Industry Manager: Future Technologies

Industry Manager: Future Technologies "Update 1.1.2, 1.1.3"

Описание и инструкции

- AI improvements: better and smarter AI
- Game Balancing: production speed, number of workers, capacity, prices, upgrades, profit margins, advertising impact...
- Global market: prices balancing
- Resource inventory: added the amount required for a specific resource consumed by all buildings
- Messages: added the option to enable/disable global market messages/alerts
- Goal panel: besides the required buildings for the production chain the panel now displays the required resources too
- Warehouse/storage: items without production lines and quantity 0 are now removed from the storage list
- Reports: list of affected cities added
- The option to choose currency: € or $ (when starting a new game)
- Production lines: added the possibility to add a note beside the production line name
- Game goal: "Landlord" win conditions adjusted
- Game goal: "Builder" win conditions adjusted
- Achievements: "Brand name" achievement fixed
- Global market: fixed a bug with negative amounts from the global market
- Localization updates/improvements
- Performance optimizations
- other minor improvements

- AI: All buildings are properly removed after a company leaves the game.
- AI: Improvements for AI companies
- AI: AI companies do not go bankrupt so frequently
- Market: The demand does not drop so suddenly
- Market: A message is shown when a demand change happens because of in-game events.
- Stock market: Should not display negative shares anymore
- Message: Sales reports from the global market no longer appear in a new game
- Product reports: Corrected generation and numbers
- Warehouse: Sometimes the quality shown on transport routes was 1 instead of the correct value
- Warehouse: Sometimes the upgrade caused a crash/bug
- Global market: Does not provide easy profit anymore
- Game goal: Scientist end game goal fixed
- UI: Scrolling the map using the mouse on the window borders is now more reliable
- UI: Texts are now bigger to have better visibility on smaller monitors/resolutions
- Construction menu: When scrolling through the building shop the camera does not zoom anymore
- Util: added the option to switch full-screen game between multiple monitors
- Localization, stability and other minor fixes

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