Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance "update 1.2.5 hotfix "V2 / New""

Описание и инструкции

Исправленная версия патча 1.2.5 (от 21.2.2018)
Yesterday, we introduced HOTFIX patch 1.2.5 but it a was faulty (included) version of one file that was intended for the future patch, but it requires additional data to work properly). This error prevented the quest, "Ginger in a Pickle" to start or to keep executing its internal logic properly if started in the previous version and then played further with version 1.2.5. Today, around 10 am GMT, we reverted the game back to previous version 1.2.2, which in itself should've fixed this problem. Later today around 6 pm GMT, we reintroduced a correct version of HOTFIX 1.2.5. Please make sure your game version is the latest one and simply load a save of your choosing. We are deeply sorry this happened and we're now making sure this won't happen again.

It is theoretically possible that the quest, "Ginger in a Pickle" will fail due to this mistake, but only if you already had the quest started prior to 1.2.5, made another save with 1.2.5, and load this save in the current version.

Fortunately, we have no report of this happening to anyone, nor have we managed to get into such a state ourselves, and we tried very hard to recreate the problem! Several people were trying to break the quest for the entirety of today and did not succeed. However, the possibility is still there. If this happens to you, if the quest fails, please report it to us ASAP. We are now working on a preventive measure which would fix this deeply broken state as well. It will be ready for another hotfix if such hotfix is needed.
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