Fallout 4

Fallout 4 "Неофициальный патч v.1.0.1"

Описание и инструкции

Автор: Unofficial Patch Project Team

Всестороннее исправление ошибок для Fallout 4. Целью неофициального патча для Fallout 4 (он же UFO4P) в конечном итоге является исправить каждую ошибку в Fallout 4, которые официально не решены разработчиками игры в рамках Creation Kit и инструментов разработанных игровым сообществом, в одном простом установочном пакете.

Что исправляет неофициальный патч:1.0.1


UFO4P Fixes

  • Removed RadioDiamondCityReceiverOff, RadioFreedomReceiverOff, and RadioInstituteReceiverOff from the formlist of static scrap objects for radios. Adding these caused crafted radios to become unmovable once placed.
  • All worldspace edits had to be removed and reconstructed in the CK due to a problem generated by a bug in xEdit that caused Vertibirds to fly through buildings rather than avoid them. (Bug #20277)

Actor Fixes

  • Loot_DeadRaider01 and Loot_DeadRaiderFemale01 both respawn even though they are all used in situations where this should not happen. These actors are all set to be dead when the player finds them the first time. (Bug #20183)
  • Deirdre's merchant faction setup was incorrect. A bad condition flag prevented her from selling anything, and her vendor container had none of the intended leveled items in it. (Bug #20203)

Item Fixes

  • Several glass bottles had no pickup or drop sounds attached. (Bug #20161)
  • The following alchoholic beverages did not have the proper duration set for the Live & Love perk benefit: BeerBottleStandard01_Cold, BeerGwinnettAle, BeerGwinnettAle_Cold, BeerGwinnettBrew, BeerGwinnettBrew_Cold, BeerGwinnettLager, BeerGwinnettLager_Cold, BeerGwinnettPale, BeerGwinnettPale_Cold, BeerGwinnettPils, BeerGwinnettPils_Cold, BeerGwinnettStout, BeerGwinnettStout_Cold, DN133_WineAmontillado, Rum, DirtyWastelander, Bourbon, Vodka, Wine, Whiskey, and MoonshineBobrov. (Bug #20149)
  • Vertibird pilot outfits were incorrectly adding extra armor that blocked them from wearing their intended bomber jackets. (Bug #20147)
  • Weapons dropped by NPCs who have been killed are never removed from the game world, which leads to save bloating and potentially running out of generated form IDs. Game setting iDeathDropWeaponChance has been set to 0 to prevent this. Weapons will still appear to fall away from the bodies, but clicking on them will instead open the corpse's inventory where you can then loot it. When the cell resets next and the bodies are removed, the weapons will get cleaned up with them, so you'll have plenty of time to return to loot a battlefield if need be. (Bug #20197)

Location Fixes

  • The navmeshing along the cliffs on the north side of Croup Manor was poorly placed, causing settlers to fall off the cliffs and be unable to make their way back up to the settlement area. (Bug #20257)

Perk & Stat Fixes

  • Combat Medic (CompCurieAvoidDeath) was miscalculating the health percentage and causing even slight damage to heal you instead of waiting for your health to hit 10% like it was supposed to. (Bug #20150)
  • Trigger Rush (CompCaitAbility) was incorrectly triggering when action points dropped below 25 instead of when your health dropped below 25%. (Bug #20250)
  • Gunslinger level 5 was incorrectly working for all guns due to a lack of weapon condition checks. (Bug #20151)

Papyrus Fixes

  • MQ03QuestScript: Typo in UnregisterForAnimationEvent for the PipBoy. (Bug #20225)
  • WorkshopScript: A thread lock in the DailyUpdate() function was not being handled correctly. This resulted in numerous instances of settler stats being listed incorrectly in the PipBoy. (Bug #20295)

Settlement & Workshop Fixes

  • Settlers were not using the full buildable area in Hangman's Alley due to the sandbox marker not extending far enough to the east. (Bug #20180)

Quest Fixes

  • The mailbox outside of Home Plate never gets set to owned by the player when the house is purchased. (Bug #20178)
  • The player continues to ask Sheffield if he wants to work for them due to an incorrect condition check in the recruitment dialogue. (Bug #20266)
  • Trader Rylee should no longer leave settlements to run random encounters in the wasteland if she has been recruited by the player. (Bug #20156)
  • The player continues to ask Trader Rylee if she wants to work for them due to an incorrect condition check in the recruitment dialogue.
  • Smiling Larry will no longer vanish from settlements once recruited. His random encounter quest lacked a check to prevent that.
  • During Dependency (V81_03) if the player talks to Rachel after convincing Bobbi to get clean, but hasn't talked to Tina, the objective to talk to Tina will incorrectly complete. The quest is not broken, but the objective and quest marker are no longer displayed. (Bug #20236)

Terminal Fixes

  • The Beantown Brewery terminal (DN006_EmployeeTerm) had 3 incorrectly set menus that would cause an infinite recursion the more you kept clicking into them, which in turn would require you to back out with as many clicks as you used to get in. (Bug #20153)

Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes

  • 0009813d: Tire iron set to respawn that shouldn't. (Bug #20183)
  • 0019e736: Unowned bed in Peabody House. (Bug #19743)
  • 000d15aa: Dirt mound with exposed underside. (Bug #19816)
  • 0014824e, 000148253, 00014824f, 000148252, 0001380bf, 0001380be: Series of misaligned railroad tracks. (Bug #20268)
  • 0020B32A: Floating motorcycle. (Bug #20162)
  • 0022fd46: Seams closed on bunker pieces surrounding this. (Bug #19881)
  • 000A8D64, 000A8D66, 000A8CEE, 000A8CEF, 000A8D61, 000A8D65: Floating bushes in Diamond City. (Bug #20195)
  • 00097AD4, 00097ADF, 00097B15, 00097B1C, 00097B1E, 00097B1F, 00097B20, 00097B21, 00097B22, 00097B23, 00097B25, 00097B38, 000A96C2, 001696C1: All parts of a misaligned building near Cambridge Diner. (Bug #20194)
  • 0004BFF1, 0004BFF2, 0004BFF3, 0004BFF4: Misaligned water planes in Forest Grove. (Bug #20163)
  • 001b0214: Land mine below the terrain. (Bug #20256)
  • 0021a404: Z-fighting steal beam.
  • 0100ebf6: Added additional numeral painted on the beam for Vitale Pumphouse to reflect the actual combination to the nearby puzzle. The other numerals were shifted down to make space for it. (Bug #20283)
  • 0014b99b, 0014b996, 0014b99a, 0014b995, 0014b999, 0014b994, 0014b99c, 0014b997: Disabled unused lights that were in the cell for no apparent reason. (Bug #20291)
  • 001d20c4, 001d20c1: Yao Guai incorrectly set to be guarding a Deathclaw nest. (Bug #20262)
  • 001d20c9: Gunner corpse buried underground, inaccessible. (Bug #20262)
  • 0100f391: Rock placed to cover up gap in landscaping. (Bug #20164)
  • 00193aa5, 00193aa3, 00193aa4: Collision blocks poorly aligned making it difficult or impossible to get out of the Forgotten Church. (Bug #20165)

Text Fixes

  • DN151_WhiteConclusion: "For a farm like this?" -> "For a place like this?" (Bug #20269)
  • Misc Item Collander: "Collander" -> "Colander" [It's misspelled] (Bug #20239)
  • FFGoodneighbor07::Hellos: "Well, look who it is?" -> "Well, look who it is."

Особенности неофициального патча:
- Исправление сотни геймплейных составляющих, квестов, NPC, объектов, предметов, текста, диалогов и так далее.
- Неофициальный патч UFO4P создан авторами которые делали неофициальные патчи для Oblivion и Skyrim.
- Нет каких либо небезопасных изменений (таких как удаление игровых активов и объектов).
- Патч разработан таким образом, чтобы был совместим с любыми и многими другими модами, насколько это возможно.

Fallout 4 версии и выше.

Установка: (можно вручную или через NMM менеджер)
Установка вручную:
1. Создайте файл Fallout4Custom.ini если такого у вас нет по адресу "My Documents\My Games\Fallout4"
2. В файле Fallout4Custom.ini пропишите следующее
3. Скачиваем архив мода, берем файлы Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - Main.ba2 и Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp и кидаем в папку Data в игре.
4. Открыть файл plugins.txt по пути "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt" и добавьте в него строку Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
5. Как устанавливать моды и что делать в ini файлах читаем в теме NMM менеджер

Порядок загрузки в лаунчере или в plugin.txt:
[официальные DLC]
[другие моды имеющие ESM файлы]
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
[другие моды имеющие ESP файлы]

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  • C локализацией остались некоторые проблемы: при улучшении брони синтов (но только ее и только, именно - после модификации на верстаке) название заменяется английским. Английские имена персонажей. При сохранении название текущей местности то же по английски :(
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