Hearts of Iron 4 "Update 1.3.1&1.3.2 HotFix"

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Update v1.3.2:
- Fixed CTD when double clicking the first factory in a line superduperfast to reset factories
- AI now much better at respecting airbase size limits
- Improved AI management of air missions
- Deployment is now allowed in locations where it supposed to, regardless if your capital state is not owned by you.
- Fixed huge slow down and eternal freeze in the peace conference.
- Lowered air combat delay so that some areas will still see combat even though caught in extreme time zones.
- Crusader Kings 2 achievement now requires correct states
- Rebalanced air combat for increased air casualties
- Air accidents should no longer happen in peacetime
- Added CTD safety for voice over playing in case player has some broken sound drivers
- Fixed potential CTD in clearing country resources on civil war starts
- Fixed a manpower transfer issue causing units to disappear after peaceful annexation (like the Anchluss)
- Fixed issue with Australia demanding New Zealand causing Australia to be kicked out of any faction it is currently in
- Fixed two typos in Indian focus tree/ideas
- Tech tree now refresh after switching tag (when choosing to play as new puppet) which made some achievements tricky
- Transfer ship effect (like in NZL focuses) no longer sometimes transfers wrong ships (or whole fleets :D)
- French language translation fixes.
- Fix for Crusader Kings 2 achievement. Flags are now set from events granting them immediate freedom.
- Added script flags for Crusader Kings 2 achievement if SAF chooses to puppet nations.
- Mil to Civ factory conversion now properly removes the military factory.
- Japan now creates own faction and adds New Zealand to it for befriend Japan focus.
- Changed trigger for Befriend Japan to require same ideology.
- Only create wargoal on AST if ideology differs.
- Fixed has_goverment trigger doing the opposite of what it was supposed to.
- JAP will only create faction if not already in a faction.
- AST will join JAP if JAP already leader of faction. AST cannot befriend JAP if JAP is in another faction.
- Fixed an issue where in civil wars the dynamic tag side would end up with no manpower in their divisions and get them disbanded

Update v1.3.1:
- Garrison order should now be more stable and not reassign units quite as much on changing priorities
- Allied AI now more hesitant to naval invade Germany and italy early on
- Fixed some bugs restricting AI from template updates
- Improved some target templates for AI
- Reduced AI tendency to suicide attack into enemy lines
- Fixed a problem in AI where front priorities would sometimes fluctuate wildly leading to a lot of front flip-flopping
- AI now considers distance a bit more so wont pull most of its army vs ethiopia back early on
- AI for observed country is no longer blocked from diplo responding when using human_ai
- Improved AIs ability to prepare against enemies that they only have an ally sharing border with
- Spearhead order no longer so concerned about protecting its flanks
- When a Spearhed front is split, all units stay on the front that has the spearhed order attached to it
- Fixed some event picture issues
- Made the focus "Burn the royal portraits" available if South Africa has already broken free
- Fixed some setup issues with NZL tech setup in 1939 - added cosmetic tag for Soviet-controlled Finland
- changed national focus to Test the USSR for Japan to account for Manchukuo existing - Fixed a CTD in peace conferences
- Fixed an issue with map stripe coloring not updating in peace conferences - Fixed some issues with credits
- Shortcut for spearhead order is now Shift+X rather than B which was conflicting with strategic redeployment
- CTD Fix: Launcher no longer has msaa and anisotropic filtering that could cause crashes.
- CTD Fix: if player deleted a mod while launcher was running, and then selected it
- CTD Fix: Should no longer crash in GUI if a modder deletes the vanilla window component
- CTD Fix: Sometimes when hotjoining using manual server ID
- CTD Fix: When using old saves or incompatible mods due to naval base positioning
- CTD Fix: Tooltiping lend lease as it finishes could cause crashes
- Fixed a crash on load with invalid mods, NOT a complete fix, its something we are looking into more for future update to help players clear their document folder of invalid cache files and corruption.
- Launcher - Added a button (and a checkbox in crash report window), that offers to backup and delete all files that can potentially cause the stability problems.
- Optimized ai processing of upgrades, should remove much of 1940+ performance spikes
- A fix for a trade modifier not applied correctly if not bought the DLC.
- Fix for RAJ Famine removal not really needing corruption squashing
- Fix for Mexico Civil War inconsistencies - Fix for missing SAF factories from focus
- Fix for missing INS convoys causing issues with trade/resource system
- Fix for missing event in CAN focus tree
- Fix for RAJ being able to pick ideology pushers without picking a path
- Fix for South Africa releasing African countries as not communist in the anti-colonialist crusade
- Fixed modifier capped 0-1, so you could never lower tension for sending volunteers for a country.
- Fixed script that used values outside the intended range
- Added port to Lesser Sundra Islands.

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