Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark v1.65

Описание и инструкции

Патч, вносящий некоторые изменения, касающиеся различных аспектов игры.
Added Stormy Skybox to game resources.
Fixed a crash that could happen when you had enabled SubNetProfiling (by setting "Enable SubNet Profiling=1" in your nwn.ini file).
Fixed an issue with server vault saves causing various problems for shifted characters.
Fixed a crash related to calling GetHasSpell() on spells that have an innate level of 10 in the spells.2da
Fixed a crash caused by calling SetSkyBox() in a multiplayer game while a player was still on the Character Select screen.
Slight change of behavior for Attacks Of Opportunity. Now if have an invisibility effect applied (e.g. Invisibility, Sanctuary) you will no longer make attacks of opportunity.
Another change to AOO behavior. You will no longer take an AOO while you are using a healing kit.
Circle Kick should no longer try to target creatures that you can not reach (which was making you become flat footed).
Whirlwind attack will no longer leave you stuck in combat mode after using it. You will now also try to reaquire your original target after a Whirlwind attack (may not succeed if your target is now dead or gone).
Damage Shields (e.g. Mestil's Acid Sheath ) now affect the melee attacker when the attacker hits the creature that has a damage shield (rather than only when they damage the shielded creature).
Fixed an issue where respawning encounters would stop working under certain circumstances when saving and reloading the game.
Fixed an issue with unlimited ammo not being identified when you equipped a weapon that had the unlimited ammo property.
Fixed an issue with some single shot traps not applying damage correctly.
Fixed a crash that would occur when an NPC tried to drop a container on the ground.
Fixed an issue with True Seeing being removed incorrectly when you had mutliple True Seeing effects stacked and only one of them was supposed to be removed.
Fixed an issue with some effects from Haste (extra attacks and spell casting benefits) not being updated correctly when you had multiple haste effects applied and only one of them was removed. Fixed the same issue for multiple Slow effects as well.
Fixed an issue with size modifiers affecting your attack bonus when making Knockdown attacks. The size modifiers now only affect the opposed roll to resist the Knockdown attack.
Effects being dispelled should now properly use the caster level when determining whether the dispel succeeds or not
Fixed an issue with the Epic Dodge feedback messages for melee attacks that were being evaded.
Fixed an issue where your screen could become permanently blacked out under certain circumstances after unpossessing a familiar that was inside an AOE darkness effect.
Fixed some issues where the Darkness spell, when combined with Ultravision/True Seeing, could under specific circumstances incorrectly make you blind when your Ultravision/True Seeing wore off.
Fixed "On Hit: Sleep" item property, so that it works again.
Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never publicly discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the game.
DM Client
The DM difficulty slider tooltip will now display the current difficulty setting
Fixed a crash that could happen when minimizing the game.
Fixed an issue with issuing commands to groups of creatures (such as trying to make them run).
Fixed an issue where the DM's screen could end up being permanently blacked out after the DM unpossessed a creature that was inside an AOE darkness effect.
Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset
Fixed a problem with variables being lost from items that were placed inside a container.
Fixed a "List index out of bounds (0)" error that could occur when there were no sounds in the sound list on the Sound Properties menu.
The scripting command GetName() now works with stores.
The scripting command GetItemPossessedBy() now works with stores.
GetEffectType() will now return EFFECT_TYPE_ETHEREAL for the greater sanctuary effect (was incorrectly returning EFFECT_TYPE_SANCTUARY).
Fixed the following scripting commands to return the correct information (they were reversed before): GetAnimalCompanionName(), GetAnimalCompanionCreatureType(), GetFamiliarName(), GetFamiliarCreatureType(). If you recompile any scripts that use these scripting commands, you will need to update your scripts to use the new (proper) functionality.
Added new GetFogAmount() and SetFogAmount() scripting commands.
Fixed an issue with GetSpellSaveDC() returning the DC of any new spell cast (or feat used) by the creator of an AOE spell when called from within the AOE's heartbeat script (rather than returning the DC of the originally cast AOE spell).
Extended the scripting command EffectHeal(), so that it now also works on doors and placeables.
Fixed a couple of issues with the ResistSpell() scripting command:
First issue occurred when it was called from within an AOE heart beat script after the caster had cast a new spell since casting the original AOE spell, the AOE spell could stop working under these conditions (it should now work properly).
Second issue was with the spell immunity check not returning the proper result when called with the caster object specified as an AOE object.
Bigby's Grasping/Crushing Hand spells now properly affect creatures that are immune to mind affecting spells (x0_s0_bigby3.nss, x0_s0_bigby5.nss).
Weird now properly handles creatures that are immune to mind-affecting and fear spells (nw_s0_weird.nss).
Druid's elemental shape can no longer be dispelled (nw_s2_elemshape.nss).
Fixed an issue with some creatures no longer using their special abilities
Crafted wands should now start with 1-20 charges rather than 1-10 charges (x2_inc_craft.nss)
Added Troglodyte Stench ability to the game (spells.2da, VFX_Persistent.2DA, nw_s1_trogstink.nss and nw_s1_trogstinka.nss ).
You now get a reflex save against Ball Lightning (x2_s0_balllghtng.nss).
Stone Hold will no longer remove caster buffs (x2_s0_stneholdc.nss).
Divine Wrath can no longer be dispelled (x2_s2_divwrath.nss).
Aura versus Alignment spells will now being properly extended (x0_i0_spells.nss).
Terrifying Rage can no longer be dispelled (x2_i0_spells.nss, x2_s2_terrage_a.nss).
Fixed a couple of issues with the darkness OnEnter script (nw_s0_darknessa.nss).
Custom Content
Increased the number of allowable custom phenotypes to 18.
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