Fallout 4

Fallout 4 "Неофициальный патч v.1.0.3"

Описание и инструкции

Автор: Unofficial Patch Project Team
Версия: 1.0.3
Перевод: русский

Всестороннее исправление ошибок для Fallout 4. Целью неофициального патча для Fallout 4 (он же UFO4P) в конечном итоге является исправить каждую ошибку в Fallout 4, которые официально не решены разработчиками игры в рамках Creation Kit и инструментов разработанных игровым сообществом, в одном простом установочном пакете.

Что исправляет неофициальный патч: 1.0.3


Actor Fixes

  • Glory does not drop a synth component at death despite being a synth. (Bug #20344)
  • Bethany had the surgeon script attached despite not actually being a surgeon who can alter the player's looks. (Bug #20586)

Item Fixes

  • PowerGenerator01 did not have the sound effect property set on the static object. This would lead to errors on those generators where this property hadn't been defined on the reference.
  • miscmod_mod_GammaGun_SpecialMuzzle_Charger was misnamed as "Gamma Gun Signal Splitter" instead of "Gamma Gun Carrier Antennae" which is what the loose object mod is actually supposed to be. Note that "Electric Signal Carrier Antennae" is the correct actual mod but this won't fit in the space provided for names. (Bug #20394)
  • Mirelurk Eggs were missing the ObjectTypeFood keyword, had no duration on the restore health effect, and had no value set despite being sold at vendors. (Bug #20328)
  • Leveled list LLD_Synth, intended to provide synth components upon killing various generic and named synths, was an empty list which had no actual component in it even though it clearly should have.
  • Police glasses were incorrectly scrapping as cloth when they should scrap as glass. (Bug #20536)
  • Double barrel shotguns were not scrappable due to being missing from the associated formlist of scrappable steel weapons. (Bug #20437)
  • All of the grenade bouquet traps failed to fill the required WorkshopNoRepairKeyword value which results in numerous errors. (TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag1ExtraLong, TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag1Long, TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag1Medium, TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag1Short, TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag3ExtraLong, TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag3Long, TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag3Medium, TrapGrenadeBouquetFrag3Short) (Bug #20622)

Quest Fixes

  • Ron Staples should no longer get pulled for random encounters after he is recruited to a settlement (RECampKMK02). (Bug #20577)
  • Doc Anderson should no longer get pulled for random encounters after she is recruited to a settlement (RECampKMK01). (Bug #20561)
  • PAM will no longer give out A Clean Equation (RRR10) or High Ground (RRR11) when the main quest is completed but the Brotherhood of Steel hasn't been destroyed yet. (Bug #20311)
  • Invalid properties cleared for the Weston Water Treatment Plant quest (DN151). Disabled calls to the non-existent objects in stage 130 as well. (Bug #20687)
  • Invalid properties cleared from random encounter quest REAssaultSC03. (Bug #20683)
  • Quest DN058 had a property referencing a static object that should be referencing a scene on the quest instead. (Bug #20682)
  • Random encounter quest RESceneSC02 did not have the properties for raider notes filled as expected. (Bug #20677)

Settlement & Workshop Fixes

  • Meg's bed at Bunker Hill lacked the required workshop object script to handle her bed assignment properly when the site did a settlement update. (Bug #20628)
  • Settlers do not properly unassign from objects if the objects are scrapped out from under them. (Bug #20599)
  • Unable to repair some crops in Abernathy Farm, Finch Farm, and Oberland Station due to the crops not being properly linked to the workbench. (Bug #20563)

Papyrus Fixes

  • inst305RadioRackSlotScript: Script never unregisters events on the radio in Diamond City once the Institute quests have advanced past needing them. (Bug #20143)
  • DefaultCollectionAlias: Lack of sanity check in OnAliasShutdown event leads to numerous errors in the logs. (Bug #20521)
  • RadioFailsafeScript: Lack of sanity check on scenes leads to repeating errors. (Bug #20484)
  • Fragments:Quests:QF_DNMasterQuest_000AEC4F: Incorrect syntax in script call from starting stage led to passing NULL through to RadioFailsafeScript. (Bug #20484)
  • RelayTowerQuestScript: Lack of sanity check on scenes leads to repeating errors. (Bug #20503)
  • RadioSilverShroudQuestScript: Lack of sanity check on scenes leads to errors. (Bug #20504)
  • DeaconUnloadScript: Lack of sanity check for a valid quest property. (Bug #20479)
  • DefaultDisableHavokOnLoad: Generates numerous errors when objects are picked up by the player. (Bug #20475)
  • WorkshopScript: Further work done to resolve deadlock issues due to bad thread management which caused settlement statistics to report incorrectly. (Bug #20295)
  • WorkshopScript: Even more work done to resolve possible threading issues when calling the WorkshopParentScript. (Bug #20581)
  • WorkshopNPCScript: Operator typo in the OnInit event that caused a companion registration call to fail. (Bug #20575)
  • WorkshopParentScript: Out of bounds array index check which leads to numerous errors when harvesting plants that aren't inside settlements. (Bug #20567)
  • WorkshopParentScript: Brahmins could be added to a settlement as synths which would then instigate combat despite this being impossible for Brahmins to do. (Bug #20456)
  • WorkshopParentScript: Event Actor.OnLocationChange was spawning too many reset events when it shouldn't have, causing severe degradation in performance for the entire settlement reset system. (Bug #20576)
  • WorkshopParentScript: Event Location.OnLocationCleared was sending Minuteman recruitment notices multiple times after the location was cleared intially, which it should not be doing. (Bug #20669)
  • WorkshopParentScript: Resolved deadlock in DailyUpdate(). (Bug #20775)
  • WorkshopObjectScript: No sanity check against an invalid workshop value when NPCs activate objects. (Bug #20668)
  • WorkshopObjectScript: Lack of sanity checking when new settlers are recruited in unloaded cells. (Bug #20580)
  • BirdSpawnerScript: Not waiting for the bird perch to be 3D-loaded before attempting to spawn the birds. Net effect: You should now actually see the intended number of birds spawning in the world. (Bug #19593)
  • BirdCritterScript: Bad variable names called for animations. (Bug #20614)
  • Hardcore:HC_ManagerScript: Bad message call due to an incorrectly formed if/else block. (Bug #20606)
  • Default2StateActivator: OnReset event does not wait for 3D to load before processing. (Bug #20602)
  • Default2StateActivator: SetDefaultState needs to have thread locking in place to prevent competing calls from OnLoad and OnReset from screwing things up. (Bug #20646)
  • SpotlightScript: Several 3D errors fixed that prevent spotlights from reconfiguring properly during cell loads. (Bug #20641, Bug #20636)
  • SpotlightScript: Animation state checks needed to be added to prevent multiple threads from toggling the spotlight into the wrong state. (Bug #20723)
  • SpotLightTriggerScript: Errors generated when trying to shut down a spotlight before it has been fully initialized. (Bug #20640)
  • PlayerSleepScript: Added sanity check for workshop beds so that the player well rested bonus works properly with them. (Bug #20635)
  • ProjectorScript: Fixed out of bounds array checking. (Bug #20634)
  • QF_V81_00_Intro_000B8464: Attempting to set an invalid objective in stage 400. (Bug #20686)
  • REScript: Missing sanity checks in remote alias checks leading to numerous errors. (Bug #20676)
  • securityBarScript: Sanity check for attempting to play an invalid sound instance. (Bug #20693)
  • TrapThistleScript: Not waiting for 3D to load during OnReset which then fails to process the remainder of the event properly. (Bug #20691)
  • TrapBreakableWalkway: Missing check for active sound instance. (Bug #20626)
  • SimpleElevatorMasterScript: Improper check for 3D loading resulting in animation call errors. (Bug #20624)
  • FusionGeneratorSCRIPT: Lights linked to the generator remain on after power is cut upon removing the fusion core. This should not be the case as the intent on subesequent visits to the same generator is that it will be off and no longer providing power for that. (Bug #20529)
  • OxygenTankScript: No check to be sure 3D is loaded before trying to apply Havok. (Bug #20524)
  • TrapTrigTension: OnLoad event had its sanity checks in the wrong order, resulting in errors. (Bug #20632)
  • TrapTripwire: No 3D check in OnReset event. (Bug #20633)
  • RobotSelfDestructScript: Effect initialization did not set variables needed by scripts that extend it. (Bug #20597)

Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes

  • 0023a049, 0023a04a, 0023a40b: Comment markers incorrectly configured to enable/disable on load when controlled by an enable parent. (Bug #20464)
  • 0003fc8d: Lantern hook not connected properly to disable when the fence is scrapped. (Bug #20370)
  • 0019188e, 001e46d1: Lantern and light source not linked to the crate they sit on. Ends up floating when the crate is scrapped. (Bug #20366)
  • 001C25D3, 001bed8f, 000662d2, 001e02a3, 000b2bb8, 001ed7ae, 0020e883: Fusion generators with missing linked lights. (Bug #20525)
  • 001bed90, 0015d9b8: Wrong overhead lamp type used, was clipping through the ceiling or floating free in the air.
  • 001D139A: Floating trash bin. (Bug #20463)

Text Fixes

  • ClothesChildofAtom: "Child of Atom   Long Rags" -> "Child of Atom Long Rags" [removed extraneous whitespace] (Bug #20548)
  • DN009_LobbytTerminal: "overdue" -> "overdo" (Bug #20630)
  • ClothesLongshoremanHat: "Yellow Slicker hat" -> "Yellow Slicker Hat" (Bug #20560)
  • MS02_LL_ChineseOfficerSword: "Zao's sword" -> "Zao's Sword" (Bug #20559)
  • SanctuaryHillsLocation: "Sanctuary Hills" -> "Sanctuary" [The location is only referred to as Sanctuary Hills during the prewar period] (Bug #20553)
  • GeneralGameplay24Resting: "Need to pass some some time in a hurry?" -> "Need to pass some time in a hurry?" (Bug #20507)
  • PoseidenEnergyTurbineMapMarker: "Poseiden" -> "Poseidon" (Bug #20308)
  • MS10RexInCage, Action 8: ""When they grew tired of taunting me, they threw me in here." -> "When they grew tired of taunting me, they threw me in this cage." (Bug #20307)
  • StarlightDriveInMapMarker: "Starlight Drive In" -> "Starlight Drive-In" (Bug #20547)


Особенности неофициального патча:
- Исправление сотни геймплейных составляющих, квестов, NPC, объектов, предметов, текста, диалогов и так далее.
- Неофициальный патч UFO4P создан авторами которые делали неофициальные патчи для Oblivion и Skyrim.
- Нет каких либо небезопасных изменений (таких как удаление игровых активов и объектов).
- Патч разработан таким образом, чтобы был совместим с любыми и многими другими модами, насколько это возможно.

Fallout 4 версии и выше

Установка: (можно вручную или через NMM менеджер)
Установка вручную:
1. Создайте файл Fallout4Custom.ini если такого у вас нет по адресу "My Documents\My Games\Fallout4"
2. В файле Fallout4Custom.ini пропишите следующее
3. Скачиваем архив мода, берем файлы Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - Main.ba2 и Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp и кидаем в папку Data в игре.
4. Открыть файл plugins.txt по пути "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt" и добавьте в него строку Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
5. Как устанавливать моды и что делать в ini файлах читаем в теме NMM менеджер

Порядок загрузки в лаунчере или в plugin.txt:
[официальные DLC]
[другие моды имеющие ESM файлы]
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
[другие моды имеющие ESP файлы]