Hollow Knight "Update"

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- Fixed issue where trigger for Zote event could be skipped.
- Fixed issue where Failed Champion dealt incorrect damage after being stunned
- Improved performance in some targeted scenes, for lower end machines.
- Quickmap double-tap shortcut is now easier to register and works while sitting at benches
- Fixed an issue where dying just as you defeat your Shade could produce some odd results.
- Fixed an issue where Giant Hoppers ignored damage-over-time effects such as spores.
- Fixed soft-lock issue that could occur before fighting Broken Vessel.
- Improved hitbox on Broken Vessel projectiles (don’t worry, we made them more lenient).
- Fixed issue where a lift could stretch out player’s x-scale temporarily.
- Fixed issue where player couldn’t pause during first fight with a late-game boss
- Fixed Grub Mimic persistence issue.
- Added a particle reduction option, for lower end machines.
- Fixed issue with Shade spawning underground in a certain area
- Fixed an NPC name display bug
- Fixed an issue with Vengeful Spirit dissipating incorrectly
- Fixed an issue where a blank dialogue pane could cause a soft-lock
- Fixed an issue where Flukemarm was invulnerable to Scream spell
- Fixed an enemy damage effect display issue
- Improved recycling system for certain effect objects
- Fixed an issue where player could Superdash in mid-air
- Lore clarification for Deepnest Stagway
- Initial implementation of French language setting.
- Fixed inaccurate hitbox on Traitor Lord
- Added a check to tram system that ensures an error can’t place it at a non-existent station
- Fixed a display issue with Blue Hiveblood HP
- Fixed an acid pool in Fog Canyon that respawned the Knight outside the tilemap
- Fixed a certain gate taking damage as though it were an enemy
- Changed the way lifts alter the player’s physics, to avoid scenarios where player can get through walls
- Fixed a double-up of Iselda’s voice when she has no stock
- Fixed an issue where Hunter’s Journal entry for Elder Baldur could be missed. For existing files, if a single Elder Baldur has been killed, journal note is awarded
- When sitting on the ground, HUD now hides itself. Very atmospheric (eventually we’ll make a button that hides HUD… Hopefully)
- Game now auto-saves when Delicate Flower is broken. This may seem harsh, but it will make victory a lot sweeter. Please understand.
- Improved effects in an NPC cutscene
- Fixed missing Salubra title
- Fixed an issue where, after superdashing between scenes, player’s body wouldn’t break objects.
- Fixed a dodgy Camera Lock in White Palace
- Fixed an issue where player could respawn inside White Palace after completing it, forcing them to backtrack in order to leave
- Fixed an issue where a Heavy Sentry could spawn outside of a battle room in Isma’s Grove.
- Increased enemy knockback on Great Slash and Dash Slash
- Added an extra check for Charms equipped, so if a player’s filled notches count is set incorrectly by an error, opening the inventory will recalculate and correct the count
- Fixed an error where Grubfather would sometimes give out less Geo than he should.
- Fixed hitch when entering water
- Fixed an issue where Mawlek’s attack pattern could get stuck in a loop
- Added some flies eager for exciting new scents
- Minor map fixes
- Various small scene fixes
- Various audio improvements and fixes

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