Hero Defense

Hero Defense: Haunted Island "Update 1.2.5, 1.3.1"

Описание и инструкции

Данные патчи кумулятивные, это значит, что начиная с версии 1.2.5, вы можете установить ВСЕ предыдущие обновления игры, так же это значит, что Вам не нужно переживать за "Установиться ли патч на мою версию? Ибо я не знаю номер.". Патч версии 1.3.1 влечет за собой все патчи после 1.2.5. Историю изменений, Вы, можете наблюдать ниже:

Changelog 1.2.5:


Version 1.2.5 - Bug Fixes & Heroes Strike
- Added the Heroe's strike rune to the Standard PvP Account.
- From now on, PvP accounts will not be reset with each new Season.

- Re-balanced Heroes Strike runes to make them more usable.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Tutorial Introduction breaking when the App loses focus.
- Fixed overlapping menues when accepting Friend Invites.
- Fixed the darkended Background sometimes getting stuck when accepting Friend Invites.
- Fixed targeting of Hero Strikes in PvP and Coop.
- Fixed chaining of Hero Strikes (now their duration is increased when more than one is activated)
- Fixed effects being played for Jane's Hero Strike.
- Improved visuals of Jack and Sam's Hero Strikes

Version 1.2.4 - Bug Fixes & Multiplayer Improvements
- Reduced Lifes in PvP to 1 - this enables you to try and RUSH your opponent.
- Added a persistent count of matches played - this allows you to see higher difficulties and maps the longer you play.
- Maps and difficulties are now selected based on the weaker player, instead of randomly, like it was before.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the Hero UI would sometimes stop updating the Heroes status.
- Fixed a bug in the tutorial, where the Worldmap would send you back to the town, even after you've already been there.
- Fixed a variety of freeze bugs.
- Fixed calculation of "Reduce Charge cost" Runes.

Version 1.2.3 - Bug Fixes & Heroes strike
Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the Mimics in Endless mode and Co-op could get stuck in the Wavebar.
- Fixed an issue where tabbing out of the game during Multiplayer matches could cause heroes to vanih.
- Improved selectability of hero portraits ingame.

Heroes Strike
- Fixed Jack and Sams Heroes strike so they do not freeze the heroes in place.
- Fixed Wyldes heroes strike not working for some players in the co-op mode.
- Jack and Sam now wait for new creeps if they killed everyone instead of wasting their shots.

Version 1.2.2 - Bounty Hunt Removal
Summer Bounty Hunt
- The Summer Bounty Hunt is over! Thanks everybody for participating and killing almost 20 Mio. creeps!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue with the Gold on Hit rune limiters.

Version 1.2.1b - Pirate Bounty & Bug Fixes
Summer Bounty Hunt
- We've added the "Pirate Bounty" Map - a special event map where you have to defend against hordes of sea-faring creep.
- We fixed the Live ticker sometimes blocking Pop ups.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Castle level to stop working.
- Fixed a visual issue in the Watermill map.
- Fixed a shrine position on the Mines map.
- Fixed playernames sometimes being wrong when a friend was invited.
- Fixed several typos and grammar issues.

Version 1.2.1 - Bug Fixes and Co-Op improvements

Summer Bounty Hunt
- We've set the basis for some new challenges in the hunt - stay tuned!

- We've added another balancing step to the Co-Op balancing. Now you can already play it with only your first 3 heroes!
- We've increased the rewards that are given out in Co-Op - that means more XP and more Gold for you!

- Added a new map to the Rotation - the "Mines"
- Added a "Twitch" button to link to the Dev stream when it is online.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some typos in the texts.
- Fixed potential blocker after aborting the Intro tutorial in the wrong spots.
- Fixed some issues in the matchmaking - it should work better and more reliable now.
- When accepting a friend invite from a running multi player match, the player will now resign.
- Shoo-ed away the werwolfs that were popping up on the cemetery without being invited.

Version 1.2.0 - Summer Bounty Hunt
Summer Bounty Hunt
- The Summer Bounty Hunt has started! It goes on until the end of the Steam Summer Sale
- The whole community works together to achieve goals together - awesome ingame rewards or event additional Hero Defense Keys or the precious RAZER TICKETS giving access to the big hardware raffle in the end!

Co-Op Mode
- Players now share their Orbs - better teamplay and more diverse rune builds are now possible!
- Added an easy and hard difficulty, so players on different power levels get good challenges.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed how UI Scale were calculated.
- Fixed random seed generation for Wave seeds
- Fixed some issues that could happen when the paue menue was opened on some times.

Version 1.1.0 - Co-Op Mode released!
- Added Co-Op Mode with new special "Skullriver" Map.
- Added Friend Invite feature to directly invite Steam friends to unranked PvP or Co-Op Matches.
- Added Unranked PvP against friends.
- Locked Bank in ranked PvP as it cannot be ued.
- Fixed Shrines on first plays of Rift.
- Added a theft protection for gold - gold can now only be stole if it was not collected for 2 seconds.

- Reduced strength of fast Waves on Chapel medium map.

- Added tactical pause - using LEFT CTRL the game can now be paused, while still being able to issue commands.
- Added Hotkeys to ingame tooltips.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed "Toogle Gamespeed" Hotkey not showing properly on button.
- Fixed the Tooltip for the "Multiplayer" Button in the town.
- Included "Jump attack" damage from Jane in the damage calculations on the statistics screen.

Version 1.0.1 - Pure skill multiplayer

- Changed season progression to a pure skill system - no skillpoints are given out and gold is not persistent.
- Activated Spells to be bought for gold.
- Added "Hall of Fame" Alltime leaderboard for the Multiplayer.
- Improved Cheat detection.

- Fixed an issue where endless orb farming was possible.
- Adjusted some timings.
- Fixed flickering path announcer.
- Changed order of information on cemetery
- Added game pause at the beginning of cemetery.
- Improved camera positions when rescuing barrows.
- Fixed some worldmap issue that could cause blocker.
- Fixed issue where the highlights in the academy would be over other elements.
- Fixed positioning of hand for skillpoints.

- Added endless balancing for Castle Garden.

- Added zoom functionality.
- Added full italian translation.
- Added full portuguese translation.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed positioning of tooltips.
- Fixed being punished vignette not showing properly.
- Fixed Slayer of Giants achievement.
- Fixed game being paused in shrine build menu.
- Fixed Punishment UI sometimes not dissapearing when the session ends.
- Fixed several typos.

Version 1.0.0 - Transition into Full Release
- Completely overhauled the Tutorial Experience.
- The new Tutorial is much more story driven and less "Tutorial-esque"
- It also features the epic nefarious laugh of Count Necrosis.

- Overhaul of german Localization to fix typos and weird grammar.
- Added full spanish Localization.
- Added full french Localization.
- Added missing russian Localization texts.
- Added partial portuguese translation.

- Added Anouncer to announce the last wave to the players.
- Added the first Multiplayer achievements.
- Added "Opponent UI" - this shows the current state of the enemies heroes, giving you a much better basis to decide your punishments upon.
- Updated the Map Pictures in the Versus Screen.
- Reduced strength of Champions.
- Fixed broken Balancing on the Swamptown map.

- Fixed Story sequence in the Watermill Map.
- Adjusted Balanincg of Watermill map to use the whole map.
- Overhaul of Vampire Boss abilities, they should now be much more interesting.
- Fixed story sequence on the Mine map and adjusted balancing to provide more challenge.

Endless Mode
- Added BORDER STATION Map to Endless Map rotation.
- Added HOTEL Map to Endless Map rotation.

- Improved Bloom on the Swamptown Map.
- Improved Lighting on Swamptown Map.
- Added possiblity to adjust UI Scaling.
- Increased Font size in the Tooltips.
- Adjusted several screens to work for higher resolutions.

- Added new Music pieces for the Multiplayer mode, these are much more intense, fitting for the competition!
- Adjusted Footsteps Sounds on all Maps.
- Added Sounds to Multiplayer Lobby, to show the player that an opponent is found.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where trying to throw a consumable would sometimes not work and cause a manual target instead.
- Fixed several issues in the Multiplayer matchmaking search.
- Fixed several issues concering crashes when switching game modes.
- Fixed animations of characters clipping.
- Fixed enemies sometimes turning pink at the end of a map.
- Fixed Quit game button in Main Menu.
- Fixed Lifes being shown at barricade for "Hero" and "Warden" challenges.
- Improved Cheat detection algorithms.
- Fixed an issue where starting a new Game sometimes crashes the Main menu.
- Fixed several issues happening in the Season Select Popup.

Changelog 1.3.1:


Update 1.3.1 - Balancing Overhaul

With Patch 1.3.1 balancing has been overhauled for most hard and insane maps.

- Insane is now a much greater challenge and is more fun to play.

- Hard is now more tactical and ‘stands out’ from medium and insane.

Version 1.3.0 - Lava Falls Release & Hero Selection switching


- Added new Co-Op Survival map - The Lavafalls bring a new assymetric coop experience to Hero Defense - test you mettle in the hardest Co-Op map we've released so far.


- Added Hero Cycling - You can now use [Tab] and [CapsLock] to cycle through the activated heroes. This allows you to use a steam controller much better!


- Improved Insane balancing for Zombie garden, Chapel, Village Gates and Cemetary
- Fixed Gold rewards on Hotel and Village Gates
- Fixed required Player Power for early maps.


- Fixed "He is here" Achievement showing up far too late in the game.
- Fixed the map button sometimes not being shown in the Pause Menu.
- Fixed the Depth of Field effect on Skullriver.
- Fixed various crash issues.

Version 1.2.6 - Bug Fixes & Balancing


- Sam & Jack’s Heroic Strike now function for a shorter but more intense duration
- Shrines that were generated randomly for replays are no longer selected at random


- Improved balancing on Hard and Insane mode for Village Gate and Cemetery

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with Jane's Heroic Strike so it is no longer bugged in Co-op mode
- Fixed an issue with Jane's Heroic Strike not ‘chaining’ properly
- Fixed a bug causing health bars to loose visibility when alt-tabbing at launch
- Fixed a bug causing the tutorial to break when alt-tabbing to another window