Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade Warband "A Clash of Kings 6.0 (RUS)"

Описание и инструкции

Мод, основанный на книгах из серии "Песнь Льда и Пламени" Дж.Р.Р. Мартина. Фактически, игровые события берут свое начало от одноименной книги "Битва королей".  Как и все подобные модификации, основанные на фентезийной вселенной, A Clash of Kings предлагает нам новую карту, новые фракции (всего 18 штук, то есть фактически все стороны, присутствующие в оригинальном цикле) и, конечно же, новых солдат. Кроме того, так как мод базируется на Floris Mod Pack, он добавляет огромное кол-во OSP:  Narf's Plate Armor Pack или OSP Rhodok/Nordic Armor Pack), спутников и наемников. Наконец, стоит отметить, что в мод было добавлено множество OSP проектов: Custom Commander, Battlefield Tactics Kit, Diplomacy, Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment Kit, Warband Entrenched и других.

Для игры необходима версия Mount & Blade Warband 1.172 и выше.

Установка: распаковать архив в папку Modules. Русификатор встроен в мод и не требует установки.


A Clash of Kings Version 6.0

Fixed Ninestars quest
Fixed Last Hearth kitchen scene
Fixed Iron Bank crashing
Fixed floating trees in The Howling Hill scene
Fixed Coppersmiths Wynd refering to Tobho Mott.
Music no longer randomly stops.
Village Elders are no longer naked.

A Clash of Kings Version 5.1

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

All wildlings now use gloves.
Added some new animations.
Added extra wight faces.
Removed Freelancers.
Buffed spears - faster and new animation.
Added a couple of new weapons.
Added a couple of new armor pieces.
Buffed some armors, nerfed others.
Some world map events should occuer less frequently.
Complete re-did game menu pictures.
Removed some outdated textures.
Optimized the modification by removing about 800 MB of redundant data.
Optimized all music file size.
Added many new tree types.
Added winter effects to all northern castles and villages
Reduced renown required to recruit troops.
Banners have been slightly remade.
Removed a lot of redundant shields.
Remade many shields.
Added new loading screens and main menu.
Completely re-did item stats, for a brand new gaming experience.
Re-did wildling armors and troops.
Some changes to sellsword armors.
You can now buy armor from Tobho Mott in King's Landing.
Overhauled the interface.
Camp guards now use more diverse gear.
Changed the mechanics of looting slightly.
Loras Tyrell now has new equipment.
Added a new quest: Beyond the Wall.

New scenes:


Fixed missing merchants in Draconys.
The northern horse texture is no longer missing from the dead horse prop.
Hedge Knights are now mounted.
Fixed spelling errors when freelancer.
Fixed Sellsword SkirmisherS.
Fixed companion spelling errors.
Fixed awnings in Pentos.
You can no longer loot dothraki hands.
Osbert Clerk can no longer be replaced by a sarranid merchant.
Fixed snowy rocks.
Defenders should no longer spawn outside Castle Black.
Fixed Horn Hill scene.
The septry/caravan market etc., merchants will no longer dismiss you.
Light no longer clips through flora.
Fixed some tavern keepers being nude.

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