Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade Warband "A Clash of Kings 4.0 (RUS)"

Описание и инструкции

Мод, основанный на книгах из серии "Песнь Льда и Пламени" Дж.Р.Р. Мартина. Фактически, игровые события берут свое начало от одноименной книги "Битва королей".  Как и все подобные модификации, основанные на фентезийной вселенной, A Clash of Kings предлагает нам новую карту, новые фракции (всего 18 штук, то есть фактически все стороны, присутствующие в оригинальном цикле) и, конечно же, новых солдат. Кроме того, так как мод базируется на Floris Mod Pack, он добавляет огромное кол-во OSP:  Narf's Plate Armor Pack или OSP Rhodok/Nordic Armor Pack), спутников и наемников. Наконец, стоит отметить, что в мод было добавлено множество OSP проектов: Custom Commander, Battlefield Tactics Kit, Diplomacy, Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment Kit, Warband Entrenched и других.

Для игры необходима версия Mount & Blade Warband 1.166 и выше.

Установка: распаковать архив в папку Modules.

Изменения в версии 4.0
Decreased the number of bandit parties on the map by a factor of about 50%.
Tyroshi Guardsmen have crossbows rather than bows.
Extended the timers before the Reach/Stormlands/Dragonstone declare war against the Westerlands.
Tweaked invasion modifiers.
Slight tweaks to the following troop trees: Volantis, Lys, Tyrosh.
Added slings.
Slightly tweaked starting equipment.
Buffed Unsullied.
Buffed outlaw.
Diversified Hedge Knight equipment a bit.
Re-did Freelancer equipment.

New scenes:
Aquos Dhaen
Planky Town


Lord Selmond Stackspear is no longer running around with a lance on foot.
Defending troops no longer spawn outside Castle Black.
Attacking troops no longer get stuck by the fence at the Shadow Tower.
Fixed Aquos Dhaen, Valysar, Selhorys, Volon Therys siege scene - attackers no longer get stuck on the second ladder.
Old Oak no longer has belfry assigned.
Attacking troops spawn closer to Ashford.
Troops should no longer get stuck on barrier in Ashford.
Defenders now spawn more strategically in Ashford.
Attackers and defenders no longer get trapped on the second ladder in Draconys.
Fixed missing normal maps on round shields.
Fixed the redundant tf_randomize modifier on troops - they no longer look identical.
Fixed some slave/Tyrosh/Lys names.
You now need to discover the shit pile to have fully explored Old Stone Bridge Inn.
You can no longer recruit White Harbor Knights from Casterly Rock.
Fixed missing normal map on two different shields.
Emmon Frey no longer calls himself Benerro the Red Priest.
Fixed invisible Great Sword.
Fixed Aquos Dhaen arena entry.
Added missing Village Elder to The Pines.
Westerland Lords now have mounts.
Reduced amount of wildfire in the King's Landing chest.
The Oldtown Arena Master is no longer barefoot.
Warriors of Light no longer has White Harbor description.
The Crag no longer has belfry.
Sarsfield no longer has belfry.
Lannisport siege now got the correct AI mesh.
Fixed Storm's End ladder.
Added chests to Sisterton, White Harbor, Fairmarket, Lannisport, Volantis, Tyrosh, Draconys.
Ser Addam Whitehead now knows what he's doing.
NPC's will no longer appear twice in the location list.
Companions no longer disappear when you assign them a fief.
Fixed straps on heraldic pavises.
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