Heroine Anthem Zero

Heroine Anthem Zero "Update"

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update v1.0.4.1:
1. Resolved abnormal HP status after saving/loading
2. Corrected the abyss fall distance, Wanin no longer will bounce up after falling to his death.
3. Fixed story branch bug where players who captured Shama before completing the DLC story, would no longer set off Shama’s tree-fall event again when re-visiting the Dead Cave Ruin
4. Resolved bug where Anasul can use Anasul’s Express in the Dead Leaves Ruin

1. Optimized and added to King Clump defeat cut-scene -- now Wanin will clearly see him running away
2. Optimized King Clump combat behavior:
a. Shield raised by King Clump during combat have become more evident to players
b. HP recovery by King Clump has become more evident to players
c. Made attack and being damaged motion effects more fluent
d. King Clump no longer blocks the view of Wanin, things are clearer during battle.
3. Optimized serration problems for all backgrounds and visuals

update v1.0.3.0:
1. Adds the free DLC we promise! The cavern entrance in Sunset Valley Pass that you couldn’t enter? It’s open now!
Inside you will discover a story of a certain red-headed little tot.
And of course, there is a new boss for Wanin to challenge. Remember, if you see a save point, you know something is up.
Please play and save responsibly.
2. That thief-catching side quest? Sometimes the thief may even run past you now.
3. Those places that only Shama can… we mean, those places that Wanin can’t get by because they’re too low?
We’ve hid them so for the time being, Wanin no longer has to try to do the impossible.
4. Weapon and armor related status bugs have been fixed, so you no longer have to take them off and put them on again.
Of course, players can still take them off and on for kicks.
5. Added Difficulty selection. At the Title Screen, you can now select our “Relax” mode for some casual cruising, or the somewhat challenging “Standard” mode.
("Nightmare" mode will be added in future updates.)
6. And speaking of the Title Screen, we finally added the “Setting” option to the UI.
You can now select the language, sound and game difficulty settings prior to starting your game.

update v1.0.1.0:
1. Added Full-Screen toggle hint to Login Screen and Loading Screen UI
2. Increased Mormolia pet attack damage
3. Fixed bug where Riella Boss fight would leave certain effects on-screen if Riella is defeated before she becomes angry
4. Decreased Mormolia pet attack cooldown time
5. Increased attack damage of each stage of Heroic Vigor for Wanin
6. Adjusted all Boss fights and Boss stages to a more reasonable difficulty
7. Added new destructible objects on stages, to allow for more item and Heroic Vigor drops
8. Adjusted difficulty of Longhorn Woods and Foggy Shadow Valley
9. Resolved bug where the Spider Scroll dropped after the New Moon Chapel Dreamtangler Boss fight could not be exchanged (Players will have to recall to a Save File prior to the Boss fight to unlock this. The challenge should be considerably easier this time.)
10. Increased attack damage of Hakty and Skul weapons
11. Added Max HP buff to clothing items sold by Anasul
12. Resolved Anasul express map bug
13. Adjusted unreasonable damage received from all poison attack
14. Made Wanin more agile during Dash
a. Dash will continue after Dash Jump
b. Normal jump can occur directly after a Dash Jump
c. Directional adjustments can be made during Dash Jump
15. Added Simplified Chinese support
16. Added hints to Loading Screen

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