NASCAR Heat Evolution

NASCAR Heat Evolution "Update 2"

Описание и инструкции

Changelog(патч комулятивный(несёт в себе update 1 и 2, поэтому его можно поставить на любую версию игры)):

Update 2:
1. Allow keyboard control in UI if player has a compatible racing device connected
2. Fixed 2 Challenge videos (Martinsville and New Hampshire were swapped)
3. Improved pitting logic during yellow flags
4. Design and functionality improvements to the Configure Controller screen
5. Replays now display position and lap number
6. Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Update 1:
It contains the following:

1. Added an interactive controller configuration tool to help users set up devices that NASCAR Heat Evolution did not recognize. NOTE: Users need to configure separate devices (shifter, pedals, etc) separately from their wheel.

2. Fixed a crash that would happen if more than 4 devices were connected to the PC at game launch.

3. Fixed a post race multiplayer crash.

4. Fixed a problem with race intro videos not playing in career.

5. Fixed a few synchronization issues in multiplayer.

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