Heroes of Might and Magic 5

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 "The Six Factions"

Описание и инструкции

Размер: L

Людей: 6

Команд: 0

Игроков: 6

Подземелье: да

Совместимость: Герои Меча и Магии V: Владыки севера

Objective: Capture all enemy towns Player Area Information: - Each player starts with 1 town - There are 3 towns at each player area (2 neutral and 1 owned by the player totalling to 18 on the map) Points of Entry: - There are 4 points of entry at each player area - Paths lead to the 2 adjacent player areas - 1 monolith teleports heroes to the furthest player area - 1 subterranean gate leads to an underground subway that connects to all player areas - The keymaster tent is required for access to the Tear of Asha