Fallout: New Vegas "Старый мертвый глаз / Old Ghoul Eye 1.0.2"

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Автор: Antistar
Версия: 1.0,2
Язык: Русский
Автор перевода: MagnuMspec
Требования: Требования: FalloutNV 1.4 (Update 7)
Опционально: Project Nevada

Старый. Большой шрам. Курьер ищет человека, пытавшегося его убить, и убившего... его левый глаз.

Данный мод добавляет новые варианты внешности персонажа при начале игры, отражающие возможные последствия выстрела в голову. Это косметический и (возможно) геймплейный мод.

Что если пуля, попавшая вам в голову, один глаз, ослепив его? С данной модификацией вы можете играть за персонажа со шрамом, оставшимся от выстрела в голову; шрамом на левой стороне вашей головы и поврежденным левым глазом.

Также, вы сможете взять новую особенность "Мертвый глаз", позволяющую действительно отыгрывать роль одноглазого Курьера, включая влияющие на характеристики глазную повязку и т.н. техно-глаз, позволяющий отчасти вернуть вам утраченное зрение.

Вам доступно несколько вариантов внешности, как обычных, отличающихся лишь поврежденным глазом и шрамом, так и более старых.

Поврежденный глаз также доступен в разных цветах.

Несовместимости(На английском! На самом деле, проблем в 99% случаев быть не должно):
- The head meshes for the 'young' and 'old' races are slightly different shapes - as are male and female head meshes, obviously, so OGE contains four meshes for the eyepatch (and four for the Tech Eye) to support these different shapes. Male vs female meshes for items are already handled automatically by the game, but I had to specifically script the eyepatch and Tech Eye items to account for the young and old races. If you equip an inappropriate version of the eyepatch for your character's race (note that the only 'old' races the script knows to check for are those in OGE), it will be automatically swapped for the correct version. You may hear the equip sound effect play twice, but apart from that it should be fairly seamless.

- The above-mentioned 'swapping' scripts were intended to also take effect if an NPC (such as a companion) equipped an eyepatch or Tech Eye, but it didn't seem to work, unfortunately.

- Some users have reported crashes to desktop when equipping the eyepatch or Tech Eye. This is probably because of the above-mentioned 'swapping' scripts - though as scripts go they're quite simple and shouldn't cause problems like this. Indeed they *don't* for most people, it seems. If it happens to you, try equipping the item in 1st-person mode for the first time, rather than 3rd-person. After the first time, it shouldn't matter which view mode you're in.

- The clipping issues resulting from trying to use a 'young' facial hair type with an 'old' head mesh (or vice-versa) are mentioned in the Playing The Mod section, but I'll mention them here too. It should be pretty obvious if you try to use the wrong one, but again; only use facial hair types whose names end with '(Old)' with Old Ghoul-Eye characters (and don't use those facial hair types with younger characters). As far as I can tell, there's no way to restrict certain facial hair types to certain races, so I can't make this aspect more user-friendly than it is, unfortunately.

- The (optional) OldGhoulEye-NoHeadbandSlotForHeadgear and OldGhoulEye-NoHeadbandSlotForHeadgearDLC plugins will conflict with other plugins that include edits to the same headgear items. They may also let you combine certain headgear items in unforeseen ways. If wearing a particular combination of headgear items doesn't look/feel right to you, just don't wear them.

- The (optional) OldGhoulEye-NoHeadbandSlotForHeadgear and OldGhoulEye-NoHeadbandSlotForHeadgearDLC plugins will also prevent Project Nevada from giving vision modes to affected headgear items (e.g. power armour helmets), as they appear to need to use the headband slot for this. If that bothers you, you may decide to not use these plugins; they are entirely optional.

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Спасибо: Bethesda, переводчикам и уважаемому автору мода, Antistar

(c) Автор: Antistar, MagnuMspec
(c) nigga40000


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