Fallout: New Vegas "Коллекция квестов от Saxxon."

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Около двадцати разных квестов которые начинаются в разных местах Пустоши.
Так как квесты на английском то и список их тоже на английском:

I know It Hurts - Goodsprings prospector saloon, speak to Bill McCellan.
I Am The Message - Mojave outpost , speak to Paul Enis. (standing near one of the toll booth things)
Radio Silence - Bradley's shack, speak to Bradley.
For My Sake - Sloan, speak to Duane.
I Will Not Bow - abandoned shack near Yanzete memorial, speak to Diego.
Testing my Patients - New Vegas medical clinic, ask Grant about work.
Anatomy of a Killer - New Vegas medical clinic, ask Grant about work. (at least 4 days after finishing Testing my Patients)
Always Something - Mole rat ranch, speak to Billy.
Heart of Spades - Find a dead body in freeside, down the road east of the gate to the strip (player must be at least level 15)
A Great Reckoning - at least 4 days after finishing heart of spades a mercenary hit squad will attack you, take the note of the leader.
The Final Resting Place - Speak to Clay in the Final resting place (west of crimson caravan)
Last Call - Speak to Clay, at least 3 days after finishing the Final Resting Place.
The Weapons are Concealed - Speak to Carla when she's following you as a companion.
The Hunter - Speak to Curtis in Hunter's Retreat (west of silver peak mine on top of a hill)
High and Mighty - Speak to Jesse at Red rock drug lab.
Take Back the Fear - Basement of a ruined building near where Cook-cook is found, speak to Balthazar (He will attack you if 3 Card Bounty has been completed)
Days Without - Speak to Anson in Westside (near the pawn shop)
Whispers and Ashes - Speak to Father Stanley in the ruins of his church. (northish of the final resting place, you'll see it)
Before the Fall - Speak to Captain Fallon in Westside Militia HQ (Down the road from the pawn shop)
Tick, Tick, Tick - Speak to Captain Fallon, at least 4 days after finishing Before the Fall.
Boom! - A courier will deliver a letter to you at least 2 days after finishing Tick, Tick, Tick.


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    Ad Victoriam
    This mod contains:
    - 21 new quests.
    - 2 fully voiced companions.
    - Loads of (mostly) voiced characters.
    - over 700 lines of voiced dialogue.
    - several new locations.
    - and a few more things.

    For a list of all the quest and how to start them check the readme, or just get out there and find them on your own.

    The quests in the mod are mostly fairly small things; the idea behind it was to simply add some new sidequests for the player to do, I was getting bored of always doing the same stuff over and over in every new game I start, that's partly why I made it.
    Idealy this should be installed when starting a new game; it's not absolutley nessecsary, but if you don't you'll probably find some of the quests really easy.

    At the moment not all the characters are voiced; at my last count there were 9 characters still needing voice work. If you're interested in voicing a character send me a message.

    I plan to update this mod with new content as often as possible, I have loads of ideas that I never included in this release; mostly due to time constraints and the fact that I was getting bored of it for the time being.
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    На предпоследнем скрине Ваас?
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    =Так как квесты на английском то и список их тоже на английском=
    Как насчёт перевода на русский?
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    чебуратор скинь мир боли последний
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    будет перевод на русский, будет отлично