent
on the amount of damage sustained. Crew members will auto attempt to fix any
special damage.

5. New incoming torpedo warning data (Proper range, bearing and heading)

6. Enhanced voice command performance - optimized grammer.

7. Optimized submarine AI performance - no more surfacing when surrounded by

8. Docking hazards: when docked to a supply ship if that vessel takes damage,
the players ship takes damage as well based on weapon.

9. Mayday or assistance broadcast: during course of mission, a player can issue
a call for help. On tactical HUD player clicks broadcast then chooses an action
(attack, escort, etc.), and then specifies target. This assistance is not based
on rank and the vessel may or may not assist.

10. Alarm: on the tactical HUD clicking the alarm button will activate auto
AA, auto anti-ship and auto evade.

11. New ship: the German E-Boat has been added. The German DE and all US ships
have been re-modeled and optimized.

12. Voice binds: Voice binds have been included and have the ability to be
modified by the player: These allow for crew response. They will be disabled
on shipment - voicepack will be a separate download (too big).

13. Mini-tactical: the mini-radar on the main HUD has several selectable options
dependent on weapon load. Clicking the buttons next to the radar screen will
activate one of the following:

Torpedo control: this allows the player to set the speed and gyro angle of
the torpedoes. Torpedoes can have their speed increased (at the cost of range).
A stopwatch has also been included that tracks torpedo run times. To manually
set the torpedoes: Select torpedo tube. Set gyro to desired angle. Set depth
and speed. Fire torpedoes!!! Monitor run time on stopwatch. Using the tactical
periscope or binoculars will override the gyro settings, all else are persistent.

Depth charge control: from here player can control depth, pattern, and number
of depth charges dropped. Player can opt to fire racks or k-guns only and can
bracket charges (charges will detonate sequentially adding 5 or 10 meters from
the set depth).

14. Campaigns have been rebalanced for weapon power and battle damage. Weapon
damage and range as well as ship strength and vulnerabilities have been diversified

15. Ability to select multiple ships on the big tactical display by clicking
and dragging.

Art Features

1. HUD redesign: the HUD has been re-vamped being far more military in appearance

2. Particle effects: particle effects have been improved, especially smoke
trailing from hits.

3. Weather effects: all weather effects have been enhanced.

4. Decals and Cammo: ships now carry identification decals, sport new, and
more detailed camouflage patterns. (These will be a separate download)

5. Sub interior: The bridge interior of the submarine has been fully re-modeled.

6. Smoke and Wake effects: both these effects have been improved and are now
more realistic.

7. Camera orbit: third person external camera now has an elliptical orbit.
As player rotates around vessel camera zooms in and out.

8. Ship models: ship models have been updated and are more detailed and realistic.