Last Will

Last Will "Update 1.0 upd. 6"

Описание и инструкции


It is time to crawl down to the basement, and discover the hidden secrets of the underground areas of the Mansion.

The second episode of Last Will is now opened, with its first seven rooms:

- Cellar Entrance (phase shift from episode 1)
- Darkroom
- The Chapel
- The Archives
- The Old Tower
- The Storage Cellars
- Stairway (transition to episode 3)

We are doing a very soft launch with these 5 active rooms, and if all goes well, we will unlock the following additional rooms over the weekend:
- The Wine Cellars
- The Boiler Room
- The Bunker Room
(plus two unnamed rooms still being sketched)

And just like with episode 2, we will expand and mold these rooms as we see players transverse them.

Also, a "Madness and Chaos" mode is coming as well, where you play a defined number of rooms, mixed and match completely randomly from all unlocked chapters, throwing architecture and common sense out the window.

We hope you will find your way through the mansion, and give these new rooms a try. As always, this episode is free, and so will all future episodes be.

+ alot more